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DT 28704

Daily Telegraph Cryptic No 28704

Hints and tips by 2Kiwis

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BD Rating – Difficulty **Enjoyment ****

Kia ora from Aotearoa.
We’re still getting adjusted to the clock change that happened for us over Easter. One of the most significant things for us is that blog writing duties can now happen from 11.oo am on Wednesdays. 
All the usual good fun from Jay with this week’s puzzle. 

Please leave a comment telling us how you got on.


1a     French food from person elected to be admitted by queen? (9)
CAMEMBERT : A six letter word for a person elected to a seat in parliament is inside the animal of which the female can be called a queen.

6a     Lawyer in pants with the rear cut out (5)
BRIEF : Pants as underwear loses the last letter (rear cut out).

9a     Gather there’s a mother ship (5)
AMASS : String together ‘A’ from the clue, a familiar word for mother and a steam ship.

10a     River by motorway — point out that will get discharge (9)
EXEMPTION : A river in Devon, then a one letter abbreviation for motorway and an anagram (out) of POINT.

11a     Nice cooking for a gourmet? (5,7)
HAUTE CUISINE : A cryptic description of food that will satisfy a gourmet, in the country where Nice is situated.

14a     University professor’s first true post (7)
UPRIGHT : the abbreviation for university, the first letter of professor and a synonym for true or correct.

16a     Draw a wagon back in case of theft (7)
ATTRACT : ‘A’ from the clue and a wagon often pulled by a horse is reversed inside the two letters that form the case of ThefT.

17a     That man wants the heart of one female (3)
HEN : A personal pronoun indicating that man and then the central letter of one.

18a     Skill of arranging flowers somewhat like bananas (7)
IKEBANA : A lurker to be found in the last two words of the clue.

20a     Part of lock that’s glass (7)
TUMBLER : Double definition.

22a     Toothache must develop, consuming mostly cold drink (3,9)
HOT CHOCOLATE : An anagram (must develop) of TOOTHACHE contains the first three letters of cold.

26a     Blackmail former lover not bothered about riot developing (9)
EXTORTION : The two letter word for a former lover and then an anagram (bothered) of NOT surrounds an anagram (developing) of RIOT.

27a     Saw a daughter mature (5)
ADAGE : ‘A’ from the clue then the abbreviation for daughter and mature or get older.

28a     Disturbances may mean obligations (2-3)
TO-DOS : These obligations are what you put on a list and conveniently mislay while you do the crossword.

29a     Talk absorbs one after collecting forest flowers (9)
GARDENIAS : A word meaning talk volubly contains the forest made famous in ‘As You Like It’ and the Roman numeral one.


1d     Bloke getting hot in Panama, for example (4)
CHAP : The letter signifying hot on a water tap is inside an object of which Panama is a different example.

2d     Intended to finish early to get tight (4)
MEAN : Remove the last letter from a synonym of intended.

3d     Sucker pinching small brown horse (7)
MUSTANG : A sucker or someone easily duped surrounds the abbreviation for small and a light brown colour.

4d     Vote in the Spanish on European court (5)
ELECT : Spanish definite article then the abbreviations for European and court.

5d     Cutting teacher after vacation, with delight (9)
TRENCHANT : Teacher after vacation gives us its first and last letters. These are followed by a verb meaning to delight.

6d     Bishop past it, woolly sort of Christian (7)
BAPTIST : The chess abbreviation for bishop and an anagram (woolly) of PAST IT.

7d     Unique car put up on one stand (10)
INIMITABLE : The iconic small car of the 1960s is reversed. Then the Roman numeral one and a stand or item of furniture.

8d     A new line in bonds may get plaudits (3,7)
FAN LETTERS : Bonds or restraints contain ‘A’ from the clue with the abbreviations for new and line.

12d     Like a play on words intended to be voiced as retribution? (10)
PUNISHMENT : An adjective that can mean ‘like a play on words’ is followed by a homophone of a synonym for intended.

13d     Found bearings to be rotten idea, strangely (10)
ORIENTATED : An anagram (strangely) of ROTTEN IDEA.

