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Toughie 2130

Toughie No 2130 by Firefly

Hints and tips by Bufo

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BD Rating – Difficulty ***Enjoyment **

I’m pushed for time today so I was glad that solving this puzzle didn’t detain me long. It helps to know your phonetic alphabet today

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1a Leading ploughman, perhaps? (5,2,3,5)
FIRST IN THE FIELD: ‘Leading’ and where the ploughman works

9a Hunter, one belonging to us, kept in Westward Park (7)
COURSER: Something that belongs to us inside a reversal of a park

10a He delivers main points on shaver (7)
NEWSBOY: The four main pints of the compass + a shaver

11a Where to see a half-moon there and then? (2,3,4)
ON THE NAIL: The half-moon is a shape that can be seen on part of the finger

12a Barn owl peeled and chewed berry (5)
ROWAN: An anagram (chewed) of ARN OW, i.e. BARN OWL with the first and last letters removed

13a Recipe with regard to sulphate recalled (7)
FORMULA: ‘With regard to’ + a chemical compound that is a double sulphate reversed

15a Hamburger is so lean — put some in dish (7)

17a This setter’s in mess — I misconstrued ‘representation‘ (7)
MIMESIS: I’M (this setter’s) in an anagram (misconstrued) of MESS I

19a Fixing particular transducer to mast brings about dispute (7)
POLEMIC: A mast + the abbreviated form of a type of transducer

21a Romeo expires in tears (5)
RENDS: R (Romeo) + ‘expires’

23a On camera I tempered drink (9)
AMERICANO: An anagram (tempered) of ON CAMERA I = coffee

25a Get nervous being present perhaps at uni (5,2)
TENSE UP: What might be ‘the present’ + ‘at uni’

26a Radio producer Mike bowed before new leader of Indonesia (7)
MARCONI: The inventor of radio = M (Mike) + ‘bowed (music)’ + N (new) + I (first letter of Indonesia)

27a Survivor from Number 11 gaining reputation? (4,3,8)
LAST MAN STANDING: The number 11 (in a cricket batting line-up) + reputation


1d Confrontation in cafe, maybe (4-3)
FACE-OFF: A reverse anagram. The first part is an anagram of CAFE and the second part indicates the anagram

2d There’s stir when Juliet’s out of tournament, letting King in (5)
ROUST: Take a tournament and replace J (Juliet) by R (king)

3d Dreadful dust beats creating sensational organs (5,4)
TASTE BUDS: An anagram (dreadful) of DUST BEATS

4d Joy starts to nudge into reporters’ front line with article (7)
NIRVANA: The first letters of NUDGE, INTO and REPORTER’S + the front line + the indefinite article

5d Agent losing old retailer’s capital (7)
HANDLER: Remove the first letter from a dealer in candles, oil, soap or, perhaps, in corn

6d Less common to find female on vessel (5)
FEWER: F (female) + a vessel

7d Lower boom at sea in this latitude (5,4)
ELBOW ROOM: An anagram (at sea) of LOWER BOOM

8d Party longing to dominate Tyneside for one 1ac? (7)
DOYENNE: A party (2) + a longing (3) + Tyneside (2)

14d Cattle, say, showing spirit among workers (9)
RUMINANTS: ‘An alcoholic spirit’ + ‘among’ + workers (insects)

16d Unite against Independent being included, and keep at it (7,2)
SOLDIER ON: ‘To unite (bits of metal) round I (independent) + ‘against’

17d Conjugal ruin — essential Victor goes (7)
MARITAL: ‘To ruin’ + ‘essential’ with the letter V (Victor) removed

18d Dog’s tail docked, and indefinite number get into strop (7)
SHARPEN: A Chinese breed of dog with the last letter removed + N (indefinite number) = ‘to use a strop’

19d Anticipate politician interrupting Peter’s constituents (3-4)
PRE-EMPT: A Member of Parliament inside an anagram (constituents) of PETER

20d Charlie coming to grief in finale (7)
CLOSING: C (Charlie) + ‘coming to grief’

22d Cook meal in vacated staffroom (5)
STEAM: A meal inside the first and last letters of STATEROOM

24d Oscar’s in the midst of emailing and dressing (5)
AIOLI: O (Oscar) inside the middle four letters of EMAILING

18 comments on “Toughie 2130

  1. Didn’t take me long either – I think I spent more time trying to work out when I’d last had a 15a

    Thanks to Firefly and Bufo

  2. Thought this was somewhat easier than the last few from this setter have been although I still had to check on the musical term in 26a and didn’t know 17a.
    No particular favourite but an enjoyable puzzle.

    Thanks to Firefly and to Bufo for the blog. Wonder why you’ve got something different in your 15a dish to what the rest of us have got!

  3. I found this another very enjoyable puzzle. I got 1a early on, and it kept me chuckling for most of the rest of the way. There were some easier clues scattered strategically around the puzzle that helped with the flow in solving. I got 8d on the basis of the word play alone – in the web version I read the ending of the clue as ‘LAC’ and not ‘1 ac’ which may explain it! Many thanks to Firefly and Bufo.

    1. 8d – I also read it as “lac” – maybe a different font is called for?

      Or maybe we should both go to Specsavers?

  4. An enjoyable puzzle, helped, like other solvers, by getting 1a straight away. Lost a lot of time on 19d – mistakenly thinking Peter meant St Peter and anticipate meant See (as in Rome) – but got there eventually. So nearly a complete solve, but was completely stumped on 17a which I had to look up. However, one clue away is a real result for me on a Thursday, so Many Thanks to Firefly and Bufo.

  5. There were quite a few bits I didn’t know in this one – what a transducer is (19a), the word for representation (17a) and ‘bowed’ (26a).
    My favourite clue was 27a. Thanks to Firefly and Bufo.

  6. No major hold-ups, just a steady solve that kept us entertained and amused. The long answers going in easily was a big help.
    Good fun.
    Thanks Firefly and Bufo.

  7. Enjoyable puzzle – I am grateful go bufo for explaining a few of the parsings I overlooked, and there were a few things i needed to look up.

    Many thanks Firefly

  8. Needed to check a few things but after getting the answer as I solved the clues quite mechanically.
    No real penny drop moments but enjoyable romp.
    Thanks to firefly and to Bufo for the review

  9. Late at night again, why am I so busy at my age! Thank you Bufo for 18d it was my sticking point. A nice easy run apart from that and I should have known it.

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