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DT 28827 (Hints)

Daily Telegraph Cryptic No 28827 (Hints)

The Saturday Crossword Club

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Tilsit was hoping to provide today’s hints, but a man is outside his house digging up his broadband – I told him he should have paid his subs!

As is usual for the weekend prize crosswords, an assortment of clues, including some of the more difficult ones, have been selected and hints provided for them.

Most of the terms used in these hints are explained in the Glossary and examples are available by clicking on the entry under “See also”. Where the hint describes a construct as “usual” this means that more help can be found in The Usual Suspects, which gives a number of the elements commonly used in the wordplay. Another useful page is Wolves in Sheep’s Clothing, which features words with meanings that are not always immediately obvious.

A full review of this puzzle will be published after the closing date for submissions.

Some hints follow.


2a Back with cord used in alternative plan (6,6)
A verb meaning to back or support is followed by some cord

9a Short-time worker delayed producing pattern (8)
Someone who works for a short time, often until the regular worker returns from a break, is followed by an adjective meaning delayed

12a Natural impulse about Diane isn’t clear (10)
A natural impulse around the two-letter shortened version of Diane

16a In Colombo, he avoided tea (5)
The answer is hidden (in) inside the clue (honest!)

18a Comedian unravelled a rope in absurd emotional situation (5,5)
A comedian is followed by an anagram (unravelled) of A ROPE

23a Restrain worker on strike (8)
A four-letter worker is followed by a strike or blow

24a Folk music from one American during parade on island (8)
This traditional Mexican folk music appears from time to time in crosswords – put I (one) and A(merican) inside a five-letter parade and then add I(sland)

26a Not concerned from tune resident played (12)
An anagram (played) of TUNE RESIDENT


1d Profit from ticket (6)
Two definitions – the second being a type of ticket which is typically, but not exclusively, used on the railway

2d Lustful Sarah, with Bill, promises to pay (9)
The three-letter affectionate version of Sarah followed by one of our usual bills and the usual promises to pay

4d Notts County (15)
A weak clue in which you are expected to spell out the full name of said county

5d South African fellow removed hat for a lady (8)
An abbreviation of South African followed by a fellow and an anagram (removed) of HAT

14d Stuffed conserve in case (3-6)
This could mean some conserve is put in a case

16d Support aircraftsman before he is a pain (8)
A four-letter verb meaning to support followed by the abbreviation for aircraftsman and HE from the clue

19d Is unable to put girl into bed (6)
A girl’s name inside a child’s bed

22d Bring into line, a line, say (5)
Sounds like (say) “a line”

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55 comments on “DT 28827 (Hints)

  1. 0.5* / 2.5*. What a strange puzzle. In stark contrast to last Saturday, it seemed very easy except for 24a, my last one in, which was a new word for me and for which I needed electronic assistance. There were a couple of other rather obscure answers but for these wordplay in each case led straight to the solution; and, in 4d, we had possibly the most uncryptic clue ever in a cryptic crossword.

    On the plus side, the cluing was nice and brief with pleasing surfaces throughout.

    Thanks to the setter and to BD.

    1. 24a has come up a few times before, most recently in 2015, when you wrote “Although the answer was easily derivable from the wordplay, I also needed my BRB for *** which was a new word for me.”.

      1. It’s a fair cop, guv, but in my defence I can’t remember what I was doing a few minutes ago let alone in 2015 :wink:

        1. Oh, how awful. Just imagine not being able to remember a word last seen three years ago . . . .

          I didn’t know 16a either.

          But, as RD says, the rest were really quite straightforward.

          Thanks to all.

        2. I have been serenaded by one from boat to boat in that country so I will not forget

      2. It is indeed funny.
        The word just came to me without my knowing what it meant.
        It must have been buried deep in my subconscious from 2015.
        Evidence that part of our brains are like computer storage.

      1. Welcome to the blog Gail

        As well as the hint there is a video for this one (which you can play on YouTube – you never know what you might find)

  2. I found this one very mild with only 2 clues, 16a and 24a, offering any resistance. The clues were mostly well written, though, but I have to say that I wasn’t at all enamoured (to say the least) with 4d. Sorry to be negative – I’m sure lots of others really liked it. 1* / 2*

  3. Nice to have a go at the dead tree for a change.
    Ticks against 2d and 2a. I had a bit of a what came first moment about 7d. I agree 4d was barely cryptic and held off until checkers confirmed it. 16a was the learning moment today. 24a LOI and last to parse too.
    Thanks to BD and setter.

  4. Got off to a flying start by answering the 3 long ones then steady progress and finished before 9am but needed to verify 24a .

    Liked 13a & 14d but 4d a tad different from normal .

