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DT 28740

Daily Telegraph Cryptic No 28740

Hints and tips by 2Kiwis

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BD Rating – Difficulty ** Enjoyment ****

Kia ora from Aotearoa.

Last weekend we spent a day on Kapiti Island. Kapiti is a sizeable island, about 10Km by 2Km, and accessed by a 15 min boat trip from a beach about 1 hour’s drive south of where we live. The island is made up of steep hills and is completely covered in native bush. Intense efforts over many decades have been successful in eradicating all introduced predators and we have an environment that is an absolute paradise for thousands of native birds. Visiting the island is strictly monitored and it is a privilege and delight to be able to spend time getting up close and personal with the birds. The sights and sounds are just amazing.
We’ve put a pic of our brother-in-law Brian and a cheeky kaka at the end of the blog.

And while we are on the subject of birds, another fine puzzle from our Wednesday Jay.
Watch out for the Quickie pun!

Please leave a comment telling us how you got on.


1a     Taking no notice of detective before second official letter (10)
DISMISSIVE : A detective inspector, the abbreviation for second and another word for an official letter.

6a     Couple with no source of income beginning to regret salmon (4)
PARR : Remove the I (source of income) from a word meaning a couple, then add the first letter of regret.

9a     Requirement for soldiers at breakfast? (5)
TOAST : These soldiers were pictured beside an egg cup in a recent blog.

10a     Plots putting prisoners in tower? Quite the opposite! (9)
CONSPIRES : A short word for prisoners or convicts surrounds a church tower. ‘Quite the opposite’ tells us the tower is inside the prisoners.

12a     Increase limit after favouring long prison sentence (13)
PROLIFERATION : Start with a word meaning favouring, then a long prison sentence, and finally a limit or allocated amount.

14a     Deduction in wages due to industrial action? (8)
STOPPAGE : A double definition.

15a     Fellow in military cap must be deprived (6)
BEREFT : A military cap as worn by WW2 commandos contains the abbreviation for fellow.

17a     Losing head, ditches new rules of behaviour (6)
ETHICS : An anagram (new) of (d)ITCHES once the first letter has been removed.

19a     Amazed by nonsense, laughed loudly (8)
GUFFAWED : Start with a word for nonsense or bosh, and then amazed or astounded.

21a     New bloggers in planned leisure facilities (7,6)
BOWLING GREENS : An anagram (planned) of NEW BLOGGERS IN.

24a     Lie born out of necessity? (9)
INVENTION : The word play points to the familiar saying in which necessity is attributed parentage.

25a     Entertainer talking about showing no sign of life (5)
INERT : A lurker hiding in the first two words of the clue.

26a     Turn with regard to product of cuts to body (4)
GORE : A turn or shot and then the two letters meaning with regard to.

27a     Reporting organisation‘s recent information caught in Express (4,6)
NEWS AGENCY : A three letter synonym for recent, then a word meaning express verbally (ignore the false capitalisation) contains a word for information and the cricket abbreviation for caught.


1d     Facts drawn from a bid at auction (4)
DATA : A lurker found in the last three words of the clue.

2d     Go away clutching a member’s shock application (7)
SHAMPOO : An informal instruction to go away surrounds ‘A’ from the clue and a member of parliament. ( An alternative clue could have read, “A pile of sawdust behind a rocking-horse.”)

3d     Opening piece must include quiet contemplation (13)
INTROSPECTION : An opening, possibly of a musical work, and then a word for a piece or portion includes the musical letter for quiet.

4d     School’s principal asking about covering last of specific dismissals (8)
SACKINGS : The first letter (principal) of school and then an anagram (about) of asking includes the last letter of specific.

5d     Approach lacking a place for meeting (5)
VENUE : Remove the letter ‘A’ from an approach or tree-lined road.

7d     Transport company that’s used by divers (7)
AIRLINE :    Split 3,4 we find the tube that makes breathing possible for a diver.

8d     Growing tendency in getting up dreadfully tired — not right! (6,4)
RISING TIDE : A word meaning getting up and an anagram (dreadfully) of TI(r)ED once the R has been removed.

11d     Hearing of part, sacrifice evidence of appeasement (5,8)
PEACE OFFERING : A homophone (hearing of) of a word for a part or portion and then a sacrifice made to a deity.

13d     Gathering son wears same silly flash jewellery (10)
ASSEMBLING : The abbreviation for son is inside an anagram (silly) of SAME and then an anagram for flash or OTT jewellery.

