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DT 28866

Daily Telegraph Cryptic No 28866

Hints and tips by Senf

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BD Rating – Difficulty */** Enjoyment ****

A very good Sunday Wednesday morning from Winnipeg.  This is the first of four Wednesdays that the 2 Kiwis are not available so I get another opportunity to solve and hint a complete puzzle.

Another delightful Jay puzzle, with perhaps some oldies but goodies, providing a very enjoyable, not overly difficult (I thought) mid-week diversion.

Candidates for favourite – 21a, 9d, and 25d.

In the hints below, the definitions are underlined. The answers are hidden under the Click here! buttons, so don’t click if you don’t want to see them.

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1a    Turn to collect greeting cards late (10)
BEHINDHAND: A synonym of a type of turn containing (collecting) a two letter greeting, followed by a term for a number of (playing) cards.

6a    Check store, needing time for hotel (4)
STOP: A synonym for store with the single letter for time replacing the letter phonetically represented by hotel.

10a    Fighting in the outskirts of Stamford for such an area of land (5)
SWARD: The term for a prolonged period of fighting contained by (in) the first and last (outskirts) letters of StamforD.

11a    Docking and showing full particulars? (9)
DETAILING: A double definition the first refers to a ‘veterinary procedure.’

12a    Expand upon scream after escape that’s curtailed (5,3)
FLESH OUT: A synonym of escape, as a verb, with its last letter removed (curtailed) followed by a synonym of scream.

13a    Cereal offered by women with passion (5)
WHEAT: The single letter for women and a synonym of passion.

15a    Conducted bag search thoroughly (7)
RANSACK: Synonyms of conducted and bag.

17a    What might come after Welsh theatre assistant? (7)
DRESSER: Can be an item of furniture.

19a    Weapon offered by listener in company (7)
FIREARM: One of the organs of hearing contained by (in) a synonym of company.

21a Leaves prisoner clutching one, besieged by enemy (7)
FOLIAGE: Not the usual three letter synonym of prisoner containing (clutching) the single letter for one, all contained (besieged) by a synonym of enemy.

22a    Gather popular whistle-blower’s back (5)
INFER: The usual short synonym for popular and a match official reversed (back).

24a    Grabs walking aids after changing sides (8)
CLUTCHES: Walking aids (used by someone with a leg injury) with the letter for a side changed for the other letter for a side.

27a Help incorporating standard article shows discrimination (9)
APARTHEID: A synonym of help containing (incorporating) a synonym for standard and a definite article.

28a Financial arrangement bound to be reported? (5)
TRUST: A homophone (to be reported) of a synonym of bound.

29a Realise student must abandon study (4)
EARN: A synonym of study with the letter that might be used for a student removed (must abandon).

30a Gave water to soldiers before unusually dry heat finally dissipated (10)
REHYDRATED: The abbreviation of an Army Corps, an anagram (unusually) of DRY HEAT, and the last letter (finally) of dissipateD.


1d    Defeat the pick of the bunch (4)
BEST: A straightforward double definition.

2d    The man Ireland changed is top of the bill (9)
HEADLINER: The male pronoun and an anagram of IRELAND.

3d    Pressed, once set up, to expose such lumps (5)
NODES: A reverse (set up) lurker (to expose).

4d    Total invested in white wine and fish (7)
HADDOCK: A synonym of total contained by (invested in) a white wine.

5d    Academic set up outside gallery and wrote music (7)
NOTATED: A type of academic reversed and containing (set up outside) the usual gallery.

7d    String theory’s first success with energy (5)
TWINE: The first letter of Theory, a synonym of success, and the single letter for energy.

8d    Summon artist, producing an absorbing book (4-6)
PAGE-TURNER: A synonym for summon and an 18th/19th century artist.

9d    Fair offering from a VIP? (3,5)
BIG WHEEL: A double definition, the first is a fairground attraction.

14d    Extravagant tip a golfer developed (10)
PROFLIGATE: An anagram (developed) of TIP A GOLFER.

16d    Haste required, needing endless walk right through a city (8)
ALACRITY: Remove both end letters (endless) of wALk and follow what is left with the single letter for right contained by (through) A and CITY from the clue.

18d    Steps used in clubs, say, for what to wear when atmosphere is lacking (9)
SPACESUIT: The word that describes (say) what clubs are one of in a set of four containing (used in) a synonym of steps.

20d    Partner impounding short cook’s big knife (7)
MACHETE: A synonym of partner containing (impounding) a synonym of a cook with the last letter removed (short).

21d Came across empty refinery or factory (7)
FOUNDRY: A single word for came across and the ends of (empty) RefinerY.

23d Genius just crossing line (5)
FLAIR: A synonym of just containing (crossing) the single letter for line.

25d Supply food for two queens (5)
CATER: A furry queen and HM.

26d Stallion‘s set guide, wanting regulars (4)
STUD: Select some (wanting regulars) evenly spaced letters form the rest of the clue.

The Quick Crossword pun: FASTEN+EIGHT=FASCINATE


28 comments on “DT 28866

  1. 2* / 4.5*. Jay is Mr. Consistent on a Wednesday. Consistently brilliant! I found this at the easier end of his range but still very enjoyable with 25d my favourite.

    Many thanks to Jay and to Senf for working overtime on the blog today.

