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DT 28764

Daily Telegraph Cryptic No 28764

Hints and tips by 2Kiwis

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BD Rating – Difficulty ** Enjoyment ****

Kia ora from Aotearoa.

A dampish grey day here so we took our raincoats on our walk this morning. As it turned out, they were certainly needed and are now drying in the garage. Still glad we went though.

Another top quality puzzle from Jay for us to work with soon after we arrived home.

 Please leave a comment telling us how you got on.


7a     Did he act badly in front of press chief? (7)
CHEATED : An anagram (badly) of HE ACT and then the abbreviation for a senior newspaper person.

8a     Excavate part of Peru near this (7)
UNEARTH : A lurker, hiding within the clue.

10a     Get round and try to reach a compromise (9)
NEGOTIATE : A double definition.

11a     Suggestion to adopt wife’s tone of voice (5)
TWANG : A suggestion or subtle flavour contains the abbreviation for wife.

12a     Praise has no boundaries for such coffee (5)
LATTE : Remove the first and last letters from a word meaning to praise in a fawning manner.

13a     Shrimps and the like found in cat saucer, mysteriously (9)
CRUSTACEA : An anagram (mysteriously) of CAT SAUCER.

15a     A son beset by hunger will be lubricated (7)
GREASED : ‘A’ from the clue and the abbreviation for son are inside hunger or rapacity.

17a     Hard group tracking American partner (7)
HUSBAND : String together the abbreviation for hard, the United States, and a group or ring.

18a     Person who won’t indulge reserved seat in bar (9)
ABSTAINER : An anagram (reserved) of SEAT IN BAR.

20a     The majority of sea food coming from India? (5)
BALTI : Remove the last letter from the sea that forms the coastline of several Scandinavian and northern European countries.

21a     Picture the setter’s maturity (5)
IMAGE : A short way that the setter would describe his existence (1’1) and then a word for maturity or advanced years.

23a     Flyer‘s Olympic medal perhaps found initially in church (9)
GOLDFINCH : The most coveted Olympic medal. then the first letter of found, ‘in’ from the clue and the abbreviation for church.

24a      No end of film used in planned platinum wedding (7)
NUPTIAL : An anagram (planned) of PLATINU(m) once the last letter of film has been removed.

25a     Awfully vain yet showing innocence (7)
NAIVETY : An anagram (awfully) of VAIN YET.


1d     Women see lights out, being this in space (10)
WEIGHTLESS : The abbreviation for women is followed by an anagram (out) of SEE LIGHTS.

2d     Representation from nation hoarding uranium (6)
STATUE : The chemical symbol for uranium is inside a nation or country.

3d     Submitted and made progress (8)
ADVANCED : A double definition. Submitted here is a synonym for proffered.

4d     Game’s up, with lover outside office (6)
BUREAU : A word from the French for a lover includes the reversal of the initials for New Zealand’s national game.

5d     Develops conditions after case of gangrene (8)
GESTATES : The first and last letters (case of) gangrene and then conditions or ways of being.

6d     Killer caught by rejection of Victoria Cross (4)
ORCA : A reversed lurker hiding in the clue.

7d     Fire Tory and draw attention to allowance (13)
CONFLAGRATION : The three letter abbreviation for the party a Tory belongs to, then a word meaning draw attention to and an allotted portion.

9d     Arrogant — spaced out and hit gym drunk (4,3,6)
HIGH AND MIGHTY : An informal word for spaced out or drugged, ‘and’ from the clue, plus an anagram (drunk) of HIT GYM.

14d     Questioned lines on Spain in altered environment (10)
CHALLENGED : A synonym for altered surrounds (supplies the environment for), the repeated abbreviation for line and the IVR code for Spain.

16d     Cut of meat as per cooked on bone (5,3)
SPARE RIB : An anagram (cooked) of AS PER and the bone from which Eve was said to have been made.

17d     Uncompromising but mostly unlucky (8)
HARDLINE : With an extra letter on the end and then split 4,5 the answer could mean unlucky or unfortunate.

