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ST 2941

Sunday Telegraph Cryptic No 2941

A full review by gnomethang

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This puzzle was published on 4th March 2018

BD Rating – Difficulty */**Enjoyment ****

Morning All! This just crept into two star difficulty but had the usual smooth definitions

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1a           Material Chekhov initially included in his play rewritten (8)
PHYSICAL – The initial letter of C(heckov) placed inside an anagram (rewritten) of HIS PLAY.

9a           Get to know about remaining present as stated (8)
OVERHEAR – OVER for remaining/left over and then HEAR, a homophone (as stated) of HERE.

10a         Intensively study some basic education in academic stream (4)
CRAM – One of the three Rs (Reading, ‘riting and ‘rithmetic) inside the River CAM i.e. a river at an academic location, Cambridge.

11a         One left area without soldier? That doesn’t make sense (12)
ILLOGICALITY – Place I for one, L for left and LOCALITY (area) around a GI or (American) soldier.

13a         Labour’s leader in mines revised leftist theory (8)
LENINISM – The leading letter of L(abour) followed by an anagram (revised) of IN MINES.

15a         What ends in road rage, creating hazard (6)
DANGER – The ends of (i)N and (roa)D with RAGE al made into an anagram (creating).

16a         As we hear, try to escape from bloodsucker (4)
FLEA – A homophone (as we hear) of FLEE or try to escape.

17a         Land in East in fit of temper (5)
PADDY – Two definitions – a farmland in the east (i.e. a PADDY field) and also a fit of pique.

18a         Leaders of international organisation worried about state of America (4)
IOWA – The leading letters of I(international) O(rganisation) W(orried) A(bout).

20a         Ignore changes, in part (6)
REGION – An anagram (changes) of IGNORE.

21a         Class, for example, taken to heart by one Conservative after another (8)
CATEGORY – EG (for example) placed inside C for Conservative and also A TORY for another conservative.

23a         What teacher amended, covering right way to display elements (7,5)
WEATHER CHART – An amended anagram of WHAT TEACHER around (covering) R for right.

26a         Top primate with cross (4)
APEX – An APE (primate) with an X for a cross.

27a         Call on me first, in relation to treatment (8)
REMEDIAL – DIAL for call with RE (on) and ME from the clue first.

28a         Raised voice in argument after endless decline (8)
FALSETTO – A SET TO or argument after FAL(l) or decline endlessly.


2d           Flower in bunch a rebel leader distributed (8)
HAREBELL – A hidden word IN bunc H A REBEL L eader.

3d           Player in quartet that’s been successful thus far (4-8)
SEMI-FINALIST – A cryptic definition of a player who has made the last four (part of a quartet) in a knockout competition.

4d           In different senses, it may be perceived as hot or cold (6)
CHILLI – The answer sounds like chilly and tastes hot (i.e. using two different senses)

5d           Piece of wood securing pole is pine (4)
LONG – N for North (pole) inside a LOG (piece of wood).

6d           Leaves container holding two things golfer needs, one heard (3,5)
TEA CADDY – The two things that golfer needs is a TEE and a CADDY – The former being a homophone (one heard).

7d           Source of special fare husband got from old Asian city (4)
DELI – Remove the H for Husband from DELHI – an old Asian city.

8d           Ill-defined situation with big cut covering awful year (4,4)
GREY AREA – All but the last letter of GREA(t) or big around/covering an anagram (awful) of YEAR.

12d         What comes after flight — coach that’s for disembarking passengers (7-5)
LANDING-STAGE – A LANDING of an airplane follows a flight. Add COACH for stage.

14d         The writer and physician getting together for wine (5)
MEDOC – A charade of ME (the person writing) and a DOC/physician.

16d         Fellow and I modify rocket, for instance (8)
FIREWORK – F for Fellow and then I RE-WORK/modify.

17d         Alarm about US politician that causes widespread ill-feeling? (8)
PANDEMIC – PANIC/alarm around DEM for Democrat – a US politician.

19d         Charts we reconstructed making case for military spending? (3,5)
WAR CHEST – A reconstructed anagram of CHARTS WE.

22d         Journey composer’s taken after short time (6)
TRAVEL – Place RAVEL (a composer) after T for Time.

24d         Fighting force another military evacuated (4)
ARMY – Remove the insides (evacuate) A(nothe)R M(ilitar)Y.

25d         Part of leg held in cynical foul (4)
CALF – A hidden word inside (held in) cyni CAL F oul.

Thanks to the setter – I’ll be back tomorrow.


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  1. Our usual Sunday treat with lovely smooth clues – thanks to Virgilius and to Gnomey.
    I don’t think an anagram is needed for 15a – I took it to be D (end of roaD) + ANGER (rage).

      1. Thanks both. That was exactly how I solved it too!. Not sure why I went mental when I wrote the review!

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