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Toughie 2024

Toughie No 2024 by MynoT

Hints and tips by Kitty

+ – + – + – + – + – + – + – +

BD Rating  –  Difficulty ** –  Enjoyment ***


Sup.  I found this puzzle light but fun for the most part before coming to a crashing halt at 19 and 20d, whereupon an asterisk hopped westwards over the line in my pencilled-in rating.… Continue reading

DT 28745

Daily Telegraph Cryptic No 28745

Hints and tips by Mr K

+ - + - + - + - + - + - + - +

BD Rating  -  Difficulty ** Enjoyment ***


Hello, everyone, and welcome to another solid Tuesday back-page puzzle.  In the hints below most indicators are italicized and definitions are underlined.  Clicking on the Answer buttons will reveal the answers.  In some hints hyperlinks provide additional explanation or background.  Clicking on a picture will enlarge it or display a bonus illustration.  Please leave a comment telling us how you got on.

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