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ST 2933

Sunday Telegraph Cryptic No 2933

A full review by gnomethang

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This puzzle was published on 7th January 2018

BD Rating – Difficulty **Enjoyment ****

Morning All! This was a classic 2 star time with some excellent surface readings.

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1a           Arrange a nice time without pressure? Job didn’t suffer from it (10)
IMPATIENCE – Make an anagram of (arrange) A NICE TIME around the outside of P for Pressure. Remember ‘the patience of Job’ from the Bible!.

6a           Prophecies delivered in a couple of seconds (4)
AMOS – Another Biblical reference. A from the clue then MO(ment) and S for Second i.e. a couple of short periods of time.

9a           Roadblock ultimately not any obstacle for smart alec (4-3)
KNOW-ALL – Start with the ultimate letter in (roadbloc)K and then add NO WALL (not any obstacle).

10a         Social changes engulfing team-leader that’s resigned (7)
STOICAL – An anagram (changes) of SOCIAL with T from the leading letter in T(eam) or ‘team-leader’.

12a         Not hot, not cool (13)
UNFASHIONABLE – I suppose two definitions or one cryptic def. Remember that the antonyms hot and cool can both mean fashionable.

14a         Observe water or steam? (6)
NOTICE – A definition and two cryptic defs. Both water (liquid) and steam (vapour) are not the solid form of water (i.e. NOT ICE).

15a         In favour of lock to make building hard to break into (8)
FORTRESS – A charade of FOR (in favour of) and TRESS for a lock of hair.

17a         Puzzle having this kind of clue, mostly something idiosyncratic (8)
ACROSTIC – The type of clue is an ACROSS clue. Use most of it (remove the final S) and add a TIC or something idiosyncratic.

19a         Playwright creating conflict between company and director, initially (6)
COWARD – Place a WAR or conflict between CO. for company and the initial letter in D(irector).

22a         Sudden noise when corrupt hosts repeatedly beat us (13)
INSTANTANEOUS – A corrupt anagram of NOISE containing TAN/beat twice/repeatedly) and then US from the clue – INS (TAN TAN) EO + US.

24a         A contest for couples holding hands cut short (7)
ABRIDGE – A from the clue then the card game BRIDGE (a contest where two pairs/couples hold hands of cards).

25a         Get excited, setting it in ornamental stone (7)
AGITATE – Set/place IT from the clue inside AGATE or an ornamental stone.

26a         The fourth of July, for people in general (4)
THEY – Nice and simple – THE from the clue and then the fourth letter in (jul)Y.

27a         No longer bent, reportedly, so economically challenged (10)
STRAITENED – A homophone (indicated by reportedly) of STRAIGHTENED or ‘no longer bent’.


1d           Like material for writer that’s popular — okay, but oddly lacking (4)
INKY – In for popular then the even letters (oddly lacking) of o K a Y.

2d           Expert appearing on channel, as result (7)
PRODUCT – A PRO(fessional) or expert on top of (ON in a Down clue) a DUCT or channel.

3d           Safe place during crossing, if craft at sea is secure (7,6)
TRAFFIC ISLAND – Make an anagram (at sea) of IF CRAFT then add IS form the clue and then LAND for secure (as in land a deal). Great misdirection from the surface reading.

4d           Some churchmen listening join service (6)
ENLIST – A hidden word which is SOME of ‘churchm EN LIST ening’

5d           Players joining club that’s resistant to change (4-4)
CAST-IRON – The CAST or members in a play followed by an IRON for a (golf) club.

7d           Gruesome result of vehicle going into female runner (7)
MACABRE – Place a taxi CAB inside a MARE or female horse/runner. A very MACABRE surface reading!.

8d           Cut of beef produced by piratical cook on edge (10)
SILVERSIDE – The piratical cook Long John SILVER followed by a SIDE or edge.

11d         Scientific type with a lot of fliers in his study (13)
ORNITHOLIGIST – A simple cryptic definition of a scientist who studies birds/fliers.

13d         Resident in hospital, to some extent exemplary worker (10)
INHABITANT – A charade of IN H(ospital), A BIT (to some extent) and then an ANT or exemplary worker.

16d         Abuse is included in matter that needs to be sorted (8)
MISTREAT – Include IS from the clue inside an anagram (that needs to be sorted) of MATTER.

18d         Hold back or take action following let? (7)
RESERVE = The second (cryptic) definition is that following a let call in tennis the player must RE-SERVE.

20d         Decide not to vote, collecting a black mark (7)
ABSTAIN – A from the clue, B for Black and then a STAIN or mark.

21d         Capital in bank a racketeer deposited (6)
ANKARA – A hidden word inside/deposited in b ANK A RA cketeer.

23d         Want work to make dough, we hear (4)
NEED – An old chestnut of a joke/homophone. Why does the baker work so hard? Because he needs/kneads the dough.

Thanks to the setter, I’ll be back tomorrow,

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  1. I too gave this 4* for enjoyment, even though I did think there was quite a lot of ‘from the clue’ involved

    1. Welcome to the blog, Simon.
      This is a review of a prize puzzle after the close of submission data so we provide a full explanation.

  2. I seem to remember enjoying this one very much but, as usual, I can’t find the bit of the paper from two weeks ago.
    My favourite was 12a – I do remember that much.
    Belated thanks to Virgilius and to Gnomey.

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