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Clueing Techniques – Live!

A message from Dean Mayer (Anax, Elkamere in the Telegraph Toughie series)

Hello everyone

There were no specific plans to do this but, thanks to a console hardware problem, I have an opportunity to run another crossword stream this Wednesday 17th October from 4pm UK time.

It won’t be a crossword this time. Instead, we’ll be looking at various clueing techniques, so if you have any questions about how any of these should be approached as a setter or solver, or if you have your own clue ideas and want input from the community, this may be a good outlet.

Here’s the channel:

I really look forward to seeing you there.


All the best



If you missed the last session, then try the puzzle here

… or watch a recording of the event on YouTube here


3 comments on “Clueing Techniques – Live!

  1. Before anyone cancels an important event…
    Unfortunately I have a technical issue with the streaming software which COULD force me to abandon the stream. Without getting too geeky, what you see on the broadcast is a ‘scene’ composed of various elements – the webcam, tip jar, information about new followers etc etc. – which are brought in as individual sources and arranged in layers to make everything visible.
    It worked perfectly well on the previous crossword stream but, after the most recent software update, it is not recognising the desktop, which should show whichever bits of software I have open such as Crossword Compiler, dictionaries, a Word doc for playing around with clue ideas. Instead, there’s just a big black space.
    This issue has been affecting some users for a couple of years and many fixes have been suggested. Sadly, none of them works for me. I’ll keep digging, but please don’t set aside your time specially for this broadcast. By all all means check in after 4pm on Wednesday if you have the opportunity, but if there is no live stream you’ll know it wasn’t possible to find a fix.

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