  2. My first peaceful crossword solving experience for some time – a small boy has been helping by trying to suggest words that fit into the squares, although he hasn’t quite got his read round the idea of cryptic clues just yet, but they’ve all gone to Canterbury this morning, leaving Granny and Grandpa wondering what to do with all the peace

    I’d agree with everything RD says @ comment 1, including the thanks

  3. Nothing too forbidding and plenty of amusement. SE was last to succumb. Enjoyed fathoming 1a and 27a. Thank you Jay and Senf. Quickie pun depends on one’s pronunciation of 1a.

  4. A very satisfying solve, only held up by two glitches. 1) Using the wrong ND in 1a, and then trying to work out why NDHA meant cards and 2) Not knowing the correct meaning of 16d; for some reason I thought it meant fear or alarm.

    Many thanks to Jay and Senf.

  5. Another in the long line of enjoyable crosswords to admire and appreciate. My favourite , one of many excellent clues , is 18d as it gave me the biggest smile although 24a came a close second .
    Over too quickly but more time to enjoy the lovely weather today before the forecasted rain .
    Thanks to everyone .

  6. Abandoned this and took the dogs for a long walk. Sat down on return and completed most without to many hints. Liked 18d and 8d, everything grew from there. Off to North Wales for a few days, weather apparently awful, never mind skinis waterproof.
    Thanks to Senf and Jay.

  7. Another cracking offering from Jay, easier than some of his, certainly, but full of his usual style and humour. Loads to enjoy, but I will select 21a for its smooth surface and conciseness.

    Thanks to Jay and Senf for standing in as guest blogger.

  8. 11a made me smile – I have an odd sense of humour. A most enjoyable puzzle solved steadily with occasional glances at the hints. Thank you for the help 😊

  9. Well it was a fun day, a clearly clued puzzle – nothing iffy today, Jay makes it look easy like a class batsman
    Going for a **/****, no holdups.
    Favourite 25d and the surface of 18d. Thanks all, shame about the rain in Sri L anka.

  10. Enjoyable as ever. Thought 7d was a great surface and brought an instant smile.

    Senf, does your hint for 12a not need to mention something about curtailing?

    Many thanks to Ray T and Senf.

    Prayers for the safety of everyone in Florida/Alabama as Hurricane Michael hits today. Isn’t Bizzie Lizzie in north Florida?

    1. No, BusyLizzie is in Weston, just north of the Dade/Broward line and we’re only having the odd drizzle. It seems that Michael is now a cat 4 and still growing. I feel so sorry for those folks.

      1. No, Coral Springs actually, between Fort Lauderdale and Boca Raton. We can only thank our lucky stars that this one passed us by in South Florida. Pity and feel very sorry for those in North Florida as this is going to be quite awful for them, especially as they are not as used, and probably not as prepared, as us down here

        1. I got it wrong, sorry. I should have known better after all the Parkland conversation. I’m glued to the TV, I have never seen anything like this as an adult, though I do believe our 1944 hurricane was a pretty bad one. Have you ever seen a house lifted off its foundations and roll down a road?

  11. I do enjoy Jay’s puzzles 😃 **/**** Favourites by a nose 4 & 9d 😉 Big thank you to Jay and to Senf 😎 Not a ☁️ in the very blue sky here in the East!

  12. Completed without hints (rare for me) before enjoying a coffee with a dear friend in the garden in the ‘barmy’ sunshine. It has to be ‘barmy’ for this time of the year.

  13. Very enjoyable, and back on wavelength after yesterday.
    I do so enjoy Jay’s puzzles.
    I must say I am looking forward to the new DT website coming online. Puffin now makes me watch some tedious advert every time I log on.
    I did get a load of Asda adverts recently, but that all seems to have gone away.
    I am not sure how the first part of 26d qualifies as a ‘queen’, though I am sure it is in the BRB before anyone tells me.
    Fav was 11a, LOI was 3d, only because it took me a while to see 1a, a word I have never seen or used, but could be worked out from the wordplay.
    Thanks Senf and Jay.

  14. Not too difficult, but 16ac took an “endless” amount of time. Favourite was 18ac.

    With the olive harvest on the ground I may be here more often.

    Thanks Jay and Senf.

  15. I think Jay’s puzzles are loads of fun. I did need to use electronic help for 16d, I have no idea why, it’s a quite common word.
    I missed the lurker in 3d but felt it couldn’t be anything else.
    My fave was 25d, with 11a coming in a close second.
    Thanks to Jay and to Senf for the fun.

  16. Jay as usual provides a fun challenge. 4d once I realised that total wasn’t ‘all’ was my favourite.
    Thanks to Jay, and to Senf for the review.

  17. Solved in a bit of a rush this morning before heading out for the day, so was grateful to Jay for giving us an easy ride.

    Favourite was 25d with a nod to 11a for its surface read.

    Thanks to Jay and to Senf for the overtime.

  18. Thanks to Jay and Senf for another great puzzle, but more of a 2* for me for difficulty. First pass yielded a satisfactory result, and rest fell in over second look. COTD was 19a.

  19. Started to solve in diagonally opposite corners (NE and SW) a few interruptions for boring stuff called work delayed linking these 2 bits for a while. 10a and 27a my faves today.
    Satisfaction slightly marred by forgetting to swap R for L in 24a and spending ages checking other answers to get the all answers correct pop up.
    Thanks to Jay and Mr Mustard.

  20. I’m really struggling with this one after trying to do it after tea time at the pub. Will leave till morning and attempt again.

    Note to self, get the paper in the morning!

  21. I normally enjoy a Jay puzzle but totally confused by this one,still there’s always tomorrow 😊. Thanks to Jay for the confusion and Senf for the explanations.

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