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DT 28629 (Hints)

Daily Telegraph Cryptic No 28629 (Hints)

The Saturday Crossword Club

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As is usual for the weekend prize crosswords, an assortment of clues, including some of the more difficult ones, have been selected and hints provided for them.

Most of the terms used in these hints are explained in the Glossary and examples are available by clicking on the entry under “See also”. Where the hint describes a construct as “usual” this means that more help can be found in The Usual Suspects, which gives a number of the elements commonly used in the wordplay. Another useful page is Wolves in Sheep’s Clothing, which features words with meanings that are not always immediately obvious.

A full review of this puzzle will be published after the closing date for submissions.

Some hints follow.


7a    Vincent accepts Leo running wild in brutality (8)
A diminutive form of Vincent around an anagram (running wild) of LEO

11a    Device used when travelling from Cape Horn? (3,5)
An anagram (from) of CAPE HORN – “when travelling” could be regarded as the anagram indicator, which would suggest it might be a sort of semi-all-in-one

14a    Charged for fodder (4)
Two definitions – the first being he past tense of a verb meaning to pay a charge

15a    Chatter disturbed tragedian’s waffle (3,3,7)
A three-letter word meaning to chatter followed by an anagram (disturbed) of TRAGEDIAN’S

Remember this?

18a    Shabby fluff behind foot? (4-2-4)
Some fluff followed by a phrase meaning behind the foot, typically used when referring to a dog

20a    Eavesdrop in this direction, you say? (8)
Sounds like (you say) a phrase meaning in this direction (4,4)

21a    Flood at home, getting cross after complaint (6)
The usual two-letter word meaning at home followed by a complaint or illness and the letter shaped like a cross

24a    Sure things should be secure, organised best (4,4)
A word meaning secure followed by an anagram (organised) of BEST


1d    Captain’s given fish but not head (6)
A captain without (not) his initial letter (head) – I didn’t like the construction of this clue

2d    Endless drink making one do this? (4)
A verb meaning to drink noisily without its final letter (endless) gives what one might do after drinking too much

5d    Present going with birthday suit (2,3,5)
This phrase meaning actually present could suggest that one is there in one’s birthday suit

8d    Quarrel — and produce sword? (8,5)
The first word indicates an anagram of the second would result in SWORD

13d    Racing foolishly, tense at first but no longer concerned (4,6)
A grammatical tense followed by an anagram (foolishly) of RACING

16d    Bagged up very soon? (2,1,5)
This could suggest that a proprietary brand of padded envelope has been used to bag something up


19d    Looking towards heaven, person that’s holy and chaste spouts (6)
An interest reversal (looking towards heaven) of a holy person and an adjective meaning chaste

22d    Lies if coming up with abuse regularly (4)
The reversal (coming up) of IF from the clue followed by the even letters (regularly) of aBuSe

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The Quick Crossword pun: road+dial+land=Rhode Island

69 comments on “DT 28629 (Hints)

  1. 1* / 2.5*. A light, pleasant diversion for a cold Saturday morning. Many thanks to the setter and to BD.

  2. Not much to say about this one as I must have been completely on wavelength today. In fact as far as time is concerned, I think it must have been a personal record. The only one that slightly confuses me is 17a, I’m fairly sure I’ve got it right, but for the life of me I can’t see why.

    Many thanks to BD and the setter

      1. Oh!!! Of course – I’m sure everyone heard that penny drop. I was looking to scrap one letter only. Thanks for putting me out of my misery BD.

  3. All good fun and very straight forward. Took me a moment or two to parse 19d and 2d, otherwise nothing to scare the horses, as someone used to say. Thanks to setter and BD.

  4. Just right for me with enough of a challenge to retain interest and provide some fun as I struggle with the dreaded lurgy! Several clever clues with 18a probably my Fav. Thank you Mysteron and BD.

  5. I’m pleased to see that I wasn’t the only one who didn’t like the construction of 1d, Dave, but, on the other hand, I loved 16d and that would be my clue of the day. It’s been a pleasant way to pass a chilly morning in South Cheshire without being overtaxed.

  6. Solved whilst sat in the vehicle in a supermarket car park as her in doors went spending money again.Last one in was 19D which took some unraveling & gets my vote for clue of the day. Many thanks to the setter & BD for his hints.

