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DT 28749

Daily Telegraph Cryptic No 28749

A full review by crypticsue

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This puzzle was published on 26th May 2018

BD Rating – Difficulty */**Enjoyment ***

Standing in at the last minute for Gnomethang, I can’t remember an awful lot about solving this crossword but I do remember the earworm produced by 18a

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1a     Big news story — sad end of space flight (10)
SPLASHDOWN – SPLASH (big news story) DOWN (sad)

6a     Get rid of outbuilding (4)
SHED – a fairly classic double definition

10a     Snake with space on tree (5)
ASPEN – ASP (snake) EN (printer’s space)

11a     Bits of squid etc the French caught in net cast indiscriminately (9)
TENTACLES – ETC (from the clue) and LE (French definite article) caught in an anagram (indiscriminately) of NET CAST

12a     May see fool seek support (7)
CANVASS – CAN (may) V (Vide, see) ASS (fool)

13a    Consult expert about name in quizzical way (7)
ASKANCE – ASK (consult) ACE ‘about’ N (name)

14a     Shopkeepers‘ basic cost not recovered (12)
TOBACCONISTS – An anagram (recovered) of BASIC COST NOT

18a     Dance from the 1960s made a hotspot delirious (6,6)
MASHED POTATO – An anagram (delirious) of MADE A HOT SPOT

21a     Colonist taking dog round lake (7)
SETTLER – SETTER (dog) round L (lake)

23a     Slippery type rejected protection, not being exposed (7)
LEEWARD – A reversal (rejected) of EEL (slippery type) WARD (protection)

24a     Threatened one legislator with abolition (9)
IMPENDING – I (one) MP (Member of Parliament, legislator) with ENDING (abolition)

25a     Bird of prey heading off hunting dog (5)
EAGLE – I wonder how many times crossword solvers have taken the head off a BEAGLE or hunting dog to get a bird of prey?

26a     Cut fuel for heating hospital (4)
GASH – GAS (fuel for heating) H (hospital)

27a     Maybe shares how cleric is dressed for service (10)
INVESTMENT – If a cleric was dressed for service he’d probably be IN [his or her] VESTMENT


1d     Rare blemish on church (6)
SCARCE – SCAR (blemish) on CE (Church of England)

2d     Like a wild animal at university, interrupting row (6)
LUPINE – UP (at university) interrupting LINE (row)

3d     Learning gossip when drunk — with this? (9,5)
SINGAPORE SLING – An anagram (when drunk) of LEARNING GOSSIP

4d     Go out with actor Terence — one might make an impression (4-5)
DATE-STAMP – DATE (go out with) STAMP (Terence the actor)

5d     Stick a fish in film? (5)
WANDA – WAND (stick) A (from the clue)

7d     Pope’s quality of verse read in High School initially (8)
HOLINESS – O (of) LINE (verse) in H S (High School initially)

8d     Is penny invested in stupid deal (8)
DISPENSE – IS (from the clue) P (penny) ‘invested in’ DENSE (stupid)

9d     PC operating system rarely seen nowadays (7,3,4)
WALKING THE BEAT – A cryptic definition that fooled quite a few for quite a while!

15d     List unusual clue to Aga (9)
CATALOGUE – An anagram (unusual) of CLUE TO AGA

16d     Wonderful son flirting once (8)
SMASHING – S (son) MASHING (archaic slang meaning flirting)

17d    I call for help carrying most important electronic and nuclear materials (8)
ISOTOPES – I (from the clue) SOS (call for help) into which is inserted (carrying) TOP (most important) E (electronic)

19d     Use craft to obtain foremost of white fish (6)
WANGLE – W (foremost letter of white) ANGLE (fish)

20d     Notice archdeacon on time for run-up to Christmas (6)
ADVENT – AD (notice) VEN (venerable archdeacon) T (time)

22d     What may stop cricket broadcast as a rule (5)
REIGN – A homophone (broadcast) of RAIN (which may well stop a cricket match)