    Looks like a wetting tomorrow , especially for campers , as the weather has now settled into normality again . Should be ok for us bowlers today .

    Thanks and happy holiday to everyone .

  5. If I start referring to a crossword as a 28,827 then you’ll know I mean ‘a mixed bag’. Some clues I enjoyed, 18a and 1d for example, and then there was 4d…
    Nothing too tricky, although 16a was new to me, and I look forward to reading today’s comments.

  6. Thought I might breeze through this one, but two new words learnt today from 16a and 24a, which meant I had to look them up.

    Thought the plaques and tangles we’re taking over last week.

    Always a secret disappointment when I get through without aids, only to find everyone else thought it was easy as well.

    Satisfaction League Table as follows:

    1. Completing without aids or BD, and then seeing others found it hard on BD (crossword Nirvana – has never happened)
    2. Completing without aids or BD (very rare)
    3. Completing, but having to look new words up (tinge of dissatisfaction offset by learning new word)
    4. Completing using aids (usual scenario)
    5. Completing using BD (but glad you’re there)

    So, it’s a 3 from me.

    1. Yes I thought I was very clever this week…sailed through the crossword..but everyone else did too. .I had to double check 24a -again ,not alone. .

  7. without doubt the easiest DT crossword I’ve ever completed. The only slight hitch was 24a which had to be confirmed by Chambers. All good fun though. Thanks to setter and BD

  8. Another one bites the dust so here goes again ……..
    This was a combination of nice brainteasers plus some second rates. 4d is hardly cryptic. My vocabulary (or lack of it) let me down so that I needed to consult Mr. Google for 16a, 24a and 15d. As per John Bee I’m not sure second part of 7d = produce egg. Quickie is a pangram today. Thank you Mysteron and BD.

    1. Yes the production of the egg occurs a while before the relevant part of the process we need for the answer.

  9. XXXX XXX XXXXXX [quantitative indication of solving time redacted]. Very short bath. Surely 4D isn’t even a cryptic clue? Bit straightforward for a Saturday puzzle, I thought.

  10. There was a Gnoment earlier when I might have been the one standing in for Tilsit and, as I said to Mr CS, I’d have been hard pressed to work out which clues to hint as this was as straightforward as cryptic crosswords come

    Thanks to BD for the hints and in advance to my friend the Gnome for Friday’s review

  11. That was relatively straightforward this week, compared with last week certainly!

    I learnt a new word for 16a, 4d was first clue in and I go along with comments above re second part of 7d

    Thanks setter and BD


  12. 16A was a new word for me, and I agree with others that 4D was awful. On the whole, quite pleasant. If I had to pick a favorite, it would be 22D. Thanks BD and setter.

  13. I’d say 4d is a little bit cryptic, hoping we would go down the football team route.

    But, only a smidgen.

  14. Very straightforward, perhaps a little too much so for a Prize puzzle, and certainly in stark contrast to the toughie from a week ago. I agree that 4d was dreadful, offset by a couple of fine clues of which 18a was my favourite.

    Thanks to our setter and to BD.

  15. Definitely an ‘odd’ puzzle with a pair of new words for me (not 24a) – the tea in 16a and the verse in 15d; I will try to add them to the memory bank but it is almost full to overflowing. 4d is definitely very uncryptic and that helped to make it */**.

    A little difficult to identify any clue that deserves to be tagged as a favourite but 2d stands out a little from the rest as a nice charade.

    Thanks to the mystery setter and BD.

  16. Been attempting the Saturday Crossword for many years. Today finally decided to ‘join’ the club.

  17. Most people should have lots of crosswording time left over today and so, if they aren’t busy making chutney and plum jam, and even if they are, can I highly recommend today’s NTSPP

    1. Just what we have been doing CS red tomato chutney and autumn raspberry jam, fruit, tomatoes, onions etc all home grown. The plums are ready and waiting lovely jubbly!

  18. Not a great puzzle in my view – 4d is a very poor clue indeed and put me in the frame of mind to pick holes.

    I would heartily second CS’s recommendation, the NTSPP today, which is rather good.

    Thanks to setter and BD

  19. Hurrah for a crossword I found ok. I don’t know what was the matter with me but I struggled this week Many thanks setter and big Dave.

  20. First comment on this site prompted by the simplest, yet strangest Saturday puzzle. Like others, 3 new words for me 15d, 16a and 24a, but otherwise a gentle walk in the park

    1. Welcome to the blog

      Now that you’ve de-lurked, I hope you’ll return and comment again, although you may have to change your alias :)

  21. Mostly a straightforward solve for an enjoyable prize puzzle, not over taxing but good fun. SW corner resisted with 24a (last in) and 15d being the culprits not at all familiar with either answer, needed BRB and electronic help to sort those two. Needed BRB confirmation for 16a as well.Thought 4d was a bizarre clue hardly worthy of this puzzle? To be fair I thought the setter gave us some good clues as well as a few strange ones so no real complaints from me.

