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MPP – 073

Monthly Prize Puzzle (June 2018)

A Puzzle by Prolixic

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Why not have a go at our latest Monthly Prize Puzzle?

The winner will receive their choice of any of the Telegraph Crossword Books.

Please note that, due to punitive postal charges, while the competition is open to all, the prize is only available to UK solvers.

A review will follow after the closing date (16th June 2018).

The competition is now closed

The puzzle is available by clicking on the above grid.

Please read the instructions carefully. 

I’ve left this post open for comments, but if you don’t want your comment to be deleted then do not provide any help for other solvers or mention any detail about the puzzle, especially references to individual clues, until after the closing date.

10 comments on “MPP – 073

  1. When I had finished solving the puzzle I still had no idea about how to answer the question. The penny drop moment came quite some time later.
    Really good fun and really clever.
    Thanks Prolixic.

  2. I’d be very grateful if either of the two previous commenters would lend me their penny so that I can drop it……….

    I’ve almost got to the end of the solve, just one that I can’t figure out and a couple of others that I wouldn’t take bets on, but the ‘bad hair day’ connection has yet to occur to me.

    Meantime, have to say how much I loved 19a – secret air defence indeed!

    Many thanks, Prolixic, looking as though you may have beaten me this time.

    1. Stick with it Jane. I’m sure you will get it. As the instructions say, you do have to think cryptically. Cheers.

  3. It took three separate sessions to solve this completely, but what an excellent and cleverly constructed puzzle it is.

    I spotted the cryptic link quite quickly, the problem was knowing how many such examples would the puzzle deliver.

    My particular favourite clues were 9d and 16d.

    Many thanks, Prolixic.

  4. Not sure that I understood the instructions but had a wild guess.
    If the penny drops, I’ll just re-enter under another name!
    Really enjoyed the solve.
    Thanks to Prolixic.

  5. Like Silvanus, it took me three separate intense sessions to complete this challenging and very enjoyable puzzle. The SE corner went in relatively quickly but the other three quarters put up quite a fight. The bad hair day clang was also a long time coming – very clever!

    I made life more difficult for myself by putting in a completely plausible but incorrect answer for 18d as my first one in, wrongly assuming that “ball movement” was a dance step.

    Many thanks for the fun, Prolixic.

  6. Well, the grid is filled in. Not sure of a few parsings and even more not sure of the answer to the riddle. Oh well, still 11 days for the penny to drop.

    Thanks Prolixic.

  7. What a relief to be able to join those commenters that until a minute ago I was finding really irritating.
    Thanks to Prolixic, super puzzle.

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