  7. Nice crossword for me today…..but do have one query….is 6d as straightforward as I think it is?

    Lovely to see the picture of the clerical crew. It was a great programme in its day.

    Thanks to the setter and to Big Dave.

  8. Straightforward, enjoyable and a bit of a breeze this Saturday morning. 16a was my favourite with 19d my last one in. 1.5* /3* overall with many thanks to our setter and BD.

  9. Other venerable commenters do not seem to have been too impressed with this one. I thought it was easy, for sure but that’s not a bad thing when the clueing is this good. 2,5,6 & 8d all got ticks with 8 getting two. 15a I thought I had never heard of initially but then a distant ecclesiastical bell was hear ringing. Also, it did not take up too much time with many other Saturday things to do. In places I would say the clueing was distinctly ‘Virgiliusian’. Lovely.
    Thanks to setter and BD. HNY all!

  10. Some lovely clues today! 16d and 20a are worth applause but the standing ovation goes to 19d.
    However, a few don’t work well, in my opinion. 1d seems muddled. 8d is lacking a second part of the clue for the first word of the answer.
    I haven’t finished! Still can’t get 6d and 14a. I shall cogitate further…. A bit of help would be much appreciated. Donaldo

    1. In 8d, if you do what the solution says, you will produce sword. 6d refers to xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx and for 14a I don’t think I can say more than BD already has for fear of the naughty step!

      1. Thank you! I take your point about 8d; I quite like it now! Fair enough on 14a. I know I am being thick here. Hopefully it will come to me soon.

  11. For the second day in a row, a curate’s egg, not overly enjoyable but completed at a gallop (I do need to come up with a new metaphor for solving speed/time) – **/**.

    Standout favourite – 12a.

    Thanks to the setter and BD.

    1. No, you mustn’t find a new metaphor – it just wouldn’t be the same. After all, without idiosyncrasies there’d be no limerick fodder!

  12. This didn’t feel like the work of one of our regular Saturday setters but enjoyable, if somewhat short-lived.

    15&18a raised a smile with 16&19d earning the Brownie points.

    Thanks to Mr Ron and to BD for the Saturday club.

  13. This was very mild – more of a “fun” cryptic than a Prize one. How did 1d get past the editor/sub-editor? Constructions with the definition in the middle of the wordplay often don’t work well – just like this one. But it did provide some light enjoyment, so 1.5* / 2.5*.

      1. 15d. Doctor gives our outcome to be severe (8)

        An anagram (doctor) of “gives our” leads to a synonym of “to be severe”.

        1. The formatting hasn’t worked – to be severe in the first line should be underlined as the definition. Could you edit it please?

  14. I enjoyed this but found it a slightly strange mixture of some good clues and a few not so good ones, in my opinion anyway.
    I wasn’t sure about 14a – not very difficult but it means that the first three letters are a verb which feels a bit odd.
    Like Ora Meringue I couldn’t believe that 6d was as straightforward as it seemed.
    19d was my last answer and took ages – first to get the answer and then to see why.
    18 and 20a and 16d all made me laugh so any one of those might be my favourite today – I just haven’t decided which one yet!
    Thanks to today’s setter and to BD.
    Off to have a go at the NTSPP and to see if I can manage an answer or two in the MPP.

      1. Please read the middle paragraph of the instructions in red at the bottom of the hints

  15. Very straightforward, but enjoyable nonetheless and took me away from staring at a blank MPP grid. My top spots go to 18A, 8D an 19D. thanks to the setter and to BD.

  16. A gentle start to the year, but it is nice to occasionally finish one quickly.
    I do hope the setter is not planning to wipe the smug smiles from our faces with the next one.
    Thanks to BD and gang.

    Happy New Year to everyone.

  17. I couldn’t find anything wrong with 1d. In fact I liked it. Nearly all written in without any scribbles on the paper. Only had to think briefly about 14a. I had thought of the other word which could mean fodder which did not parse but then it came. 19d I was pretty certain about but did not parse. My last one in was a real d’oh moment. It was only when I was about to google fraught excluders that the penny dropped. I think I will give that my top Mark followed by 18 and 21a and 5d. Thanks setter but perhaps fewer write ins and anagrams would keep us away from weekend chores and thanks BD.

  18. Must have been easy for all you clever clogs because I actually completed it without looking at the hints. A rare occurrence on a Saturday. Like weekendawanda I couldn’t see a problem with 1d. I happen to like them so it was straightforward.