19d     Complaint, seeing two grand thrown into river (6)
NIGGLE : A river in northern Africa contains the repeated abbreviation for grand.

20d     Scientific type‘s unwell at home after onset of botulism (6)
BOFFIN : Start with the first letter of botulism, then a word for unwell or out of sorts and the two letter ‘at home’.

22d     A note about millions needed for rock band’s requirements? (4)
AMPS : ‘A’ from the clue and a note added to a letter as an afterthought surround the abbreviation for millions.

Our favourite today is 20a, but the quickie pun ran a close second.

Quickie pun    cough    +    hiccups    =    coffee cups

64 comments on “DT 28764

  1. Quite an easy little run for me today, finished in ** time after just a couple of passes, with only the last clue, 22d, that had me scratching my head. I was desperately trying to dig up my A level geography memories for assistance.

    COTD is by far and away the Quickie pun. I have always said that particular drink was bad for your health!

    Many thanks to Jay and the 2Ks.

  2. 2* / 5*. Another fine puzzle from our Wednesday maestro at the easier end of his spectrum but no less enjoyable for that.

    It’s beautiful weather here and I’m on my way to The Oval, hopefully to see England bounce back from their defeat by Scotland and beat the Aussies. I’m planning to meet Silvanus there and enjoy a beer or two.

    Many thanks to Jay and the 2Ks.

  3. Completed, a lovely Jay puzzle as we have come to expect.
    I missed the reverse lurker in 6d, which was frustrating, ‘rejection’ is yet another indicator for me to remember.
    Looking at 17a, and 24a and the indicator used to indicate the letter ‘w’ used a few times made me think that Jay had some insider knowledge…Stanley Holloway comes to mind…

    Thanks all

    1. You’ll be fine, Hoofit. Just make sure that you stay off the alcohol and garlic tonight and that you have a reliable and sober best man on hand to take charge of the all important ring and get you there on time!
      Have a wonderful day.

      1. Many thanks Jane, will do. The future Mrs. Hoofit has just left for for her fourth installment at the beauty salon…women!!!
        I shall keep off the sauce until tomorrow, then endeavor to keep it under manageable proportions.
        Of course, it was skillfully arranged to clash with a Ray-T crossword too, though with it also being the opening day of the World Cup, perhaps not…

    2. Ooh, congratulations. I was late for my wedding so my best man and I stopped for a pint. We then had to go back to my house because i had left my money behind. We still got there before St Sharon

      1. Many thanks MP.
        I should not be late tomorrow as Croydon Registry Office is about 50 yards from the local Wetherspoons, where all ‘my side’ are meeting up for some Dutch Courage.

    3. Congrats HIYD I dont think that you will have much time to do crosswords for a day or two but an extra brain should have you and the soon to be Mrs H flying through even Ray T puzzles.

      1. Thanks for the thoughts. It has been skilfully planned to coincide with a Ray-T

    4. Congratulations HYD and all the best to both of you. You will probably miss a Ray T tomorrow that’s a shame.

    5. Have a super day tomorrow, Hoofit, many blessings on you both. I think a substantial amount of the commentariat will be thinking of you.

        1. Have a great day tomorrow Hoofit.
          Been trying to work out what the S…. might be as there are no ‘Hints and Tips’ to help us and eventually decided it must be SAND. Anyone with a better suggestion? :smile:

  4. Another enjoyable puzzle completed , for a change , without too much trouble . No outstanding favourite but quite a few made me smile with satisfaction . On reflection , my favourites are only the ones I bring to the attention of my wife !
    Thanks for the weather news from NZ , surprised that the under 20s rugby side has not made the final against England .
    Thanks to everyone .

