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GDPR Compliance

As from today, anyone leaving a comment or contact message will need to tick the checkbox “By using this form I agree with the storage and handling of my data by this website” as part of our GDPR compliance. Some regulations, while meaning well, are a confounded nuisance and I apologise for making you do this.

Update – 02 June 2018

Plugin disabled as it might be resposible for the recent performance problems.

50 comments on “GDPR Compliance

  1. I agree! (I also agree that red tape is getting flipping silly).

    Can I make a suggestion? If you are handling my data please pour me a nice glass of wine first? Sorry, I realise this is serious but I am in a silly mood.

    1. Probably running amok putting up haning baskets without the approval in triplicate from Elf and Safety.

      I’m a rebel, me! I am quite short so my husband built me a little wooden two step thing so I can put things away in the higher kitchen cabinets and I use it without putting up hazard warnings or safety gates!

        1. I didn’t, feels deliciously wicked! Don’t tell on me! Of course ‘daredevil’ is my middle name. When I was seven two big boys paid me to jump off a garage roof – for sixpence and half a packet of Polos. Amazingly I didn’t break anything.

          1. What – not even the polo’s? The question is, would you still do it for 2.5 pence or has the cost of being a daredevil increased over the years? Nearly forgot to ask – were they mint Polo’s or the fruity variety? :smile:

            1. The polos were clutched in my sweaty little hand along with the sixpence so were safe.

              Mint! Sixpence equaled my entire week’s pocket money so it was a lot.

              No, these days I couldn’t get anywhere near the roof of a garage, gout and general athritis and increasing fear of heights and falling have won out. Trying to help A to put together our new garden shed a few weeks ago was roughly on a par with climbing the north face of the Eiger.

              But I have (some!) of my memories! Mostly not recent ones: where are my glasses, keys, what did I come up here for, must remember to tell ever-patient husband about this or that I read online today…. what was it? But my childhood, that’s all still there.

              1. replying to my own post.

                REALLY hoping to hear a chorus of ‘Sixpence!? You were lucky. We had to settle with chewing on a broken lump of coal that Da had brought out the mine, Mum used to add water and make a stew.’

                Sorry, I really should contain myself.

                1. Never ever contain your enthusiasm and love of life – life is too short for that. Although I must admit to also having these ‘senior moments’ – I am still in my garage – wondering where my car is :smile:

                  btw BD – having watched the news tonight, I’m not sure that the website needs to comply with GDPR compliance. I could be wrong. Now, where is my car?

  2. All the seconds saved because of the change of name from Emmerdale Farm to simply Emmerdale will be lost to box ticking if we choose to comment. I was planning to use those extra seconds at the end of my life listening to The Carpenters. The people who draft these laws have no idea how distressing the unintended consequences of their actions are.

  3. Surely I gave implicit consent when I signed up to taking part in the blog?

    Seems to me to be legislation for the masses rather than tackle he unscrupulous individuals who abuse the rules anyway – and will continue to do so regardless.

  4. No problem, BD. I’m actually not completely opposed to the new regulations as it’s given me the opportunity to ditch a whole raft of companies who regularly fill my junk mail box with unwanted marketing ploys.

  5. Blimey – try working in my team within NHS IT which supports General Practices, 102 practices asking questions, 900000 patients ditto, and all staff had to be trained and also sign separate agreements, on top of all the other data sharing schemes in place, and for good measure some are being amended…you guessed it on the same day GDPR initiates. Whoop Whoop. Good on you though BD, the box to tick is no problem, cheers

  6. This type of regulation has been in place here for several years now. Id did cut down on some e-mail from legitimate companies, unfortunately it didn’t even dent the spammers and scammers.

  7. I’m in and ticked.

    This is a bit like the money laundering regulations when you want to open a new bank account….a darned nuisance to the normal law abiding citizens and no problem for the law breakers to get round.

    I think there is a department for thinking up annoying things to get everyone to do to pretend that we are dealing with miscreants.

    Grumble, grumble, grumble……

  8. I’ve had so many emails this week asking me to comply. It’s been a good opportunity to get rid of sites I no longer want to see. This site is most definitely not one of them. What would we all do without BD and his merry band of reviewers. All much appreciated.

  9. Quite willing to comply. Please keep up the good work, and keep the wine flowing.

  10. Now compliant – BTW, my E-mail address has changed so I hope that doesn’t screw up the post!

    Keep up the good work – it has saved me on more occasions than I care to admit!

  11. I think it is all a clever scam, instigated by Big Dave, to get more newcomers to the blog! I’m in.

  12. You could process on the basis of “Legitimate Interests”. Consent is only one of the conditions for processing, and one of the worst.

  13. I hadn’t realised you were requiring consent for each post by an individual. Provided you can evidence consent you only need to obtain it once … assuming that is that:

    a) You intend to rely on the consent condition; and

    b) You are processing “Personal Data” by definition. An email address on its own is not PD. The definition of PD is: “any information relating to an identified or identifiable natural person (‘data subject’); an identifiable natural person is one who can be identified, directly or indirectly, in particular by reference to an identifier such as a name, an identification number, location data, an online identifier or to one or more factors specific to the physical, physiological, genetic, mental, economic, cultural or social identity of that natural person”. You might know some people individually, in which instance the ‘Name’ they use and their email address are PD. For those you don’t know, they are anonymous and no data you process is PD.

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