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ST 2932

Sunday Telegraph Cryptic No 2932

A full review by crypticsue

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This puzzle was published on 31st December 2017

BD Rating – Difficulty ***Enjoyment ****

Quite a lot of putting something inside something else again this week. My difficulty rating reflects the problems I had with a couple of bits of parsing.

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8a    Admonishment about demonstration (7)
REPROOF – RE (about) PROOF (demonstration)

10a    Land in Middle East, making those people briefly angry (7)
EMIRATE – EM (them, those people ‘briefly’) IRATE (angry)

11a    Invented new way to process oil, in fact (9)
FICTIONAL – An anagram (new way to process) of OIL IN FACT

12a    Instinctive ability that makes learner fit in okay (5)
FLAIR – L (learner) in FAIR (okay)

13a    Work of statistician or carpenter accomplished after short time (5)
TABLE- ABLE (accomplished) goes after T (short, abbreviated, Time)

14a    Having ill feeling made worse by those who rock the boat? (7)
SEASICK – Perhaps not the cryptic definition we wanted to read over breakfast!

17a    Epitome of precision –- ain’t disorganised (15)
PERSONIFICATION – An anagram (disorganized) of OF PRECISION AINT

19a    Didn’t accept first of fellows getting employed again outside (7)
REFUSED – F (the ‘first’ of Fellows) getting REUSED (employed again) ‘outside’

21a    Physical strength shown as one separates partners and their opponents (5)
SINEW – These partners and their opponents are players in a game of bridge. I (one) separates S and N and then E and W follow

24a    Area covered by strike, island or part of island (5)
HAITI – A (area) covered by HIT (strike) followed by I (island)

26a    Record including location for weathervane as planned (9)
CONSPIRED – CD ‘including’ ON SPIRE (location for weathervane)

27a    Striking foreigner encountered in street (7)
SALIENT – ALIEN ‘encountered’ in ST (street)

28a    It’s like gold — that’s what we hear? Not at all! (7)
SILENCE – is golden!


1d    Gain leading scholar on subject of computers etc (6)
PROFIT – PROF (professor, leading scholar) on IT (subject of computers etc)

2d    Special key and tempo in second piece of music (5,3)
SPACE BAR – PACE (tempo) goes in between S (second) and BAR (piece of music)

3d    Like some trees, if planted in clay, initially burdensome (10)
CONIFEROUS – IF ‘planted’ in C (clay ‘initially’) ONEROUS (burdensome)

4d    Article is unusually practical (9)
REALISTIC – An anagram (unusually) of ARTICLE IS

5d    Row in boat if fit, also going the other way at the end (4)
TIFF – lurking both forwards and backwards (going the other way) in boaT IF FIT

6d    Hunting trip in South Africa, with no end of panic, rearranged (6)
SAFARI – S (south) plus an anagram (rearranged) of AFRICA without no ‘end’ of panic

7d    What ceremonially covers soldier and supports family (8)
BEARSKIN – BEARS (supports) KIN (family)

9d    Taking away some capital punishment? Excellent (4)
FINE – A cryptic definition of a type of punishment that takes away some of your capital; or an adjective meaning excellent

15d    Awfully mad appeals –- male, in particular, gets it in the neck (5,5)
ADAMS APPLE – An anagram (awfully) of MAD APPEALS

16d    Justify very abbreviated show (9)
VINDICATE – V (very abbreviated) INICATE (show)

17d    Buy tea in container for cash (8)
PURCHASE – CHA (tea) in PURSE (container for cash)

18d    I admit limited number inside, being rude (8)
IGNORANT – I GRANT (I admit) with NO (limited or abbreviated number) inside

20d    Travel by plane outside atmosphere? Rather! (6)
FAIRLY – FLY (travel by plane) ‘outside’ AIR (atmosphere)

22d    Small device wife and I would understand (6)
WIDGET – W (wife) I’D (I would) GET (understand)

23d    Bishop at first removed from extra responsibility (4)
ONUS – B (Bishop at first) removed from BONUS (extra)

25d    Thought middleman oddly deficient (4)
IDEA – Oddly deficient indicates that you only need the even numbers of mIdDlEmAn


6 comments on “ST 2932

  1. The advantage of currently running 8 days behind (rather than my usual 7) on the crosswords is that I didn’t have long for this review, so that I could finally understand the parsing of 18d. Thank you Crypticsue!

  2. I trotted through this quite happily until my last one in, which I stared blankly at for far too long. Then I realised I had the wrong ending for 8a. Double D’oh!!
    Thanks for the review CS

  3. I remember doing this but thanks to my OH and his insistence on clearing papers away I have lost my notes as usual. Smiley stuff as always, must have pleased with result. Thanks as always Sue.

    1. I can never find the crossword by the time the review is here, and I can’t even blame my OH – it’s all my own fault. If I haven’t thrown it out I can’t find it.
      I do remember 6d causing a spot of bother.
      The usual brilliant Sunday crossword so thanks to Virgilus for the crossword and to CS for the review.

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