  5. Another enjoyable crossword – as is traditional for a Wednesday – thank you to Jay and the 2Ks

  6. Nice run out today even though I spent ages trying to parse 6d, missed the reverse lurker, grrrr!

  7. Loved the Crossword */**** 😃 Loved the Quick phrase😜 Loved the blog, lovely photos 😉 What more can I say. Favourites 20 & 23 across. Oh I just remembered in time thanks to Jay and to the 2 x Ks 🤗

  8. Another excellent puzzle from Jay. Had me slightly worried as to how I was going to fit a reversal of VC into a 4 letter answer for 6d and it took a while for the penny to drop over the correct way to read the clue for 20a.

    I do like the anagram indicator in 18a – it’s caught me out more than once!

    20a gets a spot on the podium but my favourite is definitely the Quickie pun.

    Thanks to Jay and to our 2Ks for another enjoyable blog – glad you managed your morning walk despite the inclement weather.

    1. Hello, I’m back. It’s surprising how much work I have to do in the groves at this time of year (mainly strimming) and it just knocks the routine out of kilter.

      Anyway, a pleasant solve and I too enjoyed the same clues as you.

      But, I’m not into this “Quickie pun”. Can you explain?

      1. From Monday to Saturday the first few (generally 2 or 3, but occasionally more) across answers to the Quick Crossword form a pun which is explained at the bottom of the daily blog.

        1. Thanks Gazza. I rarely get to the Quick Crossword, but something tells me that I knew about this in the past. Too much going on!!!

  9. Lovely puzzle today, quite a few made me smile.
    Saw a 23a when I walked the dog this morning.
    Difficult to pick a favourite, but I liked the neatness of 22d.
    Is someone getting married?
    Thanks to all.

    1. Someone certainly is! When BD has time to post the photo’s from the recent S&B meeting in London, you may see a pic of the bridegroom.
      Wonder how the bride will feel about changing her name to Mrs Hoofit?!!

        1. That made me laugh so much. :laugh:
          And think of this:

  10. Very enjoyable, although a very slow start going up and down the downs before I got going and, with the assistance of a couple of golden oldies, I completed at a fast gallop – **/****.

    Candidates for favourite – 23a, 7d, and 14d – and the winner is 7d.

    Thanks to Jay and the 2Ks.

    P.S. The Shamus Toughie is not too tough.

    1. I just want to say that I think your PM is the perfect gentleman. He’s dead right, Canadians are very gentle and polite folk.

  11. No quibbles with a **/****, excellent cluing.
    Last in was 10a as I failed to parse it, I was looking for of some sort of anagram/charade then eventually realised it was a double definition.
    No other major glitches to report except 24a which took a while.
    Thanks to the 2K’s , have three or four 23’s on the niger seed feeders- beautiful birds

  12. Fantastic!
    Congratulations to both Mr.and the future Mrs.Hoofit..
    Lovely day for it.

    1. Didn’t mean to mislead you – the wedding’s tomorrow which is why I suggested he should stay off the alcohol and garlic tonight!

  13. Another Wednesday, another superb puzzle from a setter at the top of his game. 20a was my favourite clue of many, and this hugely enjoyable crossword was worthy of a 2* /5* rating for me.

    Many thanks to Jay and the 2 K’s. Good luck to England this afternoon at The Oval.

  14. The root word of 25a can be tricky to spell.

    It can mean ‘natural’ and the word, backwards, is a brand of natural spring water.

  15. Aha well I’m sure tomorrow will be glorious too!
    Missed the garlic bit..but excellent advice.

  16. On initial read through I thought this was going to be a lot tougher than it eventually turned out to be, quite a few anagrams enabling a reasonable foothold. Not quite as high on the enjoyment scale as yesterday’s but still a pleasant solve. Thanks to setter and reviewers

  17. A pleasant stroll as opposed to a walk in the park with completion in the North before the South. No outstanding Fav. Failed to parse 22d – d’oh. Thank you Jay and the 2Kiwis.

  18. Thanks to Jay and to the 2 Kiwis for the review and hints. Very enjoyable puzzle, quite gentle, but a couple made me think, 10&24a, couldn’t parse either. Favourite was 20a. Was 2*/3.5* for me.

  19. First pass I despaired. However once I got a toe hold it fell into place quite nicely. 7d was my favourite. Thanks to Jay for another excellent workout and the 2Ks for the review. Rain for me as well so a wet walk for the dogs.

