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10 Glorious Years

Birthday Bash

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The blog will have been going for 10 years on 28th January and to celebrate we will be having our usual Birthday Bash, at the same venue as last year.  Come along and join us at The Bridge House, 13 Westbourne Terrace Road, London, W2 6NG on the 26th January – any time between 12 noon and 7.00 pm.

All are welcome (that means you!).  The pub enables you to enjoy a host of real ales, and has an excellent food menu.  Birthday cake and other goodies will be available!  Click on either of the pictures for further details of the venue.


Only ten minutes walk from Paddington Station

It is all very accessible, in case anyone has special needs.

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This year name tags will be available.  Although tags will be available at the venue, along with a selection of marker pens, if you would like your own pre-printed tag please leave a comment which includes the details you would like it to contain [the tags are approximately the same size as a credit card].

58 comments on “10 Glorious Years

  1. Couldn’t possibly miss out on this ‘special’ birthday – train and hotel already booked.
    Name badge carefully preserved from last year so all good to go!

  2. I hope to be there and looking forward to seeing the old gang and, I hope, some new boys and girls.

  3. I bought my train tickets a couple of months ago as soon as they went on sale. Now all I’ve got to do is remember where I put them.

  4. My travel is also booked so I will have the opportunity to meet some of you in person!

    Looking forward to it
    Happy New Year All

  5. Looking forward to it too, I’m sure that it will be another memorable occasion.

    Happy New Year to everyone.

  6. Train tickets and hotel booked but I did this at the same time as getting a new phone and messed up.
    I now have two rooms at the Paddington Novotel for the Saturday night 26th Jan. If anyone wants to come along and can use this room please give me an e mail.
    My address should be available by clicking on the Bee avatar next to my name or alternatively I am sure BD will be able to pass it on.
    Please don’t let cost deter anyone as I have already paid and wouldn’t want to take advantage of anyone.

  7. If I make it to this one – and it would take more than a few wild horses to keep me away – then that will make five I’ve had the pleasure of attending. Five! Where does the time go? It was surely only yesterday I stumbled upon this wonderful corner of the web.

    They’ve just kept getting better and better and there is every reason to be optimistic that that trend will continue. Long live the site! I look forward to seeing all who can make it. Don’t be shy. Come along, warts and all!

    See you in a few weeks … :yahoo:

  8. As long as nobody nicks the miffmobiles parking space Saint Sharon and I will be there.

  9. Mrs DT and I intend to be there, though I have another meeting in London which means I shall miss most of the afternoon. Hope to see some at the Friday night gathering.

  10. The do coincides (almost) with my birthday so what better way to spend it than meeting the contributers to this great blog. Hoping to get there and put a few faces to pseudonyms.

    1. There is a gallery of photos under the features heading at the top of the page. There are rather a lot of photos with names of regular commenters

  11. Wish we could come – but sadly it’s a tad too far for a day trip :sad:
    Have a great day everyone

  12. I’m really sorry I won’t be able to come..I’m always grateful for the hints for the Saturday cryptic…normally manage most of it but need help too. . Thanks so much. .
    I will put the date in my diary for 2020..

  13. I’m planning to be there on Saturday. Look forward to meeting some of the bloggers and other budding setters. Cheers!

  14. Congratulations on the 10 years! I cannot come to the celebrations as I live and work in Switzerland but I would like to thank you very much for such a brilliant site and for teaching me how to solve cryptic crosswords. I don’t manage to solve it every day but with the help of all of your comments am improving all the time. So THANK YOU! And have a fun celebration!

  15. We plan to collect a new Vizsla puppy from the Stoke area that day. If I find myself free, I would like to come along to say hello to all. If not congratulations on TEN and thanks for all fun for the last five or so since I discovered the site.

  16. I would really like to come and put faces to names.
    My lack of hearing means I just can’t have conversations in crowded places with background noise which will be all round at the Bash.. I know everyone will make me welcome but I don’t attend golf functions now. I miss half of the conversation & have to concentrate so hard to get the other half (bit like a DaDa crossword for me).
    I had a passout & expenses signed off too.
    I am sure the day will be as big a success as the site itself.

  17. I am sorry that I am abroad and cannot make it, but I wish you all a very happy birthday. I appreciate all the hard work which goes into the creation, maintenance and evolution of this site and would like to convey my sincere thanks to Big Dave, plus all the reviewers and contributors who make my daily visits so much fun!

  18. Unfortunately, I shall miss this year’s bash and feel really bad about it.
    Due to circumstances beyond my control, as I used to say during the daily fire drill at the Dukes, I cannot free myself for the next 72 hours.
    I wish everyone who attend the big 10 a wonderful time.

  19. Gutted that I can no longer come – having had it in my diary for ever. First one I will have missed for several years. I usually combine it with going to the France Show. Reason completely random. Last Sunday my husband announced he had always wanted a corner cupboard for the dining room. Having nothing to do I looked for one to match the suite and found one in FLEETWOOD advertised on E-Bay. Husband said no problem he would pick up in van. I generously felt I must accompany him as had to be picked up this weekend and Fleetwood is not terribly convenient from the East Midlands. The experience will only be ameliorated by an overnight at the North Euston Hotel. As you enjoy your pints (sadly missing Jean-Luc and his macaroons) think of me rattling back south with 5ft 11ins cupboard. Until next year…….

  20. Wish I could be there, perhaps another year

    Congratulations to Big Dave and his crew. I am sure you will have a wonderful time.

    WWith our very best wishes Carolyn and Long Suffering Hubby Alan

  21. Just back from a wonderful birthday bash – lots of photos were taken but you’ll have to wait until someone uploads them to the gallery

      1. I’ve added a couple to the NTSPP review. I may add a couple to the review of the Windsurfer puzzle later on today (I’m currently alternating crossword stuff with ‘domesticity’)

        1. I do that from time to time but I find a few deep breaths and nice up of tea and I eventually come to my senses. Though I did make a huge batch of marmelade today, my excuse for delaying the ironing and I am sticking to it!

  22. Well, that was a great afternoon! Probably better because pommette and I didn’t decide to attend until about a week ago – see comment #20. Just waiting for the flight home now.
    It was great to meet a few old friends and meet some others that I know through the blog but have never met in person. Here’s to the next one we can make.

    1. Lovely to see you both again – I’m so glad you came and hope that the journey back to Spain went smoothly. :smile:

  23. Gutted I couldn’t make it this year after all. Nice to see the faces in the pic CS has posted. Hopefully see you all in 2020

  24. Fabulous event and great to meet up with everyone again (and some for the first time) – what brilliant company!

    Thanks again to Sue and others for the cakes. And to those who created celebratory puzzles – just did one of them over lunch (thanks Windsurfer!)

    Look forward to seeing some of you again in March at the Listener Dinner (or even next week for those as addicted to the Magpie magazine as I am)!

  25. I had a top time. Met and chatted with some eminent users of this site, and got a ton of great advice, which is exactly what I wanted. Here’s to the next one.

  26. Lovely to see so many people there – such a friendly atmosphere, a credit to both the organisers and the attendees. Cake and stollen were good, too! Hope everyone had safe journeys home and look forward to seeing folk again in the future.

  27. Thank you Big Dave and everyone I met on Saturday; what a pleasure it was and let’s hope that some semantic brilliance has rubbed off onto me!!

    Look forward to catching up with you all again soon

    Ralfy, (aka Disgruntled, Regent’s Park)

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