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ST 2965

Sunday Telegraph Cryptic No 2965

A full review by gnomethang

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This puzzle was published on 19th August 2018

BD Rating – Difficulty *Enjoyment ****

Morning All! This was a very fast solve for me but of the usual standard we have come to enjoy from Mr Greer.

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1a           Left on barge observed in city on canal (4,4)
PORT SAID – The PORT or left hand side on a barge or ship and then SAID for observed/made an observation orally.

9a           One large predator catching us? That’s not how it appears (8)
ILLUSION – I for one then L for large and a LION (predator) containing/catching US from the clue.

10a         Transformed when carved (4)
HEWN -An anagram (transformed) of WHEN.

11a         Verse for young people that could be cursory? (7,5)
NURSERY RHYME – NURSERY, of course, being a RHYME of ‘cursory’

13a         Deem Tory right, perhaps? Right (8)
CONSIDER – A CON(servative) then a SIDE (of which right is an example) and finally R for Right.

15a         Being upset by British striker at Westminster (3,3)
BIG BEN – Place an anagram (upset) of BEING after B(ritish).

16a         Pronounced former PM sound as a bell (4)
PEAL – A homophone (pronounced) of Sir Robert PEEL, a former Prime Minister.

17a         Run into celebrity in film part (5)
FRAME – R for Run inside FAME or celebrity.

18a         Learner repeatedly going outside university for quiet time (4)
LULL – We need three instances (repeatedly) of L for Learner (driver) outside U for University.

20a         Wife in coat, or professional appearing in suit (6)
LAWYER – W for Wife in a LAYER or coat (of paint/varnish).

21a         Guy’s note misdirected, delivered most recently (8)
YOUNGEST – An anagram (misdirected) of GUYS NOTE.

23a         Participant in session with board resulting in happy medium if successful? (12)
SPIRITUALIST A cryptic definition of someone who attends a séance with a Oui-Ja board and a happy (paid!) medium/clairvoyant.

26a         Current prisoner’s saintly image (4)
ICON – I for the S.I. unit of current and then a CON or prisoner.

27a         State manufactured articles after New Deal? (8)
DELAWARE – WARE or manufactured articles after a new anagram of DEAL.

28a         Traitor imprisoned by brethren, e.g. a defector (8)
RENEGADE – A hidden word found in (imprisoned by) breth REN EG A DE fector.


2d           Finished twice? That’s not rare (8)
OVERDONE – Two synonyms for finished – game OVER and DONE/completed.

3d           Service provider who’s entitled to second chance in court (6,6)
TENNIS PLAYER – A cryptic definition of the sportsperson who is allowed a ‘second service’.

4d           Much liked a party supporting revolution (6)
ADORED – A DO (a party) and a RED for one who supports revolution.

5d           Stupid European getting little change out of US (4)
DIME – Dim/stupid and E for European.

6d           OK for shot, due about end of April (8)
PLAYABLE – Place PAYABLE (due as in a bill) around the end letter in (apri)L.

7d           Lithely throwing out the plant? (4)
LILY – Simply remove THE from LI (the) LY.

8d           Reason name is on a line? Like hell it is! (8)
INFERNAL – to INFER or reason logically and N(me) on top of (on a down clue) A and L(ine).

12d         Showing stress in the air before landing (12)
HIGHLIGHTING – HIGH (in the air) before LIGHTING or getting down from a plane/ship etc.

14d         Some bread? Yes (5)
READY – A hidden word is some of b READ Y es and of course bread and ready are both synonyms for money which makes this an &Lit.

16d         Friend that is holding down fence (8)
PALISADE – A PLA/friend and then I.E. for ‘that is’ containing/holding SAD for down.

17d         Dismiss carriage in dangerous situation (8)
FIRETRAP – A charade of FIRE/dismiss and TRAP for horse-drawn carriage.

19d         Best possible example, or possibly worst, in boy’s grasp (4,4)
LAST WORD – An anagram (possibly) of WORST inside the grasp of a LAD/boy.

22d         Multinational organisation is working in harmony (6)
UNISON – The UN (United Nations IS ON/working/running.

24d         Find play oddly cut, in trifling kind of way (4)
IDLY – Remove or cut the odd letters in f I n D p L a Y.

25d         A really incomplete claim (4)
AVER – A from the clue and VER(y) or really which is incomplete.

See you all tomorrow and thanks to the setter!.




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  1. I didn’t recognise this, so I instantly went back through the pile to find it, only to find I had in fact done it.
    I can barely remember it, but I can confidently say it was thoroughly enjoyable – it always is.

    Thanks and salutations to Mr Greer, and cheers to Gnomey for the write-up

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