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ST 2982

Sunday Telegraph Cryptic No 2982

A full review by crypticsue

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BD Rating – Difficulty ***Enjoyment ****

Although for some mad reason I find it helps to look at Dada’s Sunday clues with my head slightly on one side (literally thinking laterally!), I will say that, once solved, they are extremely easy to explain.

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1a    Two animals — requirement for four or six, perhaps? (7,3)
CRICKET BAT – CRICKET and BAT (two animals)

6a    Cheerless poet in retrospect (4)
DRAB – A reversal (in retrospect) of BARD (poet)

10a    Singular instrument needing strings slackened? (5)
SHARP – Too high in pitch so needing the strings of a musical instrument slackened

11a    Lovely job of a police officer (9)
ARRESTING – Strikingly lovely or the job of a policeman

12a    Marvellous thing, might one be blown away by it? (8)
DYNAMITE – The second double definition clue in a row, but both with great surface readings

13a    Girl — Frenchman going after one (5)
IRENE – RENE (Frenchman) going after I (one)

15a    Tester of water temperature gulping drink, this food’s hot (7)
TOASTIE – My favourite clue – the tester of water temperature is a TOE into which should be inserted (gulping) ASTI (drink)

17a    Captain, delicate winger? (7)
SKIPPER – It is obviously the day for double definitions – a captain of a vessel or the name of a butterfly (delicate winger)

19a    Make a bundle tilt inside container (5,2)
CLEAN UP – LEAN (tilt) inside CUP (container)

21a    Miss married to small man from Italy (7)
SIGNORE – IGNORE ‘married to’ S (Small)

22a    Salute remedy after cutting oxygen (5)
SALVO – Truncate a SALVe (remedy after cutting) and add the chemical symbol for Oxygen

24a    Issue certificate, ultimately leading to job (8)
EMISSION – E (certificate ultimately) MISSION (job)

27a    Country houses one’s making somewhere in Asia (9)
INDONESIA – INDIA (country) ‘houses’ ONES (from the clue)

28a    Part of oven on, extra switches for gas (5)
XENON – A reversal (switches) of part of ovEN ON EXtra

29a    Family business (4)
LINE – Another double definition

30a    A shift in roles leaving only odd characters in high spirits (10)
ARCHANGELS – A (from the clue) followed by CHANGE (shift) inserted into the odd letters of RoLeS


1d    Everything forgotten by diva with first of high notes, perhaps? (4)
CASH – Omit ALL (everything forgotten) from the operatic diva Maria CALLAS and add the first letter of High

2d    Where customs officers may search, whatever happens (2,3,4)
IN ANY CASE – Whatever happens customs officers are permitted to search in any case they like

3d    Greek letter, a couple of pages in the spirit of an Egyptian (5)
KAPPA – A (from the clue) P P (a couple of pages) inserted into KA (an ancient Egyptian spirit)

4d    Butcher I meet at 4pm perhaps? (7)
TEATIME – An anagram (butcher) of I MEET AT

5d    Close door at the end, blocking various aisles (7)
AIRLESS – The R at the end of dooR ‘blocking’ an anagram (various) of AISLES

7d    Jack beams when speaking? (5)
RAISE – Jack here being a verb rather than a Christian name or a sailor – a homophone (when speaking) of RAYS (beams)

8d    Generous sack filled with rubbish I gather (3-7)
BIG-HEARTED – BED (sack) ‘filled with’ an anagram (rubbish) of I GATHER

9d    Cold-blooded killer I call ambitious! (8)
ASPIRING – ASP (cold-blooded killer reptile) I (from the clue) RING (call)

14d    Merchandise as yet not shifting (5-5)
STOCK-STILL – STOCK (merchandise) STILL (as yet)

16d    Dancing as sign of being home from beach holiday? (8)
TANGOING – TAN GOING (sign of being home from a beach holiday)

18d    It, for example, starts to consume everything, say (9)
PRONOUNCE – It is an example of a PRONOUN which should be followed by the ‘starts’ to Consume and Everything

20d    One trying to make others happy, suffering relapse (7)
PLEASER – An anagram (suffering) of RELAPSE

21d    Following drive, a companion leaves (7)
SPINACH – SPIN (drive) followed by A (from the clue) CH (Companion of Honour)

23d    With lead shot, gun finally loaded (5)
LADEN – An anagram (shot) of LEAD followed by N (gun finally)

25d    Old German instrument working (5)
SAXON – SAX (instrument) ON (working)

26a    Burden lies with you and me? (4)
ONUS – ON US (with you and me)

3 comments on “ST 2982

  1. Thanks for the review, Sue. It’s hard to see what I find so difficult about Dada’s puzzles after reading the review. Maybe it’s like the Ray-T crosswords that just take a lot of getting used to.

  2. Agreed. They are almost like those one way puzzles in cryptography – easy one way, but impossible the other.

    Mrs T thinks Dada’s are like jigsaws, more “does this piece fit?” And not “find the piece”.

    Mr T

  3. 5*/1*……
    although I did like 9D (cold-blooded killer I call ambitious!) and 16D (dancing as sign of being home from beach holiday?).

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