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Cloudflare – 31-10-2018

Update – 01-11-2018

Well, it was good while it lasted.  The gremlins hit this afternoon, so the site is now back under the protection of Cloudflare!

In an attempt to resolve the current problems with caching I have changed the site so that it no longer uses Cloudflare.  It takes up to 24 hours for this change to propagate through the internet. 

Please clear your cache before reporting any experiences – good or bad.

8 comments on “Cloudflare – 31-10-2018

  1. Hi Dave – the site is now much faster to use, and while I still need to refresh pages for most recent content in the Recent Posts log, it is almost instantaneous now. It does sometimes take a while for a page to finish loading while it connects to ad servers, but hey ho.

    I think we’re back to where we were before the grief.

    Many thanks as ever for all your sterling work keeping the show on the road.

    (PC Win Vista, Google Chrome)

  2. Hi Dave,
    To be honest, disabling Cloudflare made no difference here (Windows 7, Internet Explorer) so its return just maintains the status quo. It’s so easy for us all to get annoyed when the site doesn’t perform as we’d like it to but I hope you know that we do appreciate all the hard work you’re doing behind the scenes.

  3. Good morning, Dave.

    I’d just like to echo Jane’s comments, particularly her final remark. Since some time early in October I have needed to refresh all pages on this site manually. The only difference with and without Cloudflare has been that the refresh was marginally quicker without it. I’ve now tested it on five different devices with different browsers and operating systems. They all require manual refreshing and clearing the caches has no effect.

    Profound thanks for providing us with the most essential site on the whole of the internet.

    1. Try refreshing your cache – Ctrl+F5 – alternatively look in your SPAM folder, that’s where the Tuesday blogs ended up last week

  4. Help! I don’t know how to “clear my cache” and I can’t access today’s DT 28886 – I would have liked to have 1 and 19 down explained though I think I’ve got the right answers. I’ve tried Firefox and Google Chrome, and the latter says “site not secure”. I’ve also tried ‘turning it off and turning it on again’ but nothing seems to work. I’m in Tunis at the moment – but have been all this week and it’s worked till now – and I have a Mac. Apart from suicide, can anyone suggest what I should do? XXX

    1. If you are using a tablet and McAfee Live Safe, you’ll find that it thinks BD’s blog is an unsafe site. The same McAfee doesn’t think this when I am on the PC.

      If you look at the top of your page, where it says at the end of the line there are three little dots. Click on them and then on ‘new incognito site’ – then put try to access the site via this incognito tab and you should be able to see whatever is available.

      Good luck

  5. Hi Dave. Can you help?
    Trouble loading your site since the Cloudflare notification on 31st Oct. I have deleted the bookmark and tried to reload, searching via Google. Same page loads with most recent clues to 28884.
    Can only access up to date information by typing Big Dave 28887 (for example) into Google.
    Would prefer to have a bookmark in place.
    Many thanks.

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