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NTSPP – 466

NTSPP – 466

A Puzzle by Snape

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The puzzle is available by clicking on the above grid.

Snape makes his first 2019 NTSPP appearance with a very enjoyable crossword which didn’t take up too much of my post Saturday lunch crossword solving time allowance, even allowing for the two clues which took longer than the rest for the pennies to drop


1a Outline work to be taken over by the union (9)
SYNTHESIS The letters OP (work) are to be taken from an outline and replaced by THE (from the clue)

8a Makes balanced smooth drink (5,2)
EVENS UP A verb meaning to smooth and another way of saying drink

10a Mild ado about card game (3,4)
OLD MAID An anagram (about) of MILD ADO

11a Support staff caught replacing piece of tat (9)
ENCOURAGE The abbreviation for caught in cricket scoring replaces the T (piece of tat) in another word for staff or attendants

12a Hug Charlie, and scramble to get rid of Miles (6)
CUDDLE The letter represented by Charlie in the NATO Phonetic Alphabet followed by a verb meaning to scramble without (get rid of) the abbreviation for miles

15a I cry in audition, and stare (7)
EYEBALL A homophone (in audition) of I and a verb meaning to cry loudly

16a New lease isn’t absolutely necessary (9)
ESSENTIAL An anagram (new) of LEASE ISNT

19a What a miserly gunman wants: a hit at an easy target (5,4)
CHEAP SHOT The first part of the clue is a cryptic definition of something directed at a weak or disadvantaged person

20a Introduction to Ronnie Barker goes ahead for Underground worker (7)
COLLIER A type of dog (barker) goes before the letter that is the ‘introduction’ to Ronnie – not just one sneaky misleading capital letter but two in this clue!

22a One shoots bird with rifle, primarily (6)
SNIPER A type of bird and the primary letter of Rifle

23a Bishop is wanting marijuana in a dangerous place (5,4)
BLACK SPOT The abbreviation for Bishop, a way of saying is wanting and an informal term for marijuana

25a Chained up Australian native (7)
ECHIDNA An anagram (up) of CHAINED

27a Rest of story miserable (3,4)
LIE DOWN A story followed by a synonym for miserable

28a Perhaps watch Berners-Lee with electronic component (9)
TIMEPIECE The Christian name of Mr Berners-Lee, the abbreviation for electronic and a component


1d Drinks, as she’s in bed with cold? On the contrary (8)
SCOTCHES Contrary to what it says I the clue, the bed and the abbreviation for cold go inside SHES (from the clue)

2d Mafia boss about to get go-ahead (3)
NOD A reversal (about) of a Mafia boss

3d Supervise extended helter-skelter (8)
HEADLONG A verb meaning to supervise and another way of saying extended

4d Small basin for washing bottom, when undressed, and face (4)
SIDE The abbreviation for Small and the inside letters (when undressed) of something for bottom-washing

5d On the radio, announce missiles found in archipelago (10)
SEYCHELLES A homophone (on the radio) of a way of saying announce, followed by some missiles

6d Study a fair way to charge for hire of item? (6)
PERUSE The biggest d’oh moment of all – split your solution, a synonym for read or study, 3, 3 and the rest of the clue will become clear

7d Request from European in shock (6)
APPEAL The abbreviation for European inserted in a verb meaning to shock

9d Art of navigation, in the main (10)
SEAMANSHIP The BRB calls this the art of handling vessels at sea – which I think agrees with my view that this doesn’t just relate to navigation as indicated in this cryptic definition clue

13d Spirit of Verdi still at Emilia-Romagna (10)
DISTILLATE Lurking in part of VerDI STILL AT Emilia

14d Incongruous strip dance at work (10)
DISCREPANT An anagram (at work) of STRIP DANCE

17d Starts dance in workplace with fewer restrictions (4,4)
OPEN SHOP A synonym for starts and an informal dance merged and then split 4,4

18d Look to the heavens as tear gas dispersed around Zambia (8)
STARGAZE An anagram (dispersed) of TEAR GAS ‘around’ the IVR code for Zambia

20d Barium found in gun metal (6)
COBALT The chemical symbol for barium found inside a single-action pistol

