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ST 2966

Sunday Telegraph Cryptic No 2966

A full review by crypticsue

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This puzzle was published on 26th August 2018

BD Rating – Difficulty ***Enjoyment ***

It took me a while to get going on this Sunday puzzle, indeed it was almost a ‘start with the Downs’. My favourite was 16d

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1a    Lack of confidence as result of scrutiny, i.e. being mistreated (10)
INSECURITY – An anagram (being mistreated) of SCRUTINY IE

6a    What I’m referring to that is heartless? (4)
THIS – Remove the ‘heart’ from THat IS

9a    Nuisance for driver revealed at top speed (4,3)
FLAT OUT – FLAT [tyre] (nuisance for driver) OUT (revealed)

10a    Spy many years in captivity (7)
BONDAGE – BOND (spy) AGE (many years)

12a    Lacking sense of direction as a setter, I did no wrong? (13)
DISORIENTATED – An anagram (wrong) of AS A SETTER I DID NO

14a    Puzzles site clue: Fire about ten main people finally, in addition (6) Newspaper clue: Frank as diarist about what’s at heart of Brexit extension (6) ANNEXE – AXE (fire) about the final letters of teN MaiN people; or ANNE (Frank, the famous diarist) about the letters at the heart of BrEXit

15a    Motorist accommodating old reveller (8)
CAROUSER – CAR USER (motorist) ‘accommodating’ O (old)

17a    I had reversed pieces of proof, creating problems (8)
DILEMMAS – A reversal of ID (I had) followed by LEMMAS (mathematical pieces of proof)

19a    Part of Balkans, a Slavic state (6)
KANSAS – A state far away from the Balkans can be found lurking in part of BalKANS A Slavic

22a    Fiend runs into position for protest (13)
DEMONSTRATION – DEMON (fiend) and R (runs) inserted into STATION (position)

24a    Experienced kind of doctor managed without drug (7)
VETERAN – VET (kind of doctor) RAN (managed) ‘without’ E (Ecstasy, drug)

25a    Person with complaint that’s slow to complain (7)
PATIENT – a nice double definition

26a    Decorate anew using colour circle (4)
REDO – RED (colour) O (letter that is shaped like a circle)

27a    Cost raised after Charlie’s replaced, banished from company (10)
OSTRACISED – Join together COST and RAISED and then move the C (Charlie in the NATO Phonetic Alphabet) further down the word


1d    Uncertain short time after leader is removed (4)
IFFY – Remove the first letter (leader) from JIFFY (short time)

2d    Opposition elected replacement (5-2)
STAND-IN – STAND (opposition) IN (elected)

3d    Lawyer with questions involving sex crime and arson (5-8)

4d    Snappy answer is concerning, and wrong (6)
RETORT – RE (concerning) TORT (wrong)

5d    Protection for furniture cut from suitable material (5,3)
TABLE MAT – Lurking in (cut from) suiTABLE MATerial

7d    Husband wearing suit in warm indoor locations (7)
HEARTHS – H (husband) ‘wearing’ or going inside HEARTS (suit of playing cards)

8d    Reduce or lessen dire changes (10)
SLENDERISE – An anagram (changes) of LESSEN DIRE

11d    Supporting one’s people, revise an initial cost (13)
NATIONALISTIC – An anagram (revise) of AN INITIAL COST

13d    North of port, two letters he has delivered (6,4)
HANDED OVER – H AND E (the two letters making up the word he) go ‘north’ or on top of in a Down clue, the port of DOVER

16d    Rushing south where invader was engaged in battle (8)
HASTINGS – HASTING (rushing) S (South) which is indeed what King Harold did in order to fight the invading Norman army)

18d    Small child in cap subject to restriction (7)
LIMITED – MITE (small child) in LID (cap)

20d    First in school, except when not bright, naturally (7)
SUNLESS – S (the first letter of school) UNLESS (except when)

21d    Head who might be caught unawares? (6)
NAPPER – An informal term for the head or someone who might be unprepared or off their guard

23d    Work in college, mainly, or kind of farm (4)
STUD – Most (mainly) of STUDy (work in college)

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