16d     Swear endlessly, adopting charter for courses (8)
CURRENTS : Remove the last letter of a verb meaning to swear and inside this put charter or hire.

18d     Still hang around drinking wine, disheartened (7)
HOWEVER : Hang around in the way that a dragonfly might, and inside this place the two outside letters of wine.

20d     Sort of film you and I back (7)
WESTERN : A plural pronoun equivalent to you and I and then the back possibly of a boat.

22d     Grouse is good mature (5)
GRIPE : The abbreviation for good and then mature or ready to eat.

23d     Postpone visit (4)
STAY : A double definition.

Spoilt for choice for a favourite so we will leave it up to you.

Click below to see the pic we promised in the introduction

Quickie pun    beaker    +    fool    =    be careful

45 comments on “DT 28740

  1. 24a my favourite of many fine clues this damp morning. Jay has excelled once again with yet another hugely enjoyable puzzle. Overall 2.5* /4.5* for me.

    Thanks to the aforementioned and the 2Ks.

  2. Jay back in full ‘start with the Downs’ mode but as enjoyable as ever

    Thanks to him and the 2Ks

  3. About average difficulty for a back-pager but with excellent clues and very enjoyable. I got held up for a short while with 21a – I stupidly put in allies instead of alleys which, of course, were both wrong. 2.5* / 3.5*

  4. 2* / 5*. This was not difficult but a joy to solve from start to finish with 24a my favourite.

    Many thanks to Jay and the 2Ks.

  5. Today’s offering from Jay was really good fun if very mildly taxing. 27a was obvious but I was too lazy to parse it (Thanks 2Kiwis). Fav was 24a with other podium places going to 12a and 2d. Kapiti Island looks/sounds absolutely fascinating. Many thanks Jay and the 2Kiwis.

  6. Another victory for me.
    This week is going well.

    Needed help with the parsing of 27a and 16d but they had to be what they were.

    Thanks to the setter and to the 2Kiwis.

  7. Glad this puzzle found general approval as it was top rate and I agree with the 2K’S **/****.
    My favourite was also 24a, remember the group ‘mothers of invention’-would have made a good pic!
    Last in was 26a, initially put Gyre in until mi saw the light.
    Thanks all.

  8. Not sure how long it took to solve this one – wifi resets because of power trips caused by a thunder storm (plenty of thunder and lightning but not much rain) and a supper break ‘got in the way.’ Nevertheless, very enjoyable and probably a little more difficult than recent Jay puzzles – ***/****.

    There did seem to be a couple of oldies but goodies – 10a for instance.

    Joint favourites – 12a, and 3d.

    Thanks to Jay and the 2 Ks.

  9. Still on holiday in Crete and enjoying fabulous weather & hotel .
    Annoyingly, the puzzle disappeared from my iPad between bouts of sunbathing and crosswording so fresh starts required .
    Very enjoyable puzzle but took longer than average due to restarts .
    21a my favourite , as I am a regular participant so biased !
    Thanks to everyone and would have loved to visiit that Island when in the wonderland of NZ some years ago.

  10. Jay’s puzzles are invariably enjoyable but I thought today’s was especially so – well worthy of the rating from the 2Ks.

    Podium places went to 12,19 & 24a with several others hard on their heels.

    Thanks to Jay for a fun solve and to our 2Ks for the blog – I certainly envy you that island trip.

  11. Excellent. Alot of good clues and difficult to narrow down. I will go for 2d as top with silver and bronze going to 11 and 18d. Not super fast but no real hold ups. Thanks Jay and 2KWs (for explaining the parsing of a couple).

  12. Well, I really enjoyed this one, and (so I thought) finished in good time! – just goes to prove how wrong you can be – I always thought it (19a) was spelt ‘gaffawed’ the ‘gaff’ being the nonsense or error part, making 16d warrents – again, a misspelling I know!
    It just goes to show – focus, and do not rush!
    Nonetheless, a good one so many thanks to the compiler!

  13. BTW – everyone here has a really good ‘name’ – mine, Mike Hearn (my real name) sounds okay, but a bit formal, maybe? – any ideas on a better one for me – suggestions would be appreciated.

      1. Many thanks! – I did not really expect to get any, let alone this many great ideas – I have to admit – My Cool Ern is the winner, with a slight modification – Urn instead of Ern (no need to explain that to you guys I reckon) – all I have to do now is figure out how to get it changed. Cheers once again – I feel more of the team now!

      1. When I was working in the paint industry, I remember the consternation which arose from a label on a chemical which appeared to warn, “Danger! Causes bums.”

