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Merry Christmas

Merry Christmas to all our readers

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Big Dave and the team of bloggers would once again like to take this opportunity to wish you all a very Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year.

A special thank you to all the crossword setters, especially to those who have taken the time to leave comments on the blog, and to Chris Lancaster, as he nears the end of his first year as Puzzles Editor, and his team at Telegraph Puzzles. This year has seen the introduction of the first stage of the revamped puzzles site – it’s had its ups and downs but, on balance, has been successful.

If you are one of several thousand lurkers that visit the site every day – why not break cover and say hello!

Although the Daily Telegraph is not published today, online subscribers have been treated to not two but three web-only cryptic puzzles – a standard puzzle, to be reviewed by Mr K, a Toughie by Firefly, to be reviewed by Kitty, and finally an extra-beastly Double Toughie from Elgar (cunningly hidden as Giant General Knowledge No 100,010), to be reviewed by Tilsit.  The reviews of the standard puzzle and Firefly’s Toughie will be published later today, but the review of Elgar’s Double Toughie will not be published until later, to give both you and us more time for solving!

32 comments on “Merry Christmas

  1. and festive tidings to you all and very many thanks for your invaluable help and entertainment throughout the past year.

  2. Warmest wishes to all our contributors, our witty bloggers and especially to Big Dave for making this all happen. I hope to see lots of you in January at the bash.

    Happy Christmas everyone

  3. Good morning, and a very happy Christmas to all! Grateful thanks to all who make this blog possible, especially Big Dave. Stay safe and have a wonderful day.

    P.S. I don’t see the double toughie on the puzzle site. Where is it hidden?

  4. 🎄🎉🎁🥂🎅HAPPY CHRISTMAS to all!🎅🥂🥂🎄

    PS. How do I find/download today’s Toughies??

    1. To Geoff H… You will find the puzzles on the “Telegraph Crosswords” website. However, you may first need to create an account, and to access more than one puzzle you will need to pay a sub! Even we setters don’t get it for free any more!

      If you do get through to the Toughies, I hope you enjoy them.

      Meanwhile, compliments of the season to all! Best wishes from Firefly.

  5. Happy Christmas! Peace and joy to all, and a big thank-you to Dave and all who make the site happen.

  6. All good wishes to setters, bloggers and contributors alike – particularly to Big Dave for all his hard work in keeping the blog running and to the long-suffering Mrs BD who allows him to share so much of his time with us!

    Hope to catch up with as many folk as possible on Jan. 26th.

  7. I comment rarely but very much appreciate the site and the hard work we never see, keeping it going.
    Best wishes for a very happy Christmas to Mr and Mrs Dave and enjoy that lunch a deux.

    1. Thanks

      It was just a simple lunch!

      Crab Gratin

      Roast Turkey
      Sausage meat stuffing
      Chestnut stuffing
      Pigs in blankets
      Cocktail sausages
      Roast potatoes
      Boiled potatoes
      Brussels sprouts
      Red cabbage
      Bread sauce
      Cranberry sauce

      Christmas pudding
      Mince pie
      Brandy cream
      Brandy sauce

      All washed down with white wine.

      Nothing special!

      1. Our ‘simple’ lunch was fairly similar although without the red cabbage, and as Mr CS is a vegetarian whose favourite meal is roasted veg, we also had butternut squash, celeriac, leeks, garlic (all from the garden), red pepper, tomatoes, fennel, courgette, aubergine and mushrooms. Not quite beating our record of 20 different types of veg but nearly!

        Bubble and squeak today – Yumm

          1. Ours was delicious but our eyes were bigger than our insides so the finishing up of the Christmas Pudding will have to wait for another day

            1. Don’t think I’ll need to eat or drink again until about March – Lady LBR spoilt me rotten yesterday. She is a delight.

  8. Merry Christmas everyone.
    Been rather busy at this time of year.
    A couple of weeks off shall do me a world of good. Roll on the holidays.

  9. A belated Happy Christmas to you all, especially BD.
    Having seen your festive lunch menu, it is clear where the first part of your name comes from!!
    The encouragement and exposure that you have provided for this rookie compiler over the last couple of years are invaluable.
    I look forward to seeing as many of you as possible at The George in May.
    Best wishes.

  10. Belated Merry Christmas and Happy New Year to all and especially to Big Dave for your continued efforts maintaining the Blog

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