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DT 28629

Daily Telegraph Cryptic No 28629

A full review by gnomethang

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This puzzle was published on 6th January 2018

BD Rating – Difficulty **Enjoyment ***

Morning All! This had a couple of head-scratchers for me and the clue at 1d appears to be the wrong way round but otherwise quite straightforward.

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7a           Vincent accepts Leo running wild in brutality (8)
VIOLENCE – VINCE(ent) contains/accepts an anagram (running) of LEO.

9a           Plain central stretch of inlet undrained (6)
TUNDRA – A hidden word that is hidden centrally (a central stretch of) inle T UNDRA ined.

10a         Ancient city, not all in South Africa (6)
SPARTA – A PART (not all) inside SA for South Africa.

11a         Device used when travelling from Cape Horn? (3,5)
CAR PHONE – An anagram (travelling) of CAPE HORN.

12a         Tom caught in falsehood after outing in three parts (10)
TRIPLICATE – Place a Tom CAT inside a LIE (falsehood) after a TRIP or outing.

14a         Charged for fodder (4)
FEED – FEE can be a verb so FEED is charged as well as fodder for animals.

15a         Chatter disturbed tragedian’s waffle (3,3,7)
GAS AND GAITERS – Not a phrase with which I am familiar. Start with GAS for chatter and then add a disturbed anagram of TRAGEDIANS.

17a         Find out about scrapping over record (4)
DISCOVER – Quite straightforward this: remove/scrap OVER from DISC(over) or find out.

18a         Shabby fluff behind foot? (4-2-4)
DOWN-AT-HEEL – If some fluff where behind one’s foot then one might cryptically say that one had some DOWN AT (the) HEEL.

20a         Eavesdrop in this direction, you say? (8)
OVERHEAR – A homophone, you say, of OVER HERE! (in this direction).

21a         Flood at home, getting cross after complaint (6)
INFLUX – IN for at home, then FLU for a complaint/malady with X for cross afterwards.

23a         Go with Queen’s painter (6)
TURNER – A TURN or go (at a board game e.g.) followed by E.R. for Elizabeth Regina, our current Queen.

24a         Sure things should be secure, organised best (4,4)
SAFE BETS – SAFE for SECURE then an anagram (organised) of BEST.


1d           Captain’s given fish but not head (6)
KIPPER – The requirement to get the answer is to remove the head letter from (S)KIPPER or captain but the clue reads as if one must remove the head letter from a fish to get a captain. I am not the only one to question this clue.

2d           Endless drink making one do this? (4)
SLUR – Remove the end letter (endless) from SLUR(p) or drink.

3d           Vain son I ordered to get occupation (8)
INVASION – An anagram (ordered) of VAIN SON I.

4d           Look about five, and go hungry (6)
STARVE – A STARE (look) around/about the Roman Numeral V for five.

5d           Present going with birthday suit (2,3,5)
IN THE FLESH – The first is the definition and the second cryptically refers to being naked.

6d           They take care of the draught but also sink the spirits (8)
DRINKERS – A cryptic definition of those that take draught beer and also ink spirits/draughts.

8d           Quarrel — and produce sword? (8,5)
EXCHANGE WORDS – A reverse anagram where the word SWORD might be an EXCHANGE of WORDS.

13d         Racing foolishly, tense at first but no longer concerned (4,6)
PAST CARING – Place an anagram (foolishly) of RACING with the PAST tense first.

15d         Doctor gives our outcome to be severe (8)
GRIEVOUS – Make an anagram of (or doctor) GIVES OUR.

16d         Bagged up very soon? (2,1,5)
IN A JIFFY BAG – A JIFFY being a well known trade name for a bag. SO bagged up cryptically is “IN A JIFFY”

18d         Gloomy organ in arid setting (6)
DREARY – Place an EAR/organ inside DRY for arid.

19d         Looking towards heaven, person that’s holy and chaste spouts (6)
ERUPTS – Reverse (looking to heaven in a DOWN clue) a ST for Saint and then PURE for chaste.

22d         Lies if coming up with abuse regularly (4)
FIBS – A reversal (coming up) of IF and then add the even/regular letters in a B u S e.

Thanks to the setter – I am back next Thursday.


5 comments on “DT 28629

  1. Thanks Gnomey, enjoyed this. Kipper raised a few comments about which was the best, seem to depend on where you live. I stand by Suffolk.

  2. I thought this was not at all tricky, but a bit odd in places. 1d(?) aside, a few iffy surfaces which ‘don’t make much sense in their own right’, ie 12a, 21a, 13d, 15d – and 6d seems rather weak.
    Still, it was all gettable so many thanks to setter and to GT for the review.

  3. I seem to remember enjoying this one but having trouble with a few.
    Didn’t know that fee can be a verb and I couldn’t believe that 6d was what it clearly had to be.
    Although I might have said something completely different on the day 15a was my favourite.
    Thanks very much to whoever set the crossword and to Gnomey for the review.

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