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ST 2944

Sunday Telegraph Cryptic No 2944

A full review by crypticsue

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This puzzle was published on 25th March 2018

BD Rating – Difficulty *Enjoyment *****

Another Sunday puzzle to make you really pleased you’re the one who is going to do the review.  As has become usual for a Sunday, there is quite a lot of inserting going on again this time

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7a    Short of money, performed vocally on street (8)
STRAPPED – RAPPED (performed vocally) on (or after) ST (street)

9a    Covered by legal document, actually (6)
INDEED – IN DEED (covered by legal document)

10a    Hearing organ after a couple of pianos in show (6)
APPEAR – EAR (hearing organ) goes after A (from the clue) and P P (a couple of Pianos)

11a    Male friend grabbing you, as stated, by hand (8)
MANUALLY – MAN (male) ALLY (friend) grabbing U (a homophone of you ‘as stated’)

12a    Creating classes in summer term, initially, with formal consent (14)
STRATIFICATION – S T (summer and term initially) with RATIFICATION (formal consent)

15a    Desire exists between married couple (4)
WISH – IS (exists) between W (wife) and H (husband) – married couple

17a    Author, in awe of editor, held back (5)
DEFOE – Lurking in reverse (held back) in awE OF EDitor

19a    What queen might do to king or consort (4)
MATE – The first definition relates to a game of chess, the second is a verb meaning to consort.

20a    Record how old we are – intended, we hear, as deterrent (14)
DISCOURAGEMENT – DIS (record) OUR AGE (how old we are) and a homophone (we hear) of MEANT (intended)

23a    Sliced beef pie, say, cut by friend in Paris (8)
PASTRAMI – A homophone (say) of PASTY (pie) ‘cut’ by AMI (the French, as spoken in Paris, word for friend)

25a    A river contained by bank? Far from always (6)
RARELY – A (from the clue) R (river) ‘contained by’ RELY (bank)

27a    Make amends about first of crimes immediately (2,4)
AT ONCE – ATONE (make amends) ‘about’ C (the first letter of Crimes)

28a    Converted to ally, is steadfast supporter (8)
LOYALIST – An anagram (converted) of TO ALLY IS


1d    For part of flight, loved animals going up (4)
STEP – Reverse PETS (loved animals) – going up in a Down clue

2a    Other producer of pictures arrived before artist (6)
CAMERA – CAME (arrived) goes before RA (artist)

3a    Introducer of the first palindrome? (4)
ADAM – the first palindrome may have been MADAM IM ADAM

4a    Princess and I very minimally raised capital (6)
VIENNA – A reversal (raised) of ANNE (Princess), I (from the clue) and V (very ‘minimally’)

5a    Longing for perfection, I’m embracing ladies haphazardly (8)
IDEALISM – IM (from the clue) ’embracing’ an anagram (haphazardly) of LADIES

6a    Historical military leader and PM in faraway capital (10)
WELLINGTON – The famous military leader and prime minister or a capital in faraway New Zealand named after him

8a    Fended off Duke after changing rapier (7)
PARRIED – D (duke) goes after an anagram (changing) of RAPIER

13a    Kind of policies for political group outside mainstream (5,5)
THIRD PARTY – Oh for the days when your old banger of a car could get by with a third party, fire and theft insurance policy.

14a    Make a deduction that’s popular — reduced payment, right? (5)
INFER – IN (popular) FEe (reduced payment) R (right)

16a    Dithering husband in state, confused (8)
HESITANT – An anagram (confused) of H (husband) IN STATE

18a    For example, rising embraced by primitive with enthusiasm (7)
EAGERLY – EG (for example) reversed (rising in a Down clue) and inserted into (embraced  by) EARLY (primitive)

21a    Harangued and scolded after worst possible score (6)
ORATED – RATED (scolded) goes after O (the worst possible score)

22a    Spirits, including last of rum — or beer (6)
MORALE – M (the last letter of rum) OR (from the clue) ALE (beer)

24a    Doing nothing and indulged, oddly (4)
IDLE – The odd letters of InDuLgEd

26a    Suffered beating — those expelled get it (4)
LOST – Suffered beating or, with get, an informal way of telling someone they’ve been expelled


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  1. Thanks for the review, CS, which I’ve only just had the chance to read.
    I hadn’t thought at all about the palindrome you referred to in the hint for 3d. I assumed that the palindrome was EVE and that, since she was supposedly created from one of Adam’s ribs he did indeed ‘introduce’ her.
    Whichever was in the setter’s mind on that one, I remember it being a most enjoyable puzzle.

    PS Something adrift with the numbering of the clues but I’m sure it doesn’t matter – the hints and answers are clear enough.

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