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ST 2949

Sunday Telegraph Cryptic No 2949

A full review by gnomethang

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This puzzle was published on 29th April 2018

BD Rating – Difficulty ***Enjoyment ****

Morning All! This was a tad stiffer than the week before but I got held up on a couple of clues that I over-egged slightly!

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1a           Motivated some children thus educated (8)
ENTHUSED – A hidden word is some of childr EN THUS ED ucated.

9a           Lawyer in a very old cape in court? (8)
ADVOCATE – A from the clue and then the abbreviations of V(ery) O(ld) C(ape) inside DATE for court/woo.

10a         After a game in Asia, good to be full of excitement (4)
AGOG – G for Good after A from the clue and the Asian game of GO.

11a         Modify the histogram for final part of course (4,8)
HOME STRAIGHT – A modified anagram of THE HISTOGRAM.

13a         Managed to pen end of essay and it is ready for printing (4-4)
COPY-EDIT – Place the end letter in (essa)Y inside COPED/managed and then add IT from the clue.

15a         Use fan that’s faulty and dangerous (6)
UNSAFE – An anagram (faulty) of USE FAN.

16a         Louvre’s part with special art, being extremely selective (4)
SLAT – Select only the outside/extreme letters in S pecia L A r T.

17a         Jack’s predecessor in our standard working group (5)
UNION – The predecessor word in our national flag/standard and a Trade UNION.

18a         Enthralled, hearing hit (4)
RAPT – A homophone (hearing) or rapped/hit.

20a         Esoteric old fringe religion, its leader included (6)
OCCULT – O for Old then a CULT/fringe religion with its leading letter added/repeated.

21a         Indication of quality in bird book (4,4)
KITE MARK – A KITE/bird then MARK for one of the books/gospels in the bible.

23a         Signal delight about learner getting beating (12)
FLAGELLATION – A FLAG or signal then ELATION into which a Learner has been added.

26a         Excessively large plane or chopper, say (4)
TOOL – TOO/excessively and L for Large.

27a         Wrongly alleges offence, ultimately, in lawyers’ language (8)
LEGALESE – An anagram (wrongly) of ALLEGES and then the ultimate letter in (offenc)E.

28a         Artistic type‘s misplaced altruism (8)
MURALIST – A misplaced anagram of ALTRUISM.


2d           One working late has arranged own light (5,3)
NIGHT OWL – An arranged anagram of OWN LIGHT.

3d           Like support for tightrope artist that’s very tense (6,6)
HIGHLY STRUNG – A description of a tightrope and a definition of very tense/flighty.

4d           Appeared, as people do on Riviera beaches (6)
SEEMED – People on the Riviera beach can SEE the MED(iterranean).

5d           Cut flower for speaker’s supporter (4)
DAIS – Remove the last letter (cut) from a DAIS(y).

6d           Capsize in open vessel (8)
OVERTURN – A charade of OVERT (open and URN for vessel.

7d           A lot of criminals go one side of our border (4)
GANG – The first is the straight definition and the second is a Scottish word for go.

8d           Safety equipment needing to be worn — that’s behind strike (4,4)
SEAT BELT – A charade of SEAT (behind/rear) and BELT for strike.

12d         Like orchestral music, in turn, is awfully cerebral (12)
INSTRUMENTAL – An anagram (awfully0 of TURN IS and then MENTAL for cerebral.

14d         Unconvincing conclusion reached by weak judge (5)
THINK – THIN/unconvincing and then the concluding letter in (wea)K.

16d         Form of precipitation currently in South American season (8)
SNOWFALL – Place NOW/currently inside S(outh) and the FALL – autumn in American.

17d         Not prepared for planting, up to the point of being directed (8)
UNTILLED – A charade of UNTIL (up to the point of being) and then LED for directed.

19d         Mixture of pure oils can be unsafe (8)
PERILOUS – An anagram or mixture of PURE OILS. I was quite surprised to see the definition here being an answer to another clue!.

22d         Creator of suit mishandled trial, securing nothing (6)
TAILOR – A mishandled anagram of TRIAL including/securing O for nothing.

24d         Bark of golden retriever? (4)
ARGO – Quite subtle this!. A bark or barque is a ship. Jason retrieved a Golden Fleece and his ship was called the ARGO (wither Argonauts).

25d         Male entering before PM that’s said to be attention-seeking (4)
AHEM – Place HE (male) inside A.M. (before P.M.)

Thanks to Mr Greer – I’ll see you all tomorrow under the new regime.


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  1. Thank you, Gnomethang – Mr Greer’s puzzles are every bit as enjoyable in the re-reading.
    I’m hoping that the cut flower in 5d will put an end once and for all to my spelling dilemma over DAIS!

    By the way – what’s this new regime you mentioned?

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