March 12, 2019 – Big Dave's Crossword Blog

Toughie 2191

Toughie No 2191 by Silvanus

Hints and tips by Kitty

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BD Rating  –  Difficulty ** –  Enjoyment ****


Hello!  As March marches on, so does Silvanus: he’s back with another Tuesday Toughie.  My experience of it was pretty much identical to that with his last, so if you enjoyed that one, then this comes recommended.

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DT 28996

Daily Telegraph Cryptic No 28996

Hints and tips by Mr K

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BD Rating  -  Difficulty ** Enjoyment ****


Hello, everyone, and welcome to another Tuesday back-page blog.  I liked this puzzle.  The clues all have smooth surfaces, the wordplay is precise, the answers aren't obscure, no general knowledge is required in the solve, and there are quite a few smiles along the way.  What more could one ask for on a Tuesday?  Politics gets a mention in several clues.  I wonder if that's a coincidence?

In last week's blogs there were a few comments about solving times and whether using aids is cheating.  New readers curious about how their solving experience compares with that of other site visitors might be interested in my 2017 survey on the use of aids, solving times, and personal ratings for one particular back-page puzzle.  I thought that the data was surprising.

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