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DT 28917 (Hints)

Daily Telegraph Cryptic No 28917 (Hints)

The Saturday Crossword Club

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As is usual for the weekend prize crosswords, an assortment of clues, including some of the more difficult ones, have been selected and hints provided for them.

Most of the terms used in these hints are explained in the Glossary and examples are available by clicking on the entry under “See also”. Where the hint describes a construct as “usual” this means that more help can be found in The Usual Suspects, which gives a number of the elements commonly used in the wordplay. Another useful page is Wolves in Sheep’s Clothing, which features words with meanings that are not always immediately obvious.

A full review of this puzzle will be published after the closing date for submissions.

Some hints follow.


4a    Turn to face girl that might give one a lift (8)
A verb meaning to turn followed by a young girl


9a    Viewing part of gun at home before midnight? (8)
Part of a gun followed by a two-letter word meaning at home and the middle letter of night (mid-bight)

11a    I name grand levy first that is onerous (6)
I followed by N(ame) and G(rand) and preceded by (first) a levy

12a    Order not in place where roads cross (8)
Drop (not) the IN from an order

16a    Releases reported in court in icy spell (6-2)
What sounds like (reported) a verb meaning releases is followed by a two-letter word meaning in court, perhaps before the magistrates

23a    Part of harbour‘s important group, we hear (8)
Sounds like (we hear) a three-letter word meaning important and a group

26a    Some indeed literally left? (8)
A word meaning some inside DEED (in deed literally)


1d    What gardeners do that’s seen in the gym? (7)
Split (4,3) this could describe what gardeners do

2d    Involved in eighth part of magic show on the radio (9)
IN is followed by what sounds like (on the radio) the eight part of a magic show (5,5)

3d    Like stars from the zodiac (6)
… two matching (like) stars in a sign of the zodiac!


4d    Dirty dishes, water perhaps and detergent (7-2,6)
The dirty dishes waiting in the sink (7-2) are followed by the type of substance of which water is an example (perhaps)

5d    People, say, kept in denial (8)
Some people around (kept in) the Latin abbreviation for say / for example

14d    Number, indefinite number, forming triad (9)
A five-letter number followed by an indefinite number

15d    Outfit‘s shares perhaps not popular (8)
Start with a word for shares etc. and drop the two-letter word meaning popular

18d    Compulsory cover (7)
Two definitions – an adjective meaning compulsory and a cover for, say, a book

22d    Sporting body leading doctor a dance (5)
A body that controls a particular sport is followed by a two-letter abbreviation for a doctor and the A from the clue

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The Quick Crossword pun: runner+weighs=runaways

56 comments on “DT 28917 (Hints)

  1. I started in the NE corner and worked my way round clockwise. Didn’t seem to be anything to hold me up. I now have an ear worm from the quick pun, and can’t get a song out of my head. Going off to buy the Christmas tree. Thank you setter and BD.

  2. Three quarters of this was a pleasant romp but I came to grief with 15d I had an answer that it had to be for reasons unmentionable but I couldn’t for the life of me explain why. BD’s hint shed light as usual and all is now calm in the Hive.
    Thanks to the setter too.

  3. What a contrast to yesterday’s puzzle! This took about a quarter of the time and went in with little resistance. The clues were fine, though, and it was good fun while it lasted. I’ve ticked 24a, 26a and 15d. ********* [unsolicited help redacted BD] 1.5* / 3*

  4. 2.5* / 4*. Great fun. A lovely pangram to start the weekend. Lots of goodies from which to choose a favourite and my choice is 2d.

    Many thanks to Mr Ron and to BD.

  5. The Compliments of the Season to all the contributors and grateful thanks to Dave for this wonderful site because I have a feeling that we take him for granted. Either I was inspired or just got lucky this morning because I’ve had a hugely-enjoyable gallop through this puzzle and so it’s back to writing more Christmas cards…

  6. Slow start but then steady progress through this entertaining word game. My two bung-ins (viz 26a and 2d) became Favs with BD’s help. Thank you Mysteron and BD.

  7. I, too, would nominate 2d as my COTD. I got through this fairly quickly until the final five, including 2d and 18d, held me up. 3d was also a lovely clue, and 12a was staring me in the face but I couldn’t see why it was what it was for ages. Just goes to show that you have to look at and evaluate each word or phrase.

    Great fun, rewarding to complete and pleasantly tricky in places.

