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ST 2937

Sunday Telegraph Cryptic No 2937

A full review by gnomesue

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This puzzle was published on 4th February 2018

BD Rating – Difficulty **Enjoyment ****

Morning All! Another fine puzzle to solve.

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1a    Part of opening spell for oil producer (6)
SESAME – I like a crossword where you start with a smile at the wordplay of the first clue!

4a    Pick of bunch that’ll make dough, we hear (6)
FLOWER – A homophone (we hear) of FLOUR (that’ll make dough)

8a    Detain alien that’s useful source of information (8)
INTERNET – INTERN (detain) ET (alien)

10a    Current controller is small and charming woman (6)
SWITCH – S (small) WITCH (charming woman)

11a    London architect that builds small home in country (4)
WREN – Sir Christopher the architect of many buildings in London, or a bird building a small home in the country – or in crypticsue’s case, overwintering in their greenhouse and eating all the newly-planted sweet pea seeds

12a    Finds product of reconstructed mill I set up (10)
MULTIPLIES – An anagram (reconstructed) of MILL I SET UP

13a    Surprise about a celebrity returning, one working in theatre (5,7)
STAGE MANAGER – STAGGER (surprise) goes ‘about’ a reversal (returning) of A NAME (a celebrity)

16a    Is bloke held by Communists found out about again? (12)
REDISCOVERED – IS (from the clue) and COVE (bloke) held between RED and RED (Communists)

20a    A tour riots disrupted? That’s untrue (10)
TRAITOROUS – An anagram (disrupted) of A TOUR RIOTS

21a    Part of stove, normally (4)
OVEN – Lurking in part of stOVE Normally

22a    Understand loud party being cut short (6)
FATHOM –  F (the musical abbreviation for loud) and an AT HOMe (party) ‘cut short’

23a    Reduce extent of, or otherwise cut a rent (8)
TRUNCATE – An anagram (otherwise) CUT A RENT

24a    Totally composed, at ease — or just partly (6)
SEDATE – Part of compoSED AT Ease

25a    Daughter prematurely joined, at great expense (6)
DEARLY – Join together D (daughter) and EARLY (prematurely)


1d    Way to address girl in Essen or Italy? Yes and no (8)
SENORITA – This way to address a girl is found (yes) in EsSEN OR ITAly, but this particular form of address isn’t used (No) in either Essen in Germany, or in Italy either – being used for Spanish-speaking young ladies

2d    Forbidding gun when protecting monarch (5)
STERN – STEN (gun) ‘protecting’ R (Rex, King, monarch)

3d    Note what’s said when hesitating as little as possible (7)
MINIMUM – MINIM (note) UM (what’s said when hesitating)

5d    Inclined to provide entry in catalogue (7)
LISTING – Double definition

6d    Water girl spilled is clearly visible (4,5)
WRIT LARGE – An anagram (spilled) of WATER GIRL

7d    Fan of loud music in seat person’s crazy to vacate? (6)
ROCKER – A fan of a certain type of music, a seat or a reference to someone being ‘off their rocker’

9d    Person looking for new stars ordered lens cut to a T (6,5)
TALENT SCOUT – An anagram (ordered) of LENS CUT TO A T

14d    Name included by showy editor for added embellishment (9)
GARNISHED – N (name) included in GARISH (showy) ED (editor), added being a verb rather than meaning ‘extra’

15d    Bank absorbing change in the US of late (8)
RECENTLY – RELY (bank) ‘absorbing’ CENT (change in the US)

17d    Bearer of welcome message in bold type? Far from it (7)
DOORMAT – A person who is described as a doormat being the opposite (far from) someone who is bold

18d    Employment initially cut — remedy is not clear (7)
OBSCURE – Remove the initial letter of JOBS and add a CURE (remedy)

19d    American women in English lake district (6)
BROADS – American offensive slang or part of East Anglia

21d    Award presented in ring — reminder of painful fight (5)
OSCAR – O (ring) SCAR (reminder of painful fight)



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  1. This made me very happy so thanks to both of you for reminding me of it. Always enjoys your comments even if I do not always acknowledge them.

  2. Another good Sunday crossword which I enjoyed very much.
    I completely missed the 7d reference to someone being crazy or off their rocker – I knew that I was missing something at the time but still couldn’t see it.
    Best clues for me were 10 and 22a and 17d – and 7d once I understood it.
    Thanks again to Virgilius and to Gnomey.

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