15d     Yon feature — good for covering roof! (9)
THATCHING : Yon is the opposite of ‘this’ and feature here is part of a face. All this is followed by the abbreviation for good.

19d     Notice the girl’s energy with son is gripping (7)
ADHERES : A promotional notice then the personal possessive pronoun for the girl’s, and the abbreviations for energy and son.

21d     Gas meant he has to change (7)
METHANE : An anagram (has to change) of MEANT HE.

23d     Business located on river vessel (5)
LINER : A business or sphere of operation and then the abbreviation for river.

24d     Two-and-six regularly used to get you a dry bed (4)
WADI : String together alternate even letters from two-and-six.

25d     Stock enclosures for writers (4)
PENS : Double definition. The writers are implements used for writing.

We really liked the tasty start we had with 1a.

Quickie pun    goat    +    terse    +    leap    =     go to sleep

69 comments on “DT 28704

  1. 2* / 5*. I’m lost for words to describe Jay’s consistent brilliance, and it is far too difficult to try to pick a favourite.

    Many thanks to Jay and the 2Ks.

  2. I’m with RD at #1 on this excellent Jay puzzle. He has really hit a rich vein of form recently, with a delightful mix of clue types and plenty of humour. I liked the lurker at 18a, but my favourite was 3d. 2* /5* .

    Thanks to Jay and the full complement of Kiwis.

  3. I also enjoyed this. My only criticism is that Panama is not really an example of the three-letter word referred to in 1d.

      1. I see what you mean. I’ve never heard of one of these and, as you say, it doesn’t fit the dictionary description.

    1. We pondered about this one and decided that as Panama and the word used in the answer are both examples of the same thing, although it is a bit indirect, perhaps it is OK.

    2. Yes, I really enjoyed this puzzle, but I also thought Panama was not a very good example of the type of headgear required in 1d. I would also venture that in 10a discharge is more than stretching the synonyms for the answer. Otherwise, excellent stuff I thought and good fun.

  4. This one was excellent! Not massively difficult, but most of the clues were very well written/constructed. My favourite of a first-class bunch was 22a. I also liked the fairly obscure answers (outside crosswordland) for 18a and 24d and also the definition in 27a. These three will all be known to the experts, but could prove tricky for others. Again, a cracking puzzle! 3* / 4.5*

  5. Solving this was a perfect combination of cerebration and amusement. Just wonder whether the headgear in 1d can actually be a Panama and also if the tense of 19d = gripping (grips possibly?). My Fav of so many goodies was 11a followed by 5d. Many thanks to Jay and the 2Kiwis.
    P.S. Have just read Vince’s post and see he and I think alike re 1d.

    1. In 19a the definition (as underlined) is not just ‘gripping’ but ‘is gripping’ so we think this makes the tense correct in the clue.

      1. Re 19d – yes indeed, apologies to Jay and yourselves – that makes sense now – I stand corrected. Goodnight, sleep well.

  6. Another very pleasant and extremely enjoyable Wednesday solve, assisted by a few oldies but goodies, completed at a fast canter – **/****.

    I’m with Vince and Angellov on the use of Panama in 1d.

    Candidates for favourite – 1a, 18a, and 8d – and the winner is 18a by a nose.

    Thanks to Jay and the 2 Ks.

  7. We’re still up and about tonight as we are watching the opening ceremony of the Commonwealth Games from Oz. Getting a bit fed up with the number of ads that we are having to suffer so will probably give up and catch the highlights tomorrow. So, off to bed and see you all when we wake up. Night all.

  8. My first comment on BD as I’m usually at least a day behind! I discovered the blog by chance a few months ago when struggling with a clue and have been enjoying the tips and commenters’ quips hugely ever since. Hard to choose a COTD as I enjoyed the challenge of each one of them – but I’ll plump for 8D in the circumstances! Thank you, Jay, for another great crossword and to the 2Kiwis – lovely pics!

  9. Not paying enough attention on 11a today. Overlooked Nice and read nice ie tasty. It fitted in too easily. Thought that might be good for a gourmet! Good thing I checked the answer, must have had a niggling doubt. Tasty crossword today though – enjoyed it.

