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ST 2945

Sunday Telegraph Cryptic No 2945

A full review by gnomethang

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This puzzle was published on 1st April 2018

BD Rating – Difficulty **Enjoyment ****

Morning All! – Quite a quick solve for me (whilst on a plane to Benidorm) and a lot of insertions!

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1a           Looked for modified sawn-off shotgun? (6)
SOUGHT – Remove the last letter (sawn-off) from SHOTGU(n) and then make an anagram (modified).

4a           Protection for knight and queen in love (6)
ARMOUR – R for Regina (queen) inside AMOUR for love.

8a           Result of splitting atom? That’s only half of it (8)
ALPHABET – If you split atom as A to M you get half of the ALPHABET.

10a         Salesman making effort to improve image about crooked deal (6)
PEDLAR – An anagram (crooked) of DEAL inside PR (an effort to improve a company’s public image.

11a         Result of cut that’s frightening, with no end of austerity (4)
SCAR – Remove the Y (the end letter in (austerity)Y from SCAR(y) or frightening.

12a         Bound to come home, I have returned with piece of furniture (10)
INEVITABLE – In for home, then a reversal of I’VE (returned) and finally a TABLE for a piece of furniture.

13a         Demanding to hold person in prison? That’s erratic (12)
INCONSISTENT – Place a CON (lag/prisoner) inside INSISTENT or demanding.

16a         Minimal time allowance for each boy and you (6,6)
SECOND PERSON – A SECOND or minimal period of time followed by PER (for each) and a SON/boy.

20a         Contributor returned puzzle, including small copy (10)
SUBSCRIBER – Reverse (returned) a REBUS puzzle and include S for Small and CRIB for copy.

21a         Moreover, taking in capital of Ghana or neighbouring country (4)
TOGO – G (the capital letter in Ghana) taken in by TOO (mnoreover).

22a         Possible location for better company full of pride, say (6)
CASINO – A SIN (of which pride is an example) inside CO for Company.

23a         Widespread complaint as before, for citation in big story (8)
EPIDEMIC – Place IDEM (as before from Latin when citing previous work or reference) inside EPIC or big story

24a         Temporary dwelling housing an occupant (6)
TENANT – AN from the clue inside a TENT (temporary dwelling).

25a         Lear, for example, as English king (6)
EDWARD – The first name of LEAR the poet and some kings of England (but not King Lear!!)


1d           Without pressure, making cuts as part of editing process (8)
SPLICING – Place SLICING (making cuts) outside/without P for Pressure.

2d           Escort person taking drugs around hospital (5)
USHER – H for Hospital inside a drug USER.

3d           Philosopher’s absorbing current pastimes (7)
HOBBIES – Place I (the SI symbol for current) inside (being absorbed by) Thomas HOBBES an early English philosopher.

5d           Traveller put on hat for nasty person (7)
REPTILE – A REP(resentative) or travelling salesman on to of (ON in a down clue) a TILE/hat.

6d           Possible producer of awful art? Seldom (3,6)
OLD MASTER – An awful anagram of ART SELDOM and a nice &Lit.

7d           In fact, form strategic partnership again? (6)
REALLY – The cryptic part is to RE-ALLY oneself with a strategic partner.

9d           Disloyal — after leader’s ousted, it’s OK (11)
TREASONABLE – If you remove the leading T you get RESONABLE or OK.

14d         Thing former pupil produced before meeting (9)
OBSESSION – AN OB (abb. for Old Boy/ex pupil) and then a SESSION or meeting.

15d         Bring crackers into part of ground for lark, perhaps (8)
SONGBIRD – A crackers anagram of BRING inside a SOD of earth.

17d         Skill and love put into study, preliminary drawing (7)
CARTOON – Place ART/skill and O for Love inside CON/study.

18d         Enjoyed revelry, left about one (7)
PARTIED – PARTED or left around/about I for One.

19d         Hold-up after this country initially upset another (6)
KUWAIT – Place WAIT or hold-up after a reversal (upset) of UK (the initials of United Kingdom).

21d         Is deleted from this Greek letter or another (5)
THETA – Delete IS from TH(is) and add ETA – one Greek letter.   

I’ll be back tomorrow.


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  1. Many thanks for the review, Gnomethang – reminded me of how much I enjoyed this one.
    Hope you’ve had some good weather in Benidorm, you chose the right time to leave the UK!

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