    Clues of the day: 13a /2d / 14d

    Rating: 2* / 3.5*

    Thanks to BD and the setter.

  22. I am in a minority of one here as I thought 4d was a good clue but I do appreciate it is a marmite clue. I agree with Sir Linkalot re: the football team misdirection. I would describe it as subtly cryptic. The middle letter helped me to realise that 16a was hidden in the clue. My only problem was putting in two wrong answers without thinking enough first and jumping to conclusions. I put a three letter prefix in 26a until I realised I had one letter too many. However I thought the word I had was a better synonym. The two words are often misused. The other was wrong first letter in 20d which held me up with the second word of 18a. No comparison with last Saturday but this far preferable so far as I’m concerned.13a and 2 and 4d my favourites

  23. As a prize crossword this was money for old rope. Enjoyable while it lasted. I had not heard of 24a and had to look up the answer to confirm my parsing was correct. Thanks to all.

  24. Still a Learner at Cryptic Crosswords so it was encouraging to finish this quite quickly, using just a little help. Liked 2d and 7d and like most of you, 24ac and 24ac were new to me. Important to learn something new each day and hopefully remember it!

  25. I agree that this was pretty straightforward but I quite enjoyed it – nice short clues.
    I don’t think I’ve ‘met’ 16a before but have probably come across 24a – just forgotten it.
    4d was a funny one – I dithered for a while in case it was a trap of some kind so waited for some other letters.
    I think my inability to spot lurkers has been transferred to, or even joined by, a new blind spot – answers coming from the first letters of words in the clue. Oh dear.
    I liked 10a and 2 and 5d. My favourite was 2d, or maybe 5d – can’t decide – back to my original beef – one favourite only.
    Thanks to whoever set this one and to BD.
    Off to see what Gazza’s been cooking up in the NTSPP!

  26. I found this a real treat, after having burned my brain with most of this week’s puzzles, how nice to be able to solve without electronic help.
    I didn’t know 16a, but it was obvious (I wish other lurkers shouted at me like that) and a quick reference to the dictionary confirmed it.
    I waited to put 4d in at the end, I just couldn’t believe it was the correct answer. I think I would have preferred something not quite so uncryptic.
    There was a lot to like, but I think 18a is fave.
    Thanks to our Saturday setter and to BD for his hints and tips.

  27. This wasn’t particularly difficult but I did make a bit of a struggle of it. No idea why. 13a was my favourite even though it must be a chestnut!
    Thanks to the setter and to BD for the hints.

  28. As others have noted, pretty straightforward, a little odd, and… perhaps… not the best. 4d probably typified the puzzle for me.

  29. After last week, l assumed that my initial proposed answers were incorrect – e.g. 4d & 22d. It didn’t start well when l wrote the answer to 17a in the 22a slot….
    I also was unfamiliar with16a and 21a although l can’t remember having correctly completing 21a in2015 either -obviously an age thing. Perhaps filling in one’s age on the entry form should be a prerequisite …?
    Thanks to BD and the setter for being so kind this week…

  30. Oh dear, just when I was feeling so pleased with myself at having finished without any help, I read all the “easy”comments… but you know what? I’ll take it and IMHO it was great fun and a great puzzle, thank you to the setter. I didn’t know the tea in 16a but it was obviously a lurker and just had to be. Was a while before I wrote in 4d as not at all cryptic, I thought it must be a trap. Quite familiar with 24a, our neighbors across the street had a private one perform at their house party recently. Probably the most fun I’ve had puzzle wise all week.

  31. Good fun , as Busy Lizzie says ,though I am grateful for the assistance with 24a .
    Thanks to BD and the setter .

  32. First time for weeks to finish without bd help, but still not sure about 2d.

    24a last clue took hours and a tv travel show to see the light.

    First time also on blog having lurked for several years…thanks to all for brightening up my Saturdays!

  33. Thanks to the setter and to Big Dave for the hints. I didn’t really enjoy this, there seemed to be a lack of subtlety. I was beaten by 24a, although I had heard of it. Was 2*/2* for me.

  34. The family enjoyed this. As everyone else,with 4d thought that couldn’t be the answer as too obvious. Only had to check 16a in Chambers. We say “That’s just a confirmation!” Doesn’t count as help!
    Waited for the rain on Sunday afternoon.

  35. What am I going to do with the rest of the week! First time I have completed it a day and only had to check the 2 clues discussed above. Expect we’ll get a stinker next weekend.

  36. Surprised to finish without needing hints (but they always provide good reading of course !).
    Misread clue14D as “stuffed conservative in case” …

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