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ST 2940

Sunday Telegraph Cryptic No 2940

A full review by crypticsue

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This puzzle was published on 25th February 2018

BD Rating – Difficulty *Enjoyment ****

Another Sunday treat

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8a    How conviction makes one feel — it includes fine that’s too much (7)
SURFEIT – SURE (how conviction makes one feel) and IT (from the clue) ‘includes’ an F (fine), a word which always reminds many of us of Henry I who died of a surfeit of lampreys

10a    Released foreign article before spring (7)
UNBOUND – UN (French, foreign, indefinite article) BOUND (spring)

11a    Defender in a sport adding essential point (9)
APOLOGIST – A (from the clue) POLO (sport) GIST (essential point)

12a    One mates with queen, achieved without rook (5)
DRONE – DONE (achieved) goes outside (without) R (Rook in chess notation)

13a    For Dutch town, took flight back ahead of time (5)
DELFT- A reversal (back) of FLED (took flight) ahead of T (time)

14a    Alter something like this to house son who lives alone? (7)
RECLUSE – RECLUE (alter something like this) to ‘house’ S (son)

17a    Protector of environment misrepresented investor’s action (15)
CONSERVATIONIST – An anagram (misrepresented) of INVESTORS ACTION

19a    Unscrupulous American lawyer contributing to mass hysteria (7)
SHYSTER – Lurking in (contributing to) masS HYSTERia

21a    Blow hot and cold before that? That’s a problem (5)
HITCH – HIT (blow) H (hot), C (cold) going before ‘that’

24a    Pianist including third piece from Mozart in record (5)
LISZT – Z (the third ‘piece’ from MoZart in LIST (record)

26a    Schedule of jobs in unusually short week (9)
WORKSHEET – An anagram (unusually) of SHORT WEEK

27a    A group functioning in desert (7)
ABANDON – A (from the clue) BAND (group) ON (functioning)

28a    Endlessly negligent in workout — that could start an argument (7)
PREMISE – Remove the last letter (endlessly) of REMISs (negligent) and insert into PE (workout)


1d    Madeira, for instance, that might be found in kitchen (6)
ISLAND – Madeira being a well-known island; the second definition being an unattached kitchen counter

2d    British curiously look over New York, turning up in part of it (8)
BROOKLYN – BR (British) followed by an anagram (curiously) of LOOK goes over a reversal (turning up in a Down clue) of NY (New York)

3d    From outside port, men took bearing (10)
DEPORTMENT – Another lurker, this time taken from outsiDE PORT MEN Took

4d    Harsh condition in treaty with US I revised (9)
AUSTERITY – An anagram (revised) of TREATY with US I

5d    Having retired in dream location? (4)
ABED – A cryptic definition

6d    Puzzle as partners in special relationship are upset over party (6)
SUDOKU – UK and US (partners in special relationship) are reversed (upset) and put over DO (party)

7d    An impression about that female supporter (8)
ADHERENT – A DENT (an impression) go about HER (that female)

9d    Labour raised large amount, to which one’s contributed (4)
TOIL – A reversal (raised) of LOT (large amount) to which I (one) is added (contributed)

15d    It’s used to secure gear as stupid male’s parking, say (7,3)
CLOTHES PEG – CLOT (male) HES (males) P (parking) EG (say)

16d    Finished with a player on side that’s intimidating (9)
OVERAWING – OVER (finished) A (from the clue) WING (player on side)

17d    Box with youth outside ring, creating work for doctor (8)
CASELOAD – CASE (box) with LAD (youth) ‘outside’ O (ring)

18d    I printed changes in bold (8)
INTREPID – An anagram (changes) of I PRINTED

20d    Minion from whom no statement is impossible? (3-3)
YES-MAN – A clue to make you smile when you ‘get’ it

22d    Loathing something worn by cardinal? Just the reverse (6)
HATRED – A cardinal wears a RED HAT, here you need the reverse

23d    Officer embracing monarch cut down to size (4)
CROP – COP (officer) ’embracing’ R (Rex, king, monarch)

25d    Like considerable sum put in order (4)
TIDY – And a nice straightforward double definition to finish


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  1. Another excellent Sunday puzzle.
    The answer to 3D brought to my mind old Mr Turveydrop of Bleak House.

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