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DT 28665


Daily Telegraph Cryptic No 28665

A full review by crypticsue

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This puzzle was published on 17th February 2018

BD Rating – Difficulty */**Enjoyment ***

I didn’t have any problems with the NW corner, unlike other solvers on the day, but it did take me a smidge longer than I’d have expected for a Saturday puzzle. Given the number of anagrams this time, I could hazard a fairly good guess at the setter but I think I’ll just leave it at thank you to him!

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1a    Calculation by girl without delay (7)
SUMMARY – SUM (calculation) MARY (girl)

5a    Pieces of equipment editor returned with defects (7)
DEVICES – A reversal (returned) of ED (editor) with VICES (defects)

9a    Cool US soldier in rain gear (5)
MAGIC – GI (US soldier) in MAC (rain gear)

10a    Film magazines? Put tons in boxes (9)
CASSETTES – SET (put) and T (tons) in CASES (boxes)

11a    Temptation to pinch one three times to reveal texts (10)
LITERATURE – LURE (temptation) to ‘pinch’ I (one) and T ERA and T (three ‘times’)

12a    Message school sent back (4)
NOTE – A reversal (sent back in an Across clue) of ETON school

14a    Brewer’s art is transforming fruit (12)
STRAWBERRIES – An anagram (transforming) of BREWERS ART IS

18a    Neglect lie-in being disturbed, seeing news (12)
INTELLIGENCE – An anagram (being disturbed) of NEGLECT LIE IN

21a    Tilt part of body (4)
HEEL – A verb meaning to tilt or part of the body

22a    Dodgy crime scoop — it makes things seem bigger than they really are (10)
MICROSCOPE – An anagram (dodgy) of CRIME SCOOP

25a    Important German city — it is round a lake (9)
ESSENTIAL – ESSEN (German city), a reversal (round) of IT, A (from the clue) L (lake)

26a    Looking from the East, name part of UK that’s ready to blossom (2,3)
IN BUD – A reversal (looking from the East in an Across clue) of DUB (name) and NI (Northern Ireland, part of UK)

27a    Low quality? (7)
 SADNESS – a cryptic definition

28a    Dashed dog, having nothing to eat, shows resentment (7)
RANCOUR – RAN (dashed) CUR (dog) having O ‘to eat’ or put inside


1d    Son with great taste (6)
SAMPLE – S (son) AMPLE (great)

2d    Could pay, putting away father’s stout (6)
MIGHTY – MIGHT (could) paY (pay without (putting away) PA, father)

3d    Lacy shifts worn by one in church without any slips (10)
ACCURATELY – ‘worn by’ indicates that a CURATE (one in church) should be put inside an anagram (shifts) of LACY

4d    Little child in capsized river vessel (5)
YACHT – CH (little, abbreviated, child) in a reversal (capsized in a Down clue) of the river TAY

5d    Sought-after in hotel bar, I sedately turned up (9)
DESIRABLE – Lurking in reverse (turned up0 in hotEL BAR I SEDately

6d    Struggle over wife’s opinion (4)
VIEW – VIE (struggle) goes over W (wife)

7d    Religious person caught cold hosting at Hindu festival (8)
CATHOLIC – C (caught) and C (cold) ‘hosting’ AT (from the clue) and HOLI (Hindu festival)

8d    Feel restricting American power creates tension (8)
SUSPENSE – SENSE ‘restricting’ US (American) P (power)

13d    Criminal corpse is on file (10)
PROCESSION – An anagram (criminal) of CORPSE IS ON

15d    Abigail fibs about information technology skills (9)
ABILITIES – ABI (Abigail) LIES (fibs) ‘about’ IT (Information Technology)

16d    They could box her gifts for a change (8)
FIGHTERS – An anagram (for a change) of HER GIFTS

17d    Is shedding one lock of hair? Edward’s worried (8)
STRESSED – Shed the I (one) from iS, add TRESS (lock of hair) and ED (Edward)

19d    Jeer and jeer mistake, childishly (3-3)
BOO-BOO – BOO (jeer) and BOO (jeer)

20d    Delicate offer (6)
TENDER – A double definition

23d    King perhaps left after game with the Queen (5)
RULER – RU (game of Rugby Union) L (left) ER (the regnal cipher of our current Queen)

24d    Plant expert secures stake (4)
ANTE – lurking in (secured by) plANT Expert


11 comments on “DT 28665

  1. I’d agree with your rating CS – fun to solve anyway. Didn’t put 2d in until the checkers were in though, and I wondered about 1a – summarily?
    Thanks for the review.

    1. I don’t have the BRB with me at work but the office copy of Collins has ‘performed arbitrarily and quickly without formality’ which I would equate to ‘without delay’

      1. Thanks, how right you are. Always interests me to discover the subtleties of a word’s meaning.

        1. Because I started solving long before the interweb was invented, I always look up words in a dictionary (or my favourite Brewer’s Dictionary of Phrase and Fable) because not only do you find out extra ‘stuff’ about a word, the act of looking it up in a book does seem to fix it in your mind, whereas I always think with a Google search, because your brain knows you can look it up again any time you want, it doesn’t retain the information in the same way.

          1. Absolutely agree – I have a very well-thumbed Big Blue Book (Collins) which often has more or less exactly the same entry as BRB online (I don’t have a Chambers hard copy).
            It is often the case that I think I know the meaning of the word by it’s usage, only to discover it in fact means something similar but subtly different.
            This crops up frequently when I have a go at setting because the definition is obviously crucial. Google is not 100% reliable anyway in my view.

  2. Thank you Sue, I would love to use a bona fide dictionary and thesaurus but arthritis in my hands makes this impossible so I have to compromise with the on-line version. I liked the reverse lurker mainly because that sort of thing appeals to me.

  3. Am confused! How is 27a Meaness given the answers to 16d and 17d? In my grid, 27a is S_D_E_S. What am I missing?

      1. Thanks, Sue – thought I was losing it!

        I put in the same solution as you, but I don’t understand why it’s considered cryptic. I’m sure that is just me!

  4. I enjoyed it – finding it taxing enough- without stress- for these present Canicular days !!! :)

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