  20. Thoroughly enjoyable, smiles all the way through. I too was struggling to get V and C in to 6d until the penny dropped. Quickie Pun made me laugh out loud ( and had it say it out loud to get it). Thank you to all.

  21. 20a was my favourite in this lovely crossword from Jay which was a pleasure to solve.
    Thanks to Jay, and to the 2K’s for their review.
    Congratulations Hoofit, have a great day tomorrow.

  22. A pleasant romp through crosswordland that didn’t trouble me (or any equines) too much. I think I will give the nod to 7d from a big bunch of ticks but give me a lemon chicken 20a with a garlic naan and I’ll be v pleased too.
    Thanks to Jay and the 2K’s

  23. Agree this is a sparkling puzzle, full of good fun and entertainment. On Jay’s wavelength from start to finish and that’s not always the case with me and a Jay puzzle. Last in 5d no real hard hold ups and think it’s all been said by other bloggers about this puzzle.

    Clues of the day: 12a / 22d

    Rating 2,5* / 4.5*

    Thanks to the 2Ks and Jay for a great puzzle.

  24. I agree with you Senf about the Toughie. Took your advice and galloped through it!
    10a was my favourite, but it is a fun puzzle.
    Have a go if you have time..Well worth it.

  25. Jay really sets a super puzzle.
    Fave was 7d but 20a running very close.
    Thanks to Jay and to the 2Kiwis for the fun.

  26. Super crossword.
    Quite straightforward but hugely enjoyable.
    Thanks to Jay.
    Congratulations to Mr Hoofit and the future Mrs.

  27. Morning all.
    There seems to be general agreement that this is another top quality puzzle from Jay. We feel so privileged to get to blog them each week.

  28. Oh dear – this is seriously one of those “just me then . . . ” days – I really enjoyed it but found it much more difficult than others seem to have done.
    I never did get 20a – how stupid although husband, who knows about these things, says it’s not Indian at all and that it originates from Birmingham.
    Anyway, enough – it was a great crossword as Jay’s always are.
    Too many good clues to hit on any particular ones so thank you very much to Jay for the crossword and to the 2K’s for the review, hints and pics – please send some of your rain our way.

    1. I have heard that too and 20a is actually a word that means bucket and therefore refers to the pot it comes in rather than the contents.
      Also most of what we call “Indian” restaurants are run by and serve Bangladeshi food.

      Still taste good though.

  29. Must be a wavelength thing but I’m normally ad idem with Kath. I don’t always get Jay however but today I breezed through it. No delays at all. Slightly slower in NE which was my last segment in. I was slightly uneasy about 11a as I do not think that the word around wife is particularly subtle. Where I come from it has a bit of a kick to it. My last one in was 4d. I got the lover (I wish!) but missed the Game’s Up. Therefore filled in without fully parsing. I’ll pick 17 and 24a and 7 and 14d as favourites bu could choose many others. Unusual for me to have such a quick solving time. Thank you Jay and 2Ks. For the benefit of the 2Ks it has been beautiful here in the E Midlands today.

    1. We had the same thoughts about 11a Wanda.
      Thanks for the offer to share your weather but yesterday’s bad weather has now moved on and we are getting some sunshine today. Just hope it lasts.

  30. I’m afraid I made heavy weather of this one today.
    Just not on the wavelength and needed several hints.

    Looking forward (?) to tomorrow!

    Thanks to the setter and to the 2Kiwis .

  31. Not too tricky today, enjoyable throughout. Last in 10ac which took perhaps a little more thought than the rest, despite all the checking letters!

  32. Got there eventually – 6d last in. No particular favourites – I thought there was a nice mix of different clue types. Thanks to the 2Ks, and congratulations and much future happiness to Mr and soon-to-be Mrs Hoofit.

  33. Enjoyable and frustrating crossword. 2d held me up, couldn’t get Idi Amin out of my head. No particular favourite clue.

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