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DT 28875

Daily Telegraph Cryptic No 28875

A full review by gnomethang

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This puzzle was published on 20th October 2018

BD Rating – Difficulty *Enjoyment ***

Morning All! This was a pretty quick solve but had a few very nice clues.

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1a           Dismiss concerto, say, that sparkles all too briefly? (8)
FIREWORK – To FIRE or dismiss followed by a musical WORK as in a concerto.

5a           Plug in items in the kitchen the wrong way round (4)
STOP – A reversal (the wrong way round) of POTS or kitchen items.

9a           Coming from a northern place, Poles should embrace part of southern Europe (8)
SIBERIAN – The S(outh) and N(orth) poles are containing/embracing IBERIA or part of Southern Europe.

10a         Auditor’s guarantee to the bank (6)
ASHORE – A homophone (for the auditor) of ASSURE/guarantee.

11a         Early Protestant religious teaching given by prior (8)
REFORMER – Place RE (Religious Education) before FORMER/prior.

12a         Division used in school course (6)
STREAM – Two definitions, the second referring to a class selection or STREAM in a school.

14a         Mistakenly books entry with no means to pay (5-5)
STONY-BROKE – An anagram (mistakenly) of BOOKS ENTRY.

18a         Enterprise scheme (10)
INITIATIVE – Two definitions, the first thinking on one’s feet and the second e.g. a government plan..

22a         Little building done after 1945? (6)
PREFAB – A cryptic definition of a small house that can be put up quickly and cheaply following a bombing campaign.

23a         Pretensions intense when heading left in plane, high-fliers’ rate? (3,5)
AIRSPEED – AIRS for pretensions and then a reversal (when heading left) of DEEP or intense.

24a         Pretty nieces short of energy, unusually cold (6)
SCENIC – Make an unusual anagram of NI(e)CES without the E for Energy and then add C(old).

25a         Using a fine-tooth comb every sixty seconds? (8)
MINUTELY – The first bit is the definition and the cryptic part refers to every sixty seconds being a minute.

26a         Act of cheating winger reported (4)
FOUL – A homophone (reported) of FOWL or bird/winger.

27a         Action’s modified to get to grips with golf? One’s sceptical (8)
AGNOSTIC – A modified anagram of ACTIONS containing/ripping G for Golf.


2d           About to touch nude’s cold shoulder (6)
REBUFF – RE for reference/about touching BUFF for nude.

3d           Something to scare people with and carry, being insecure (3,3)
WAR CRY – Start with W for ‘with’ and then make an anagram (being insecure) of CARRY.

4d           American’s property is rank, covered by concrete (4,6)
REAL ESTATE – An ESTATE or rank is under/covered by REAL or concrete.

6d           Examine public transport’s appliance of science? (4,4)
TEST TUBE – A charade of TEST/examine and the TUBE for public transport (the underground).

7d           Kent’s changing situation ‘smart’ people no longer call here (5,3)
PHONE BOX – My clue of the day. The changing area for Clark Kent (Superman) and also note that the PHONE BOX is pretty much obsolete now most people have Smart ‘Phones.

8d           Service bringing in tourists — jam’s expected sooner or later, depending on area (5,3)
CREAM TEA – A  cyptic definition of the tea service, traditional in the South West of England where wars are fought over whether the jam goes on before the cream or vice-versa. Personally, I am firmly on the fence

9d           ‘Slave Queen’ depicted in science fiction (4)
SERF – Place ER (Elizabeth Regina, our Queen) inside SF for Science Fiction.

13d         Ineffective but repaired via nail gun (10)
UNAVAILING – An anagram, indicated by repaired, of VIA NAIL GUN.

15d         Taken in by Jedi’s pose, Darth got shot (8)
DISPOSED – A hidden word inside (taken in by) je DI’S POSE D arth.

16d         Minced veal, fine Greek food (4-4)
VINE-LEAF – A minced anagram of VEAL FINE.

17d         Sweet that’s Italian or American — I ruin it when served up (8)
TIRAMISU – reverse (when served up) US/American, I MAR/I ruin and IT from the clue.

19d         Key duo forged to get cash in Europe once (6)
ESCUDO – The ESC or escape key on a keyboard and then an anagram (forged) of DUO.

20d         Begrudge being posted again (6)
RESENT – Cryptically, something posted again might be RE-SENT.

21d         Tense, like a fence in ‘Atton Garden? (4)
EDGY – A fence might be HEDGY but Atton (Hatton) Garden tells us to remove the H.


6 comments on “DT 28875

  1. Thanks for explanations .
    It was obvious what 4D had to be from the checking letters and the American & concrete references but I still struggle to accept the estate part of the clue .
    Perhaps it is just me .

    1. I was inclined to agree with you, KFB, until I saw the 3rd (and final!) entry in my Chambers Thesaurus under Estate:

      “3 status, standing, situation, position, class, place, condition, state, rank”

      The last of the last!

  2. No, KFB, you are not on your own. Over 40 years of Telegraph Saturday crosswords would, you have thought, given me the opportunity to see most of the “logic” in how answers fit clues. However, on this occasion, I got the answer, quite obvious, but from that clue?? No, on this clue I was stumped. …. And still am!

  3. Missed 8D because I thought I was doing a cryptic crossword not one demanding esoteric regional knowledge.

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