    Thanks to our setter and BD.

  8. Well, I must have had my curmudgeon’s hat on as I thought this was not very exciting or entertaining, I even thought it was ‘bland’ if that can be used to describe a crossword.

    However, I did like 8a (nice to see that pussycat again) and 7d.

    Thanks to the setter and BD.

  9. Nice Saturday crossword – probably enjoyed all the more for having finally finished writing and posting all the Christmas cards!

    15d was the last to fall and my star clues were the short 7&18d with a smile for the rubbery kiss.

    Thanks to Mr Saturday Ron and to BD for the club.

    The NTSPP from Marg awaits – looking forward to it.

  10. Waltzed through without any serious holdups today so do not expect any groans from anyone .
    No outstanding favourite .
    Thanks to everyone .

  11. As every Sarurday, I’m very, very grateful for your assistance BD.

    A very merry to Christmas to you and, of course, Mrs. BD !

    Now, on with the crossword.

  12. Just out of interest, is it considered a tad déclassé to mention if you have won a pen or notebook? It is just I have never seen it mentioned here and I am not sure if it is regarded as ‘Showing Off’ under Comment Etiquette guidelines.


    1. People do mention winning – it is just that the occurrences of such a thing are almost as rare as hens’ teeth

      Do I take it from your comment that you are a prize winner? If so, congratulations

      1. I have the Telegraph pen, Sue, but it was for winning the Herculis crossword and not the cryptic crossword so you could argue my comment is totally irrelevant! However, you might be amused to know that the fountain pen is actually an Inoxcrom – manufactured in Barcelona – and not one of the more popular US writing instruments like Parker, Sheaffer or Cross.

        1. The Times Crossword Championship goody bag sometimes contains a Parker ballpoint and sometimes not. This year I was one of the lucky Parker pen people but I do know a couple of people got ‘lesser’ pens.

        2. The telegraph pen was at some time in the past a Cross. The nearest I have got to the prize is an aunt who used to thrash me at gin rummy with the telegraph playing cards she won once.

      2. Asking for a friend? No, I did, after many years of trying and a couple of notebooks along the way, finally win a pen and I am delighted.

        At this time of year with so many presents etc ordered on-line coming in the post it was just another plastic jiffy bag so I did not even examine it that closely until I opened it.

        As mentioned above it is not a Cross, Waterman or similar but very nice non the less.

        The only identifying mark I can find, other than the Daily Telegraph engraving, is ‘Germany’ on the nib.

        I had better get around to finishing this week’s crossword now.


    2. I did win a notebook a few years ago but haven ‘t used it yet! Actually a fountain pen would look nice in a glass cage in the hallway to show off to visitors, but no luck yet…Actually I have one already but use those little ball pens from Wilco instead!
      Good puzzle today – actually finished it but had a helpful hint from BD (thanks as usual!) to confirm the radio part, on 2d.
      Many clues on my wavelength so really enjoyed for a change Have I seen 22d recently?- or somewhere else?

  13. I was held up by having correct answers to 3d and 12a but couldn’t see how their clues fitted – so gave up, came here, and light dawned. Thanks very much BD and of course the setter.

  14. Enjoyable solve. No real problems except it took a while to parse my answer to 12a. Not sure why! 3d was clever. I missed the pangram – again!

  15. Nothing to frighten the horses I thought although fully parsing 15d took a little time. Probably the most uncomplicated Saturday for a while but enjoyable for all that.
    Thx to all.
    PS still puzzled about yesterday’s ‘sundown’.

  16. I thought this was a good Prize Crossword. There was a nice selection of clues with enough to make one think a bit. 2d was my last entry and also my favourite.
    Thanks to the setter and to BD for the hints.

  17. This was one of my fastest solves and only needed the hints for two clues.

    I regularly use the site and read the reviews of each Saturday puzzle but don’t comment often

    Along with many others, thank you BD for the irreplaceable service you give

    Thank you to the setter and reviewer too

  18. I think this was probably less tricky than the last few Saturday crosswords have been although I was held up by a few of them – enjoyable and ‘doable’.
    I couldn’t see where the ‘court’ came into 16a – dim – should have managed that but I didn’t.
    With 25a it took ages for me to realise what kind of ‘keen’ we were talking about.
    15a had to be what it was because, for the first time ever, I spotted that it was probably going to be a pangram and I needed a particular letter – just couldn’t see why though.
    4d reminded me of MP’s Rookie Corner crossword – his clue for today’s answer to 4d really made me laugh but I suppose if I mentioned it I’d be heading for the naughty corner.
    I particularly liked 12a and 4, 6 and 14d.
    Thanks to the setter and to BD.

