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DT 28731

Daily Telegraph Cryptic No 28731

A full review by gnomethang

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This puzzle was published on 5th May 2018

BD Rating – Difficulty ***Enjoyment ***

Morning All! – This was a tad stiffer than last weeks and I quite enjoyed it.


1a           What to do during street to-dos? (12)
INSTRUCTIONS – A charade of IN from the clue, ST(reet) and RUCTIONS for to-dos.

8a           Takes drugs popular with high-fliers around clubs (7)
INJECTS – In for popular then JETS or high fliers around C for Clubs (from the bridge abbreviations).

9a           Career giving one a buzz? (7)
CALLING – A vocation and a buzzing of a doorbell.

11a         Date entraps Republican with organised plan (7)
ARRANGE – TO AGE or date around (it entraps) R for Republican and RAN or organised.

12a         Place that has crime breaking out in two areas (7)
AMERICA – An anagram (breaking) of CRIME inside two A(reas).

13a         Stick with small social media entries (5)
POSTS – A POST or stick and S for Small.

14a         Beloved certain to be in step (9)
TREASURED – Place SURE/certain inside a TREAD or step.

16a         Ace duettist reviewed in ‘Points of View’ (9)
ATTITUDES – A(ce) and then an anagram (reviewed) of DUETTIST.

19a         Conservative, old, male, married? Answer is something in between (5)
COMMA – The abbs. For C(onservative) O(ld) M(ale), M(arried) and A(nswer).

21a         Sculpted Rodins, including ‘Duck Under a Roof’ (7)
INDOORS – A sculpted anagram of RODINS to include O for nil/duck.

23a         Game involving cards shown by the French referee’s stand-by? (7)
WHISTLE – The card game of WHIST and LE – ‘the’ in French.

24a         Discussed bargain that’s delivered as one leaves (7)
GOODBYE – A homophone (discussed) of a GOOD BUY or a bargain.

25a         Brazilian player not using head and hands — feet finally bringing gold perhaps (7)
ELEMENT – Remove the head from (P)ELE and then add MEN for hands and the final letter in (fee)T.

26a         Article put by not at all diminished yet (12)
NEVERTHELESS place THE (an article) after NEVER (not at all) and follow with LESS (diminished).


1d           Damages panels one’s left propping up home (7)
INJURES – Remove the I for one from JUR(i)ES or panels and place under (propping up) IN for (at) home.

2d           Very little time for Oliver’s desire? (7)
SECONDS – The first is the straight definition and Oliver Twist wanted more i.e. SECONDS.

3d           Stayed in bed to preserve muscle that’s admired (9)
RESPECTED – Place a PEC – short for Pectoral muscle – inside RESTED or stayed in bed.

4d           Company appearing doubly in need of a drink (5)
COCOA – CO, the abb, for Company twice and then A.

5d           Complaint from good person going in peace (7)
ILLNESS – Remove the ST (saint/good person) from STILLNESS or peace.

6d           Extra piercing seen as more curious when worn by this person (7)
NOISIER – NOSIER or more curious around/worn by I for this person.

7d           Fading rum dip gains when fruit is added (12)
DISAPPEARING – An anagram (rum) of DIP GAINS with a PEAR/fruit added inside.

10d         Pompous secretary cuts unpaid childminders? (12)
GRANDPARENTS – A charade of GRAND/pompous, a PA/secretary and RENTS for cuts/tears.

15d         Wheel’s to be mended before getting away from this place (9)
ELSEWHERE – ERE, before poetically, is receiving/getting an anagram (mended) of WHEELS.

17d         Little European wriggling baby (7)
TADPOLE – A charade of TAD/little amount and a POLE or European.

18d         Tchaikovsky’s silent introduction leads to his money problem (7)
TROUBLE – The silent first letter of Tchaikovsky is silent – add to that his (i.e. Russian money – the ROUBLE.

19d         Famously moreish grub? Feasted on and off, after having part by mouth (7)
CHINESE – Place the even numbers (on and off) of f E a S t E d after a CHIN (part of the mouth-ish).

20d         Insect queen’s spoils (7)
MOTHERS – A MOTH/insect then E.R.s or Queen’s.

22d         Petals lacking a liquid dropped off (5)
SLEPT – A liquid anagram of PET(a)LS without the A.


Thanks to the setter – I am off for two weeks.


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  1. Wonderful crossword. Took it on a long golfing weekend to Belgium so only just got back to finish it. A lot of variation and many clues made me smile when I finally realised what was going on. They all seem so straightforward now – 2 weeks later!!! I never give up.

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