21d Well I never! Kevin Pietersen often trash-talked openers (6)
INKPOT The ‘openers’ of I Never Kevin Peterson Often Trashed

24d Add a bit of milk to cuppa for co-workers (4)
TEAM Add the first letter (a bit) of milk to a cuppa

26d End of regime – time to leave (3)
DIE Remove the T (time to leave) from a regime (of weight loss perhaps)

18 comments on “NTSPP – 466

  1. An enjoyable puzzle that’s fairly gentle allowing completion before the rugby starts on TV – thanks Snape.
    The clues I ticked were 1a, 1d and 6d.

    1. 1a and 1d were my last in. As well as Gazza’s picks I liked 15a, 20d and 21d (for “Well I never”).

      Many thanks to Snape for the fun and thanks in advance to Sue for the review.

  2. This was most enjoyable but I made it rather more difficult for myself by initially misspelling 25a. :oops:

    Lovely surfaces and great disguises abound which we have come to expect from Snape. I have lots of ticks on my page with double ticks going to 1a, 23a, 6d, 13d and, my favourite, 21d.

    Many thanks, Andy, for a very fine puzzle.

  3. Very enjoyable and much more entertaining than the first half of the London Derby I was watching while completing it.

    Gazza picked the favourites for me.

    Thanks Snape.

  4. You’re not alone RD, I did that too without thinking. 6d my last in and also my pick of the bunch with 21d a close second..

    Good puzzle, thanks Snape

  5. Nice to see you back ‘home’ Andy.
    Think my top pick was 6d with a mention for 5d as it’s my favourite place in the world.

    Many thanks and hope to see you again ‘ere long.

  6. Thanks Snape for an enjoyable solve.

    My picks were 20A, 1D and 6D. ‘Up’ seems a bit of a strange anagram indicator.

  7. That was a good crossword – now I wish I’d kept it for tomorrow.
    I was very slow to get both the 1’s – I’m not sure about 1a – think I’m missing something – that’s assuming my answer is right.
    6d was my last one.
    Like windsurfer above, I don’t think I’ve ever seen ‘up’ as an anagram indicator before now.
    I hadn’t heard of the computer chap in 28a – suppose I should have done but I’m not the techie in this family – there just isn’t room for two of us!
    I particularly liked 12, 20 and 23a and 3, and 13d, oh, and both the homophones!
    With thanks to Snape for the crossword and, in advance, to whoever is doing the review tomorrow.

  8. We were slow getting started with this until we decided to save the NW until later, but once we got into gear it flowed smoothly.
    An enjoyable solve and much appreciated.
    Thanks Snape.

  9. Nice balanced puzzle with a few tricky clues among some easier ones. I need to check 1a but I hope I have got it right. 6d and 7d too have possible answers bunged in with less than 100% understanding. When I realised 23a was bunged in wrong I could spot the lurker and the cricketty one. I did enjoy the workout and look forward to the review to help me parse the last few.

  10. I had 3 bunged in clues left to parse 1a 7d and 6d and in the words of Meatloaf Two out of three ain’t bad.
    6d was the one that beat me and my doh moment had to wait til CS explained it. Thanks to Sue and Snape.

  11. Delightful puzzle and great review – thanks both. I especially liked Ronnie Barker. LOI was a fair way to hire! D’oh sums it up for me too!

  12. Thanks for the review CS.
    I had missed something with 1a – got the right answer but I hadn’t managed to work out why.
    Thanks again to Snape too.

  13. Really enjoyed this. It’s taken me a long time as I’ve had computer problems, I’ve been on the phone most of the day trying to resolve it. My IT-er will be back in town Tuesday to fix it.
    Last in was 1a, I just couldn’t see it. Fave was 15a.
    Thanks to Snape and to CS for her hints and tips.

  14. Cheers for the review, and feedback.
    I remember up as an anagram indicator being discussed on here when I was just starting, I think Anax was explaining how it was valid (in an excited state), so I have used it a couple of times, although it isn’t my favourite indicator either.
    I still hope to be there in a couple of weeks, 50/50 at the moment.

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