    1. Was thinking along the same lines before remembering the excellent Nice in Nice by The Stranglers.

  10. Finished in *** time for me today, the NW corner holding out until the end, just couldn’t think of a word for a brown horse that would fit. Doh!

    COTD has two contenders, the aforementioned 3d but I think 24d takes the prize.

    Many thanks to Jay and the 2Ks.

  11. Another question mark here over the definition in 1d, despite the above attempts to make it acceptable. Not to worry, it was the only issue in an otherwise excellent puzzle.

    Made a start on compiling a short list for favourite but, like RD, I found simply too many contenders.

    Many thanks to Jay for the fun and to our 2Ks for the blog – took me about a week to come to terms with the hour change here!

  12. This one was right up my street. The bottom fairly flew in, the top taking a little longer. Like other commentators I can only marvel at the skill of the construction of the clues.
    Thanks to both setter and reviewer

  13. Excellent! An absolute delight to solve. From lots of super clues , 3d and 24d are top of the shop for me today.
    Thanks to Jay and the 2Ks

  14. Super crossword, much more up my street than yesterday.
    Loads of good clues, a new word (18a). Very enjoyable.
    Still marveling at Christiano Ronaldo’s goal against Juve last night…
    Thanks all

  15. Agree with all the plaudits for this puzzle. My favourite is 1a for a different use of queen, and for the memories of buying an album by gong with the answer as part of its title when I was at school.

  16. 10a I thought my answer REMISSION was much better! – R; M1; Emission.

    Enjoying the tease though.

  17. NE corner took a bit longer than expected not helped by thinking that the Bonds in 8d were Setters.
    Thought about Tasty also in 11a. We certainly have Haute couture in France but I have never heard of Haute cuisine unless the kitchen is on the top floor maybe.
    Loved the idea behind 22a but feel the clue could have been much shorter.
    I also feel that 1a and 6a could have been linked somehow.
    But who am I to tell?
    Keep your station my boy.
    Favourite is definitely 12d. Perfect.
    Thanks to Jay and to 2kiwis for the review.

  18. Enjoyed this one immensely. As it is my late wife’s birthday today I think I may have had some divine intervention as she was always a far better solver than me.

  19. A thoroughly enjoyable ** for difficulty, with a bit of a continental flavour perhaps. :-) Last in was 11ac, at which point I kicked myself for not getting it sooner.

  20. I think it’s all been said already but I’ll say it again anyway – another of Jay’s brilliant crosswords.
    I thought it was a bit tricky – definitely a day for starting with the down clues.
    My favourite was 12d and I also particularly appreciated 18a even though it’s one of my nemeses.
    Thanks to Jay and to the 2K’s.

  21. Enjoyable as the puzzle was, only an A minus instead of an A plus from this solver on account of “intended” twice used to denote “meant”, and I could scarcely believe that Jay would repeat the same verbal anagram indicator (“develop”), but he did – and in successive clues too! Oh dear.

    My two ticks went to 14a and 24d.

    Many thanks to Mr Mutch and to the 2Ks. Deserved congratulations to the Black Caps on their series win against England.

    1. Indeed, and achieved by playing excellent cricket in the right spirit with neither sandpaper nor tears to be seen. Let’s hope their Antipodean neighbours change their ways to follow their example.

      1. Yes we are very pleased with the result and proud of the Black Caps.
        We actually got to meet many of them at a function in India when we were there last October. They did come across as really nice guys.

  22. I guess I am marching to a different drummer, as I found yesterday’s puzzle very enjoyable, but today’s offering from Jay was really hard work, I only got 1 answer at the first pass, and a lurker at that. Thank heavens for the help from the 2Kiwis to get me going.

  23. Agree good puzzle from Jay and now pleased to say a lot more on his wavelength compared to a couple of months ago. Very enjoyable with lots of smooth clues. Can’t say it was a walk in the park by any means but a fair test that had me thinking hard. Also a new word for me at 18a thank goodness that was a lurker don’t think I would have got it in a different format of the clue. Last in 17a basically because I missed the clue.