  19. Lovely puzzle, lovely clues and almost done. Unusual for me on a Saturday. Hope to figure out 23a and 19d later over lunch. Favourite was 18a, with 20a as runner up. Happy day ☺️

  20. Suffering with jet lag so thought this would while away some waking time. Alas no. Virtually R&W. Thanks to the setter and BD for the hints.

      1. Thanks Merusa. For some reason I can’t explain I’ve just not found time for the blog. Start of a new year, maybe I’ll get back in the saddle.

  21. Tintin’s friend was the first thing that came to mind when I read 1d, once I’d discounted that everything else fell in to place without too much trouble.
    Quite cold in Devon today, I hope everyone is keeping warm.

  22. A very pleasant Saturday solve with lots of good clues, enjoyed it from start to finish. Plenty to make me smile, combined with the odd “head scratcher.” Not a lot more to say, apart from I was on the setters radar from the off.

    Clue of the day. Joint winners15a / 16d.

    Rating ** / ****

    Thanks to BD and the setter.

  23. Needed a couple of hints for a few including the v funny Mr Nimmo and also CS to make me see the obvious 6d. Still pondering 23a with BusyLizzie but I expect the answer on the tip of my tongue to reveal itself soon. Thanks to BD and setter HNY to all here.

    1. 23a has dropped at last. No other real problems though I did wonder if the propriety brand of padded bags was the same for those solvers from afar?

      1. Still pondering 23a… Mr BL came to my rescue on 16d as he remembered the brand of envelopes.

  24. I quite liked this, though I was held up far too long with 15a. I’d never heard of it and had no idea what the setter was getting at, tumbled quite by accident and a quick google sorted that.
    Fave is 6d .. I know, I know, easy peasy but fun.
    Thanks to the Saturday setter and to BD for the hints and pics.

  25. OH has just discovered Pinney’s of Orford whose 1d are truly divine, happiest person in East Anglia. Lovel Saturday treat of a crossword thanks to BD and setter, off to see how I get on with GK crossword in Saturday section.

    1. Fortunes of Whitby are the best 1d in the UK IMHO but you have to get there early as they close when the smokehouse is empty. You can have a peek in there but it looks like the inside of the lungs of someone who has been chain smoking capstan full strength for decades.

    2. Having spent many years living in Suffolk I have fond memories of many a 1d from Pinney’s and indeed superb fish meals at their Butley Orford Oysterage fish restaurant. 🦀🦐🐟.

  26. Enjoyable and easy though some of the constructions seemed awkward .
    I have also never heard or used the phrase 15a before.
    12a is my favourite .

  27. Easy enough today, which was welcome after yesterday.
    16d fav.
    Thanks BD and the setter,

  28. Not a particularly taxing puzzle providing an eclectic variety of clues which I found to be a pleasant diversion from my ongoing viral infection.

    Thanks to BD and setter 1.5*/4*

  29. I must have been off-form or on a different wavelength to the setter, because I struggled through in about *** time. 15ac was new to me, which might not have helped, and I took too long to get 8d which wouldn’t have helped either. Enjoyable all the same.

  30. Most clues went in very smoothly but last 3 in NW needed some head scratching and some help – very fishy cluing for 1d – sorry couldn’t resist! Over all very enjoyable.

    1. Forget about cold air and emotions and look again at draught and spirit. As I did you will kick yourself when the penny drops.

  31. No hold ups in completing this crossword. Some funny (odd) clues and one or two quite good ones of which 19d was a prime example and my favourite. 1.5/3* overall.
    Thanks to the setter, and to BD for the hints.

  32. Not on the setter’s wavelength at all at the start, but once I got going it wasn’t too bad. I didn’t like the construction of 1d either, and couldn’t believe 6d was so straightforward, I puzzled over it a while looking for something less obvious before realising it was all it could be. 23a was the last one in, and 19d my favourite once I realised that both parts were upside down. It has whiled away a chilly but sunny Cornish Sunday morning, so thanks to the setter and BD.

  33. I looked in yesterday a.m as I didn’t get 6d at all – I had an answer but wasn’t happy with it, but will accept I was correct reading other’s ‘hints’.
    Otherwise it was enjoyable enough, particularly 15a 5d and 18a and other unusual ones.
    Many thanks to BD and compiler.

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