    1. Me too with 4d Kath. My clue made me laugh when I thought of it. 5d In Rookie Corner 127. I must finish the puzzles I am working on.

  19. That was a nice crossword, and enjoyed much more than yesterday’s, which I gave up on once I started needing too much help.

  20. **/***. Fairly gentle prize puzzle. Favourite was 2d. Thanks to all. I’m going to look at the Friday puzzle given some of the comments I’ve read.

  21. I loved it all, very suitable for my tiny brain. I had so many candidates for fave, I hesitate to pick just one, but I think 2d deserves a mention for its cleverness.
    I did need the hints to “get” 12a, it had to be but I had no idea why. I also needed the hints to solve 15d, I stared at it blankly for ages.
    Thanks to our Satuday setter and to BD for his hints. Every day I say thanks for this site, remembering how often I used to have just one word left and be totally at sea. So frustrated!

    1. I suppose if we think about it properly 12a and 15d were fairly similar clues – well, we certainly needed to do the same to each to get to the answer.

      1. Please tell me that that’s not enough to get me sent to the naughty corner . . . I’m not going anyway – it’s too far to walk and I’ve now had a glass of wine so I can’t drive there.

    1. This is such a diverse bunch of thinkers! I consider myself at the lower end of solving abilities, yet I found this very benign. It was just the other day when I was totally at sea, Hoofit, and you had an easy peasy day.

      1. Saturday’s are a bad day for me. I have a ‘morning’ brain and I don’t get to look at it until late in the day, by which time my brain is in neutral.

  22. A little tussle at the close on 26ac and 2d, but the rest went in without too much ado. A good weekend puzzle.

  23. Oh dear, still struggling with 8a – last one in. Have an answer but absolutely can’t see why it’s right except in one respect and far too scared of the wrath of BD to venture any hints or thoughts around it. Is there any way we can be put out of our misery?

      1. Thank you Heno. It was the answer we had and (thanks to google and you) I now know why. I’ve also learnt a new word which I suspect may feature a lot in crosswordland though I’d never seen it before. Onwards and upwards!

  24. Thanks to the setter and to Big Dave for the hints. I enjoyed what I could do, but found it very tricky. Needed the hints for 1,2,15,18d. Still couldn’t get them all, so had to use electronic help. Favourite was 2d, which I would never have thought of. Was 4*/3* for me.

  25. So many comments today and here I am as usual last in the queue. I did finish it without assistance though 2d did make me think long and hard. May I say I won a pack of DT cards many years ago and a handsome pen and notebook two years ago. Great trophies much treasured!

    1. Were they the cards done by the cartoonists (mac)? We have been looking for them ever since we played whist at Crispins in Henley. Each suit told a story.

      Can anyone help us source a deck?

  26. Enjoyable crossword this week 4d in first, 8a last once my memory returned in working order

    2d COTD and I laughed when I finally got it! Thanks to BD and setter


  27. As I’ve given up Friday’s “as a bad job” I thought I’d give this one a go and what a fine decision it was as I hugely enjoyed picking my way through this extremely well clued and imaginative puzzle. I had a slowish start but figuring out 4d opened up a host of possibilities. 26a favourite in a strong field.

    Thanks to all

  28. Well there you go. I was convinced I had the answer to 1 ac. but couldn’t say why , went on the site and nobody had problems – so I re thought.. First timer to post, but have enjoyed the helps and the banter.. Once long, long ago I won a Boxing Day Auraucaria Dictionary, so am now sending in the Prize Saturday Telegraph on line every week. I gather the odds are @ 500 -1. Won a Telegraph trip to Goodwood years ago which cost me a fortune, so perhaps my luck is all used up. Enjoy the Telegraph crossword, it’s about my level. We always save the ones we haven’t started, and take them with us on holiday waiting for people to ask us for the latest Test score!

  29. Well, finally finished it. Always the last in, no wonder my nickname on golf tour is Trigger! I don’t use any electronics except final check – clearly need more time and practice. Now I can start on this weeks! Silly thing is that I can do 3/4 of it in an hour or so but last ones take ages. So annoying when mist clears. Thanks Dave

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