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Toughie 2071

Toughie No 2071 by proXimal

Hints and tips by Mr K

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BD Rating  -  Difficulty **** Enjoyment ****/*****


Hello, everyone.  I'm standing in for Dutch today.  I thought that this puzzle was a masterclass in misdirection and subtlety.  With a couple of exceptions, I believe that the hints themselves would be right at home in one of my Tuesday back-page blogs.  The difficulty with the clues mostly came from the use of clever synonyms that had me going down the wrong path several times.  It's easy to make a puzzle difficult by using obscure vocabulary and complex wordplay, but to construct head-scratching two-ingredient charades, container and contents, etc., using well-known words must take real skill.  The abundance of such clues here meant that there were a lot of penny-drop moments, so the struggle to fill the grid and parse the clues was most definitely worth it.  I was impressed and entertained.

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DT 28814

Daily Telegraph Cryptic No 28814

Hints and tips by Deep Threat

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BD Rating – Difficulty ***Enjoyment ***

Good morning from South Staffs on a sunny but fresher morning.

It took me a little while to get going on this week’s puzzle from Giovanni, and 10a was a new word to me.… Continue reading

DT 28809

Daily Telegraph Cryptic No 28809

A full review by crypticsue

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This puzzle was published on 4th August 2018

BD Rating – Difficulty **Enjoyment ***

An unusual Saturday Prize Puzzle experience, in that I enjoyed the solve, which I thought had some nice quirky elements and the smile-inducing 28a, more than the blog writing, not least because I had to repeat myself several times

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