    Clues of the day: Liked a lot but these take the podium. 6a / 22a / 6d.

    Rating: *** / ****

    Thanks to 2K’s and Jay

  24. I sat in the building society this morning for ages waiting to do my late as ever ISA, and having forgotten my newspaper enjoyed myself trying to work out a good cryptic clue for ‘SAVINGS’. Now I appreciate even more than heretofore the skill and artistry of Jay and all the other fantastic setters. Loved today’s crossword, a pure pleasure so thank you so much to Jay and the two Kiwis.

  25. **/*****. Outstanding puzzle. The clues were very well constructed making choosing a favourite difficult although I thought the lurker in 18a was clever. Thanks to Jay and the 2Ks.

  26. I enjoyed this, but I got stuck with three in the NE corner, taking as long there as the rest of the puzzle. I had the first letter of the lawyer but didn’t know that’s what they were called, thought it was what they were given.
    Good stuff all around, liked the lurker at 18a, but I think fave is 24d.
    Thanks to Jay and the 2Kiwis.

  27. Managed this in fits and starts on a trip out to Northumberland. No real idea how long I spent but always enjoyable. I too had an almost audible clunk when I had to accept Panama as a cap rather than hat but moved on. Lots of topped and tailed words too. Liked the well concealed lurker I knew it was probably that Japanese flower arranging thing I can’t remember and it needed the hint to remind me. 15d in the frame too.
    If mum has remembered to bring the dead tree version I will have a go at the toughie.
    Thanks to Jay and the 2 Kiwis

  28. The usual nice puzzle from Jay **/**** rating because it took a while to sort out the NE corner. Liked 1a & 24d 😃 18a was a new word for me 😳 Thanks to the 2xKs and to Jay

  29. Right, we’re now up and doing and sorting out a to-do list for our Thursday. With the clock change it is daylight already and looks like a fine sunny autumn day in store for us. Enjoy what is left of your Wednesday.

  30. Excellent stuff as usual from Jay. Not particularly difficult but a pleasure to solve.

    I’m currently in Tennessee, so enjoying the early evening crosswords as per timings (although I’m late posting this today). Off to Florida on Friday – Sanibel Island so will go shell collecting.

    Thanks to the 2Ks and Jay 2*/5*

    1. I own the biggest shell collection on planet earth. It is too big to keep here where I live so I store it on beaches around the world. Please leave my shells where you find them.

  31. Like yesterday another slow solve for me. All well-clued, just probably not concentrating enough as I prepare to drive from Puglia to UK this weekend.

    I may well be absent for a couple of weeks.

    Thanks Jay 72 KIWIS

    1. Comment editor not working at this end, so apologise for typo … 72 Kiwis indeed.

      While I’m here favourite was 18 ac … a lightbulb moment for a new word to me.

  32. My first contribution to the excellent BD blog, have been following it for several years, thank you. Don’t usually finish the DT till late at night , but different today. Loved the puzzle COTD for me 5 down esp use of vacation..

    1. Welcome David P. Congrats on your de lurking. Doesn’t look like anyone else is still up but I’m sure you will bump into a few more peeps as you go.

    2. Welcome from me too. I am still up and have a fresh pint of London Pride in front of me. There have been times when the blog stretched out into the early hours getting dafter as it got later.

  33. Loved it. I wouldn’t say I found it particularly easy, a bit more difficult than yesterday’s for me, but went in steadily. 2.5*/****. Too many good clues to mention them all. Perhaps 8d would be my winner by a short head.

  34. Geraniums fitted the the slot for 29a until I had more checking letters. I then had to check the review. As you can tell, I am not a gardener. I now know two flowers beginning with ‘g’ ……actually three. I’ve just remembered gladioli. Thank you setter and 2Ks.

  35. Sorry for late posting…but in 27across….what has ‘Saw’ to do with ‘adage’….i’m confused!!…but i’m easily misled…..!!!

  36. As usual last to comment as distracted by weekend on Mumbo island and only picked up newspaper at airport. Brilliant crossword. Only mistake was 16a – extract as I couldn’t spell 5d. Thank you

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