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SP – 003

Special Puzzle – 003

Remit by Bufo

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The puzzle is available by clicking on the above grid.

Today we have a Special Puzzle, compiled by Bufo.  Four answers have to be entered in a manner that is appropriate for today.

A review by Prolixic follows.

The Sunday of publication was  the day the clocks went back.  In recognition of this, four solutions in the crossword are the names of clocks whose letters are reversed when entering the solutions in the grid.  The title of the crossword is a clue to this REMIT is TIMER reversed.  These solutions do not have definitions.


1 Gross and corpulent female relative (11)
REHTAFDNARG – The abbreviations for gross followed by the and from the clue, a three letter word meaning corpulent and a three letter word for a female.  In accordance with the day the answer is reversed when entering it into the grid.

7 There’s money to be got from meeting and greeting (3)
TIN– The answer is hidden (to be got from) both meeting and greeting.

9 Chicken soup eaten for starters needs a lot of water (6,3)
YELLOW SEA – A word meaning chicken or cowardly followed by the initial letters (for starters) of soup eaten followed by the A from the clue.

10 Stomach can absorb small bit of orange zest (5)
GUSTO – A three letter word for the stomach includes (can absorb) the abbreviation for small followed by the first letter (bit) of orange.

11 Get under way after taking a meal (5)
LUNCH -A word meaning start or get underway without (after taking) the A from the clue.

12 A vehicle one boards in anger perhaps (8)
EGAIRRAC – A three letter word for a vehicle and a four letter word for anger include the letter representing one.  In accordance with the day the answer is reversed when entering it into the grid.

14 I am rejected by girl, one from abroad (8)
SENORITA  -Reverse (rejected) a posh way of saying I am and follow with the name of a girl.

16 Complaint made after non-drinkers consume a tot of neat spirit (6)
ANGINA – The abbreviation for Alcoholics Anonymous (non-drinkers) includes the first letter (tot of) neat and a type of spirit.

18 Half-baked chicken’s not hot, it’s cool in the middle (6)
OOKCUC – A five letter word for a chicken without the H (not hot) followed by the middle letter of cool.  In accordance with the day the answer is reversed when entering it into the grid.

20 Checker introduced us to this test with unusual gyratory motions (3,5)
THE TWIST – The dance introduced by Chubby Checker is an anagram (unusual gyratory motions) of TEST WITH.

23 Senior journalist resisted changes (8)
EDITRESS – An anagram (changes) of RESISTED.

24 “Nobody’s Child” is like a wolf with no tail (5)
LUPIN – A word meaning like a wolf without the final letter (with no tail).

27 Warning device on show in the Royal Armouries (5)
MRALA – The answer is hidden (on show) in the final two words of the clue.  In accordance with the day the answer is reversed when entering it into the grid.

28 Old writer surrounded by sources of inspiration for books (9)
OMNIBUSES – The abbreviation for old followed by the name of the Greek supernatural women thought to the source of inspiration around the point of a pen used for writing.

29 Brave soldier longing to retreat (3)
NEY – Reverse a three letter word for longing.

30 Singer’s outburst comes after an evening spent at home (11)
NIGHTINGALE – A phrase 5,2 word meaning an evening spent at home followed by a four letter word for an outburst.


1 Fashionistas seen here in June and August on foreign coast? (5,5)
ROYAL ASCOT – Another word meaning august or regal followed by an anagram (foreign) of COAST.

2 Woman embracing the French love of Paris (5)
HELEN – An affectionate term for a woman around (embracing) the French for the.

3 A second unidentified member of the team (7)
ANOTHER – Split 1,1, 5, the answer would be an unidentified ember of a team.

4 Possibly cobblers became anxious about trifles? (8)
DESSERTS – Note that there is a definition at the front and back of the clue.  The answer is a reversal (about) a word meaning became anxious.

5 Type of fruit produced by one Granny Smith originally (6)
ANANAS – An article representing one followed by a four letter word for a granny and the first letter (initially) of Smith.

6 Pioneering high-flier is a raging idiot (7)
GAGARIN — An anagram (idiot) of A RAGING.

7 One is not wrong about tin being a good conductor (9)
TOSCANINI – An anagram (wrong) of I (one) IS NOT around a three letter word for tin.

