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ST 2976

Sunday Telegraph Cryptic No 2976

A full review by crypticsue

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This puzzle was published on 4th November 2018

BD Rating – Difficulty *Enjoyment ****

The penultimate Virgilius Sunday crossword – my favourite clue was 13d for the usual non-military-related d’oh moment

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7a    Minute place within continent, or part of it (8)
MALAYSIA – M (minute) and LAY (place) inserted within ASIA (continent)

8a    Change came in art form involving production of pictures (6)
CINEMA – An anagram (change) of CAME IN

10a    Casual work, not even taken by epitome of patience (3,3)
ODD JOB – ODD (not even) JOB (Biblical epitome of patience)

11a    Group of robbers I legally examine for gang activity (8)
BANDITRY – BAND (group of robes) I (from the clue) TRY (legally examine)

12a    English writer in French city died surrounded by birds (7,7)
CHARLES DICKENS – ARLES (French city) and D (died) surrounded by CHICKENS (birds)

15a    Regular letters from Germany for English poet (4)
GRAY – The ‘regular’ letters from GeRmAnY

17a    Parking behind large vehicle, proceed on foot (5)
TRAMP –P (Parking) behind TRAM (large vehicle)

19a    Political type wanting nothing added in tax? (4)
TORY – O (nothing) in TRY (tax)

20a    Getting on with swimming group in Eton or Harrow, for instance (8,6)
BOARDING SCHOOL – BOARDING (getting on) SCHOOL (swimming group of fish)

23a    Artistic device that goes to Cockney’s head? (8)
AIRBRUSH – How a Cockney would refer to his hair brush

25a    One agreement following mass strike (6)
IMPACT – I (one) and PACT (agreement) the latter following M (Mass)

27a    Expatriate runs inside storehouse (6)
DEPORT – R (runs in cricket) inside DEPOT (storehouse)

28a    Survived cold temperature in Burgundy’s shade (8)
WINTERED- T (temperature) in WINE (Burgundy) RED (shade)


1d    Sovereign, as well as foreign coin (4)
RAND – R (Rex or Regina, sovereign) AND (as well as)

2d    Preserve holder in shock following predicament (3,3)
JAM JAR – JAR (shock) following JAM (predicament)

3d    Piece of hook that’s said to wound others (4)
BARB – A piece of a hook or something said to wound another person

4d    Namely, awfully nice and picturesque (6)
SCENIC – SC (Scilicet, namely) and an anagram (awfully) of NICE

5d    See about cutting charge? It’s not straightforward (8)
INDIRECT – If you look at the solution you’ll see that RE (about) is ‘cutting’ INDICT (charge)

6d    Endlessly leave mark on a carnival site as showbiz organiser (10)
IMPRESARIO – Omit the last letter (endlessly) IMPRESs (leave mark) on A (From the clue) RIO (carnival site)

8d    Citizen that could be you, but not me (7) 
SUBJECT – One of those ‘grammatical’ clues

13d    Difficult for soldiers to penetrate after top of shell comes off (4-6)
HARD-BOILED – I always forget about these particular soldiers

14d    Tense, and ending in stalemate, say (5)
DRAWN – A double definition

16d    Record of events in 1984, for example? (8)
YEARBOOK – 1984 is both a year and the title of a book

18d    Die protecting one’s love (7)
PASSION – PASS ON (die) ‘protecting’ I (one)

21d    Work at changing tubs? Certain people don’t have them (6)
DOUBTS – DO (work at) and an anagram (changing) of TUBS

22d    Sign, joining part of co-operative (6)
HYPHEN – Another bit of sneakiness – this sign joins the two parts of cooperative

24d    Ruined when hit with axe (4)
HEWN – An anagram (ruined) of WHEN

25d    Men on board audibly exulted (4)
CREW – A double definition to finish

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