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ST 2942

Sunday Telegraph Cryptic No 2942

A full review by gnomethang

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This puzzle was published on 11th March 2018

BD Rating – Difficulty **Enjoyment ****

Morning All! As usual there were some wonderful clues here.

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1a           Paper joined by charming female, future controller? (4,6)
TIME SWITCH – A charade of the TIMES newspaper and a WITCH or female that charms.

6a           Peel a fruit or two, by the sound of it (4)
PARE – Three homophones. The first is the definition and the second (by the sound of it) are a OEAR (fruit) and a PAIR (two).

9a           Some footmen I also selected as servants (7)
MENIALS – A hidden answer is SOME of foot MEN I ALS o .

10a         Instruction that’s initiated by one club at least (7)
BIDDING – A cryptic definition of the minimum requirement for BIDDING in the game of Bridge.

12a         Be ruthless and thus conclude countdown? (4,2,7)
STOP AT NOTHING – The cryptic def. is the end point of a countdown to zero.

14a         Land in country in East, say (6)
ESTATE – E for East followed by STATE for say/utter.

15a         I’m so excited with clue for amphitheatre (8)
COLISEUM – An anagram of IM SO and/with CLUE (indicated by excited).

17a         Raised questions, in conclusion, about amount of paper (8)
ENQUIRED – An END or conclusion around a QUIRE of paper.

19a         Spend time behind bars as warning (6)
BEACON – To spend time behind bars might cryptically mean to BE A CON.

22a         May. for example, prepare to fire member of clergy (5,8)
PRIME MINISTER – To PRIME (a cannon) or prepare to fire followed by a MINISTER of the clergy.

24a         Disloyal act spelling end of lost cause (7)
TREASON – The end letter of (los)T followed by  a reason or cause.

25a         Everything in drawing matched (7)
TALLIED – Place ALL/everything inside TIED or drawing (in a sports event).

26a         Love, encapsulated by dance band (4)
HOOP – O for love inside (encapsulated) by a HOP or dance.

27a         Cruel monarch that gets drunk after mixing it (6,4)
BLOODY MARY – Two definitions – the famous monarch and a cocktail.


1d           Heavy work, from my perspective (4)
TOME – The first is the definition of a large book (work), the second also means TO ME (from my perspective).

2d           Resent television presenting fixed attitude (7)
MINDSET – A charade of MIND (resent) and a television SET.

3d           What ship needs, in water, so she’s tight (13)
SEAWORTHINESS – A tight/drunk anagram of IN WATER SO SHE’S and a great clue.

4d           Isn’t having change of heart — a learner put in place (6)
INSTAL – swap the middle letters in I(SN)T (having a change of heart) and then add A from the clue and L for Learner.

5d           Youth serving passengers awful bacon by about one (5,3)
CABIN BOY – An awful anagram of BACON BY around I for one.

7d           Since one is followed by two and three and four, it’s very simple (7)
ASININE – As for since followed by I for one and then NINE or the addition of (two and three and four). Great clue.

8d           Indication of commitment to union fight (10)
ENGAGEMENT – Two definitions – the ENGAGEMENT before a marriage union and e.g. a naval ENGAGEMENT or fight at sea.

11d         Stupidly tried using brain, in a way that’s harmful (13)
DETRIMENTALLY – An anagram (stupidly) of TRIED and then MENTALLY (using brain).

13d         Female always going on field in state of exhilaration (5,5)
FEVER PITCH – F for Female followed by EVER (always) and finally a (football) PITCH or field of play.

16d         Legionary endlessly switching sides in part of country (8)
REGIONAL – Remove the end from LEGIONAR(y) and then switch the L for Left side with the R for Right side.

18d         What’s central for investor in foreign capital? Yes, indeed (5,2)
QUITE SO – E and S are the central letters in ‘invEStor’. Place these inside the capital city of QUITO.

20d         Company car is wrecked in isolated area of France (7)
CORSICA – CO the abb. of Company followed by an anagram (wrecked) of CAR IS.

21d         Restaurant in street writer’s written about (6)
BISTRO – A BIRO or writer (writing implement) is written around the ST, abb. for street.

23d         Extreme characters in England and Germany making us anxious (4)
EDGY – Take the outside/extreme letters in both E(nglan)D and G(erman)Y

Thanks to the setter – I’ll be off for a bit.