8 When time can run backwards? (4)
NOON – A time of day that is a palindrome (can run backwards).

13 Blind restaurant worker can’t delay making a decision (4,3,3)
WAIT AND SEE – The solution would describe what a blind waiter could not do.

15 Flower such as that seen in Coventry by Tom (5,4)
NAKED LADY – Double definition, the second part being Lady Godiva.

17 Horse box enthusiast? (8)
CHESTNUT – A five letter word for a box followed by a three letter word for an enthusiast.

19 We hear you organised a trip ending in Paddington. Using this? (2-5)
UP-TRAIN – The letter that sounds like (we hear) you followed an anagram (organised) of A TRIP and the final letter (ending in) Paddington.

21 It’s time to outlaw giving support to Arab fundamentalists (7)
TALIBAN – The abbreviation for time followed by a three letter name of Arabic origin and a three letter word meaning to outlaw.

22 Take ages to be accepted by society (6)
BELONG – Split 2,4 the answer could mean take ages.

25 After a meal…. (5)
PASTA – A four letter word meaning after followed by the A from the clue.

26 ….I’ll say grace ending thus (4)
AMEN – Double definition, the first meaning agreement and the second, the word meaning agreement used at the end of a prayer such as the grace.

12 comments on “SP – 003

  1. I thought this was terrific, the title being the hint that got me going. 17d was a chuckler.

    Thanks to Bufo.

  2. Wonderful – making me ask yet again ‘why don’t we get more crosswords from Bufo, as they are always so good?’

  3. Excellent. It took me ages to work out what was going on – I quickly grasped what ‘today’ was and why we had to have this puzzle on a Sunday but my initial thought was that we had to move H back one space in four solutions – do’h!
    I needed a bit of a Google to identify the ‘nobody’ in 24a.
    Just a few of the clues I ticked were 9a, 13d and 17d but my favourite was the excellent 20a.
    Thanks Bufo. I echo CS’s plea for more puzzles of this quality from you.

  4. My initial thought was the same as Gazza, but the SW corner soon sorted that out.

    Cracking puzzle – thanks Bufo

  5. This was great fun and nicely challenging for a puzzle which would only make sense on one day every year. I liked the fact that the title provided another clue. I needed Google to help me understand Nobody’s Child; to check that 15d was a flower; and to confirm that 29a was a brave soldier.

    I have been unable to parse 18a fully and I can’t see anything cryptic about 26d. Isn’t “a vehicle” in 12a doing double duty as the definition and part of the wordplay?

    17d was my favourite.

    Many thanks and very well done, Bufo.

  6. Managed fine until getting in a complete pickle with the last half dozen. Like Gazza, I was busy trying to do something with ‘H’s and that didn’t help at all. Eventually, the light dawned over 1a and the remaining five suddenly didn’t seem so impenetrable.

    Top two for me were 20 & 30a.

    Thanks for the Remit, Bufo – good fun.

  7. Brilliant Bufo, very enjoyable. Great clues. The remits had me well confused until i finally sussed the first one in SW, and i only saw the title thing after coming here. I found it reasonably challenging, although i might be exhausted after York.

    Many thanks for this and I can only echo the other sentiments asking for more please.

  8. I’m glad this was enjoyed. I think it was a wonderfully constructed puzzle, but I generally found it too hard to be truly enjoyable. Our clocks don’t go back until next weekend and so the theme did not resonate with me. In frustration, and with nearly all of the checkers in 1a, I ‘reveal’-ed the remaining letters to see what what was going on and then, of course, I discovered how the entry worked. (However, in the word play, I knew that gross had a numerical meaning, but I didn’t know its two letter abbreviation). I’m sorry to be the wet blanket, and thank you Bufo regardless, but this really did not work well for me.

  9. Many thanks for the review and musical accompaniments, Prolixic, and thanks again to Bufo for a most enjoyable solve.

  10. Thanks Bufo; good crossword. I saw what was happening when I couldn’t put the answer to 27 in the grid with crossers.

    Thanks Prolixic for a good blog – I think the theme words do have definitions if you include the whole clue as a definition in 12.

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