  14. Finally got there after good start in the North, but needed some help down South with 19ac and 24ac. All good though!

    Thanks Jay and 2Ks

  15. Very enjoyable puzzle and lovely blog from the 2ks.
    Is that Brian’s pet parrot or one of the birds on the Island you visited ?

    1. The kaka just appeared out of the trees as soon as it thought there might be a chance for some food. A weka, a ground bird which has a superficial resemblance to a kiwi, appeared at our feet at the same time. Pure cupboard-love opportunism from both of them, but very cute.

  16. Enjoyed the puzzle like everyone else. Quite straightforward. 1.5*/4*. 9a was my favourite: .24a, 2d, and 16d worthy of mention in despatches.

  17. Another Jay puzzle I have managed to complete and thoroughly enjoyed being on his wavelength. Some really good clues with a nice mix of difficulty. Found top half more straightforward than the bottom half, although last in was 2d and what a great clue that is when the penny eventually dropped. No complaints from me pleased to be more on the ball with this setter. A Ray T tomorrow?

    Clues of the day: 2d and 12a

    Rating *** / ****

    Thanks to 2K’s and Jay

  18. At the easier end of the Jay spectrum, but definitely no less enjoyable for that.

    My favourite clue had to be 19a, as it’s a lovely word that is generally underused in my opinion.

    It was great to see so many familiar faces yesterday and to meet plenty of new ones, especially from the Rookie/NTSPP ranks Italicus, Shabbo and Kelotoph. Good to finally put a face behind the very familiar name of Hoofit too!

    Many thanks to Mr Mutch and the 2Ks.

  19. Enjoyable solved again today. Fave 9a.
    Thanks to Jay and 2Kiwis, off to google kapiti island.

    Isn’t Matt a treat?

  20. Off to the island of Porquerolles in a couple of weeks. Just a bit smaller than Kapiti but preserved all the same. Managed to get an invite for the opening of the Carmignac Foundation. Can’t wait to see his art collection. President Macron was there last weekend for a private visit.
    Really enjoyed today’s Jay.
    Hard to choose a favourite too.
    Thanks to the setter and to 2ks for the review.

  21. Not had a go at the puzzle yet. I am seperated from enough internet and battery life as I am still in London after the bash. Had a nice day browsing some culture and just found time to log on at the British Library. Love the blog and am looking forward to the puzzle when I get home. Just wanted to chip in on 2d. The cheap whitewood pallets we have stuff delivered on occasionally have loose knots that fall out and get jammed in the pallet truck. These are known (by me at least) as Rocking Horse Droppings. I have heard the phrase as rare as rocking horse droppings before but I come across them quite often 😁

  22. I missed yesterday’s but this was as enjoyable as Monday’s if a tad more difficult. So many to like but I’ll pick out 24a as it made me smile. Thanks to setter and reviewer.

  23. Morning all.
    There has been some overnight rain and I can hear the wind outside. Looks like it will be a day to be wearing jackets for outside activities. Guess we should be expecting winter weather by now.
    We enjoy hearing all the reports from people who were at The George on Tuesday, look forward to seeing photos soon.

  24. 24a was my fave in this crossword. The usual excellence from Mr Mutch leading to a very pleasant solve.
    Thanks to Jay, and to the 2K’s for the review and terrific pic.

  25. It took a while to get on the setter’s wavelength today, but once I did things went swimmingly. */** for difficulty then, **** for enjoyment value. :-)

  26. Thanks to Jay and to the 2 Kiwis for the review and hints. A super puzzle from Jay as usual. Not too tricky but very enjoyable. Last in and favourite was 27a. Also liked 24a. Was 2*/3 *for me.

  27. Lovely stuff as usual from Jay.
    Big thank you to all the gang at the S&B meet yesterday for making me feel so welcome.
    Thanks all.

  28. I found this trickier than usual for a Jay puzzle, and had difficulty in figuring out where he was going with a few clues, and needed the 2Kiwis help on those. Didn’t know the salmon at 6a.

  29. Managed to get enough internet to download the puzzle on the train and it went in in pretty fast time for me. But maybe that was helped by reading the blog first. As I said before 2d was probably my fave. I know a salmon fisherman who would have preferred young salmon in the clue as a Parr is a stage of growth between fry and smolt of trout as well as salmon, but I am just glad I was paying attention to him or I would have been bamboozled too.
    Thanks to Jay and 2K’s and everyone at the bash who were helpful and encouraging to a relative novice.

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