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ST 2934

Sunday Telegraph Cryptic No 2934

A full review by gnomethang

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This puzzle was published on 14th January 2018

BD Rating – Difficulty **Enjoyment ****

Morning All! Another fairly straightforward but enjoyable puzzle.

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1a           Court of justice backed main point in legal action (8)
TRIBUNAL – Reverse (back) a NUB or main point/gist inside a TRIAL or legal action.

9a           European from North or South hugged by schoolboy (8)
ESTONIAN – An ETONIAN schoolboy holding/hugging S for South.

10a         Do some manual work in kitchen in prison (4)
STIR – Two definitions – to STIR e.g. the soup in the kitchen and a slang term for prison.

11a         Play, after eleven, different thing (7,5)
TWELFTH Night – The TWELFTH comes eleven, add a different anagram of THING.

13a         One includes copy of subsequent two letters, as originally written (8)
UNEDITED – Start with UNITED (one) and then insert ED which are the two last/subsequent letters.

15a         Naval commander in eastern part of Channel’s aboard (6)
NELSON – the four eastern letters in (chan)NEL’S and then ON for aboard.

16a         Capital I extracted from Scottish island to make a killing (4)
SLAY – Remove the Capital I form the isle of ISLAY.

17a         Responsibility of minister cut in foreign capital (5)
PARIS – A minister of the church is responsible for a PARIS(H). Cut that i.e. remove the last letter.

18a         Part of set for chess, say (4)
GAME – A GAME is a part of a tennis set and also a description of the GAME of chess for example (say).

20a         Damage part of dozen filling box (6)
INJURY – Any member of a trial in the box can be said to be IN JURY.

21a         Loudly proclaiming appeal for peace before trip (8)
SHOUTING – A SH! Is an appeal for quiet or peace. Add OUTING for trip/awayday.

23a         Battle in recast film as result of in-fighting (12)
FACTIONALISM – Action for battle inside an anagram (recast) of FILM AS.

26a         Band together and completely finish off enemy (4)
ALLY – All for completely and the finishing letter from/off (enem)Y. A nice succinct clue with a good surface reading.

27a         Act with minor, possibly, as Juliet was (8)
ROMANTIC – An anagram (possibly) of ACT and MINOR.

28a         Chap who fixes things in hospital also doctored many (8)
HANDYMAN – A charade of H(ospital) then AND/also and finally an anagram (doctored) of MANY.


2d           Share with a learner capable of logical thought (8)
RATIONAL – A RATION or share with A from the clue and L for Learner at the end.

3d           Original outfit barely appropriate for annual celebration? (8,4)
BIRTHDAY SUIT – The definition refers to the fact that we were all born (originally) naked (bare). The cryptic part refers to the annual birthday celebration .

4d           Most recent points top couple kept short (6)
NEWEST – The points of the compass N(orth) E(ast) and WEST with the first two abbreviated.

5d           Odd bits of foliage arranged — or just one (4)
LEAF – Take the odd letters/bits in F o L I A g E and then make an anagram (arranged).

6d           European objects about Cubist’s first works of art (8)
ETCHINGS – E for European and THINGS/objects around the first letter in C(ubist).

7d           Something circular round setting that’s square (4)
RING – A circular RING and a square boxing RING.

8d           Popular attitude, for example (8)
INSTANCE – A charade of IN for popular and STANCE for attitude.

12d         Bad image city changed in state without authorisation (12)
ILLEGITIMACY – ILL for bad and then an anagram (changed) of IMAGE CITY.

14d         Turn up valuable instrument that’s played in pub (5)
DARTS – A Stradivarius is a valuable instrument and is abbreviated to a STRAD. Reverse it (or turn it up).

16d         Old fighter with power in fist exploded with anger (8)
SPITFIRE – Place P for Power in an anagram (exploded) of FIST and then add IRE for anger.

17d         Continuously feed speaker port (8)
PLYMOUTH – PLY for continuously feed and MOUTH for speaker.

19d         Travel with oilman at sea around part of Asia (8)
MONGOLIA – Place an anagram (at sea) of OILMAN surrounding (around) GO for travel.

22d         Worrying signs, with characters regularly disappearing for start (6)
ORIGIN – Remove the odd/regular letters in w O r R y I n G s I g N s.

24d         A politician supporting Conservative party (4)
CAMP – A MP (Member of Parliament) under/supporting C for Conservative.

25d         Slice of Cheddar cheese that’s curved in shape (4)
ARCH – A hidden word (a slice of) (chedd) AR CH (esse).

Thanks to the setter and hope to see you all on Saturday.


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  1. I mis-parsed 13a as: one (UNIT) includes a copy of two letters (ED) that appear later (subsequent) in the answer. thus – UN(ED)IT (ED). That seems to work OK but, as Kitty pointed out on the day, the EDs in that instance are indirect/unindicated so not really valid for a DT back-pager. Trust the pesky setter to have an answer that contains a 4-letter and a 6-letter synonym of “one”!

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