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ST 2967

Sunday Telegraph Cryptic No 2967

A full review by crypticsue

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This puzzle was published on the 2nd September 2018

BD Rating – Difficulty ***Enjoyment ****

Solved after a lovely day out and this crossword added to the day’s pleasure – lots to enjoy – I particularly liked the ‘start of barking’ in 4a and the surface reading of 24d

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1a    Piece in job lot totally smashed (6)
BLOTTO – Lurking in a piece of joB LOT TOtally

4a    Angry start of barking? Armorer might make a bolt for it (8)
CROSSBOW – CROSS (angry) BOW (start of bow-wow, barking)

10a    E.g. bloody weapon put over wardrobe (5-4)
SWEAR-WORD – SWORD (weapon) put over WEAR (wardrobe)

11a    Person who has minimal basic education about West (5)
OWNER – ONE R (minimal basic education, only one of the 3 Rs) goes about W (west)

12a    Improperly obtains part of castle that’s outstanding? (7)
BASTION – An anagram (improperly) of OBTAINS

13a    Survive, like person asked to turn off light? (7)
OUTLAST – Would the last person to leave the building – OUT LAST – please turn off the light

14a    Source of mast that’s come ashore, we hear (5)
BEECH – Mast being the fruit of a beech tree – the solution sounds like (we hear) BEACH (come ashore)

15a    Correctly wrapping parts of it separately, beyond doubt (8)
AIRTIGHT – ARIGHT (correctly) ‘wrapping’ I and T (parts of it), separately indicating that they aren’t together in the solution

18a    Fish restricted area around island, one in Med (8)
SARDINIA – Almost all (restricted) of a SARDINe and A (area) into which is inserted I (Island)

20a    Enjoyment from third of August onward to first of October (5)
GUSTO – The third, fourth, fifth and sixth letters of auGUST and the ‘first’ of October

23a    Problem with hearing organ — people finally are dispersed round a church (7)
EARACHE – EAR (organ) and E (people ‘finally’) dispersed round A (from the clue) and CH (church)

25a    In a word, suggest piece of music to study first (7)
CONNOTE – NOTE (piece of music) CON (study) goes first

26a    Intend to silence everyone (5)
SHALL – SH (silence) ALL (everyone)

27a    Revolutionary, ensuring changes ahead of time (9)
INSURGENT – An anagram (changes) of ENSURING goes ahead of T (time)

28a    Almost spring and time to retire? Almost (4-4)
WELL-NIGH – WELL (spring) NIGHt (almost all of time to retire)

29a    Musician with piano accompanying film (6)
PLAYER – P (piano) LAYER (film)


1d    President with term of endearment for tree-hugger (4-4)
BUSH-BABY – BUSH (President) BABY (term of endearment)

2d    Keep an eye on poems in Old English (7)
OVERSEE – VERSES (poems) in O (old) E (English)

3d    Blemished hotel covered by awful red stain (9)
TARNISHED – H (hotel) covered by an anagram (awful) of RED STAIN

5d    Play, for example, we hear, with appropriate set (5,9)
RADIO BROADCAST – A play being something often broadcast on the radio

6d    Call that’s close — nothing in it (5)
SHOUT – SHUT (close) with O (nothing) in it

7d    Not worthy of hospital, after instruction to avoid untidiness (7)
BENEATH – H (hospital) goes after BE NEAT (an instruction to avoid untidiness)

8d    What’s wrong about part of our navy showing friendliness (6)
WARMTH – An anagram (wrong) of WHAT goes about RM (Royal Marines, part of our navy)

9d    Badly ruining one team sport for upwardly mobile types (14)

16d    Usually popular military leader (2,7)
IN GENERAL – IN (popular) GENERAL (military leader)

17d    Navigational aid provided by some Europeans sailor follows (4,4)
POLE STAR – POLES (some Europeans) followed by TAR (sailor)

19d    Highly moving letters from survivor he heard (3,4)
AIR MAIL – A homophone (heard) of HEIR (survivor) MALE (he)

21d    Ostentatious when receiving royalty? It’s not always clear (7)
SHOWERY – SHOWY (ostentatious) receiving ER (the regnal cipher of our current Queen, royalty)

22d    Observes a weight go up and down (6)
SEESAW – SEES (observes) A (from the clue) W (weight)

24d    Look into prisoner that may be part way through sentence (5)
COLON – LO (look) inserted into CON (prisoner)

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