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ST 2959

Sunday Telegraph Cryptic No 2959

A full review by crypticsue

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This puzzle was published on 8th July 2018

BD Rating – Difficulty **Enjoyment ****

You know exactly what you are going to get on a Sunday morning and this Sunday Prize Crossword didn’t disappoint. Lots to enjoy- my Across favourite is 1a and my Down favourite 1d

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1a    What’s good in dish topped with pastry covering? (6)
PIGEON – G (good) in PIE (dish topped with pastry) followed by ON (covering)

4a    Like every story and old record (3-5)
TWO-SIDED – Because as everyone knows, there are two sides to every story

10a    Short suit or vest being worn (9)
SINGLETON – A single card of its suit in a hand – SINGLET (vest) ON (being worn)

11a    Headless chicken or other bird (5)
RAVEN – Remove the ‘head’ or first letter from cRAVEN (chicken in the sense of cowardly)

12a    One vehicle after another for group of travellers (7)
CARAVAN – A VAN (one vehicle) goes after CAR (another vehicle)

13a    Insert minute sketch in it (7)
IMPLANT – M (minute) PLAN (sketch) inserted into IT (from the clue)

14a    Member of clergy clipped page three, for example (5)
RECTO – Clip the final letter from RECTOr (member of clergy) to get a printing term for the right-hand page in a book

15a    Took in gold found in berth? (8)
ABSORBED – OR (heraldic term for gold) inserted in ABS (sailor’s) BED (berth)

18a    Reverse as taken to heart by less polished campaigner (8)
CRUSADER – A reversal of AS (from the clue) ‘taken to heart’ or inserted into CRUDER (less polished)

20a    Half-hearted American playwright’s competitor, in long run (5)
MILER – Remove one of the L’s at the heart of the American playwright Arthur MILLER

23a    Significant reason for not eating in restaurant (7)
NOTABLE – Split your solution 2, 5 to understand the second part of the clue

25a    Male with an indication of scholarly achievement, not youth (7)
MANHOOD – M (male) AN (from the clue) HOOD (an indication of scholarly achievement)

26a    E.g. alternating with king or queen in monarchy (5)
REIGN – EG (from the clue) alternates with R (Rex or Regina, king or queen) and IN (from the clue)

27a    Different entrances needed on the way back up (9)
RENASCENT – An anagram (different) of ENTRANCES

28a    Tired holding power supported by arms (8)
WEAPONRY – WEARY (tired) holding P (power) ON (supported by)

29a    Reached finish with no difficulty, breaking record (6)
CEASED – EASE (no difficulty) inserted into (breaking) CD (record)


1d    It’s addressed by message — other side often has a view (8)
POSTCARD – The perfect cryptic definition of a postcard

2d    Non-specific info on Central American? (7)
GENERIC – GEN (info) on the letters found centrally in AmERICan

3d    Line I inserted in manifest that’s not sensible (9)
OBLIVIOUS – L (line) and I (from the clue) inserted into OBVIOUS (manifest)

5d    Endlessly wine and dine people in bar? Blow that! (4,10)
WIND INSTRUMENT – Remove the ‘ends’ from WINe and DINe and then insert MEN (people) into STRUT (bar)

6d    Barely finished performance in sporting outfit (5)
STRIP – A double definition with a nice surface reading

7d    Stray fruit I have cut up inside (7)
DEVIATE – Insert a reversal (up) of IVE (an abbreviated (cut) way of saying I have) inside a DATE (fruit)

8d    Present put on a tree, oddly (6)
DONATE – DON (put on) A (from the clue) and the odd letters of TrEe

9d    Rebranded a star, transformed into leader of movement (8-6)
STANDARD-BEARER – An anagram (transformed) of REBRANDED A STAR

16d    Think about past crimes in reformed state, ultimately (9)
REMINISCE – An anagram (reformed) of CRIMES IN followed by the ‘ultimate’ letter of statE

17d    Went hunting, as happened before (8)
PREDATED – Hunted for prey or to be earlier than

19d    Drink everything contained by overturned canisters (7)
RETSINA – Lurking (contained) in reverse (overturned) in cANISTERs

21d    Pound is small, housing single feline (7)
LIONESS – L (Pound sterling) IS (from the clue) S (small) ‘housing’ ONE (single)

22d    Prince again securing academic title (6)
ANDREW – ANEW (again) ‘securing’ DR (academic title)

24d    Triumphant cry from British dominating home game (5)
BINGO – B (British) going over (dominating) IN (home) and GO (Chinese game)

2 comments on “ST 2959

  1. I had so many problems with this one but I can’t find my crossword that I so carefully put away. I’ll keep looking, but I feel it’s no wonder I had problems! Didn’t seem very Virgilian to me.

  2. Found this one very tricky, as the comments to the hints generally concurred.
    Did like the headless chicken (yellow) in 11A though.

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