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DT 28743

Daily Telegraph Cryptic No 28743

A full review by crypticsue

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This puzzle was published on 19th May 2018

BD Rating – Difficulty ***Enjoyment ***


After the previous week’s particularly straightforward crossword, this one was definitely back in the new regime’s Trickier Saturday bracket. Having solved it, prepared the hints for the Saturday Crossword Club and now typed the review, unlike others who weren’t sure on the day, I found lots to enjoy.

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1a    Did press find Ecstasy in psychedelic drug? (5)
URGED – So who else spent time trying to fit an E into LSD? The d’oh moment came when I realised that psychedelic was an anagram indicator and that I had to rearrange DRUG and insert an E (Ecstasy)

4a    Tired of former partner and husband, a cast-off that gets time inside (9)
EXHAUSTED – EX (former partner) H (husband) A (from the clue) USED (cast-off), the latter getting T for time inserted (inside)

9a    Soil dug up at No.1 turned over for quarantine (9)
ISOLATION – An anagram (dug up) of SOIL followed by AT (from the clue) and a reversal (turned over) of NO I

10a    Church suffering freeze (5)
CHILL – CH (church) ILL (suffering)

11a    Eastern Times colour covers cold and obsolete (7)
EXTINCT – E (Eastern) X (times in ‘sums’) and TINT, the latter ‘covering’ C (cold)

12a    Getting free small amount in the bank? (7)
SAVINGS – SAVING (getting free) S (small)

13a    Capsized ship that’s trapped way down in rushes (6)
SPEEDS – A reversal (capsized) of DEEP (way down) ‘trapped in’ SS (ship)

15a    What goes up when it’s coming down? (8)
UMBRELLA – A cryptic definition or a well-known riddle – the coming down of course relating to rain

18a    Something to soothe hosts about film’s being shot here? (8)
LOCATION – LOTION (something to soothe) ‘hosts’ CA (circa, about)

20a    Fail to win in court in which one’s real identity is hidden (6)
CLOSET – LOSE (fail to win) inserted into CT (court)

23a    What links ‘Only Sixteenand ‘When I’m Sixty-Four, and who likes them? (7)
SQUARES – Sixteen and sixty-four are both square numbers – As I remember, and did once like the songs in question, does that make me a square too??

24a    Othello overthrown after plot in pillow-talk scene (7)
BEDROOM – A reversal (overthrown) of MOOR (Shakespeare’s Othello being the Moor of Venice) after BED (plot). I didn’t notice when preparing the hints on Saturday, but this is actually a very good surface reading, relating as it does to the play.

26a    Run as one in crowd scene (5)
EXTRA – Double definition, the first a reference to a cricket score, the second to a film scene

27a    A puzzle designed to throw out a shock (9)
AMAZEMENT – A (from the clue) MAZE (puzzle) MEaNT (meant or designed without (throw out) the A)

28a    Neglected quartet reportedly arrived one short of a team (9)
FORGOTTEN – A homophone (reportedly) of FOUR (quartet) GOT (arrived) TEN (one short of a team of eleven)

29a    Bear in booth (5)
STAND – Another double definition – one a verb, the other a noun


1d    Cosmic, like a little limerick apparently (9)
UNIVERSAL – UNI (a combining form denoting one or a) VERSAL (which sounds like it could relate to a small verse such as a limerick)

2d    Army’s joined with good spirit (5)
GHOST – Time for a chestnut – HOST (army) joins G (good)

3d    Daughter stormed and ran away … (7)
DRAINED – D (daughter) RAINED (stormed)

4d    … is son covered in leaves? (6)
EXISTS – S (son) ‘covered’ in EXITS (leaves)

5d    Give a bit, being generous (8)
HANDSOME – HAND (give) SOME (a bit)

6d    Having run foolishly around bay, lay bare (7)
UNCOVER – An anagram (foolishly) of RUN goes around COVE (bay)

7d    Instruments playing score for the listener with opinions (9)
TRIANGLES – A homophone (for the listener) of TRY (playing score) with ANGLES (opinions)

8d    Party’s full of students — they have very small houses (5)
DOLLS – DOS (party’s) full of L L (learners or students plural)

14d    Meet where Cockneys buy chicken? (9)
ENCOUNTER – Because a Cockney might buy chicken from an ‘EN COUNTER’

16d    Changing date to hold draw was trying (9)
ATTEMPTED – An anagram (changing) of DATE with TEMPT (draw) inserted (to hold)

17d    Good person taken in by criminal with social worker’s uniform (8)
CONSTANT – ST (saint, good person) ‘taken in’ by CON (criminal) ANT (social worker)

19d    Fuss with rent over the top — one gets the wind up (7)
TORNADO – ADO (fuss) with TORN (rent) ‘over the top’

21d    Hose may run up them, they run up hose (7)
LADDERS – The first definition referring to firemen’s hoses; the second to ladies’ stockings

22d    Get in boat at sea — and no bait prepared? (6)
OBTAIN – My favourite clue – something we often see on a Sunday as Virgilius does like a bit of double anagramming. An anagram (at sea) of IN BOAT and/or another (prepared) of NO BAIT

23d    Quiet little gnome works to be ranked on this (5)
SHELF – SH (quite) ELF (little gnome) – the works in question being books to be lined up in order (ranked)

25d    After work, time for something dramatic? (5)
OPERA – OP (work) ERA (time)



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  1. Why is crossword puzzle 28743 of 19 May shown today ? We need puzzle no. 28748 please

    1. Welcome to the blog

      The full review of the previous Saturday’s puzzle always appears first thing on a Friday morning, once the closing date for entries to the competition has passed – this is why you can see the review of 28743

      As to where today’s hints are, I’m just trying to find out. As with many things on this site, having the hints and tips appear at 11 am on a particular day is a convention, rather than a rule

      1. I send Miffypops a template whenever he is blogging. Today I forgot until he reminded me, which is why it is a little later than usual.

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