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We are 9 (Jan 2018)

Birthday Bash

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The blog will have been going for 9 years on 28th January and to celebrate we will be having our usual Birthday Bash, at the same venue as last year.  Come along and join us at The Bridge House, 13 Westbourne Terrace Road, London, W2 6NG on the 27th January – any time between 12 noon and 7.00 pm.

All are welcome (that means you!) and, as usual, we have picked a pub that enables you to enjoy a host of real ales.  Click on either of the pictures for further details of the venue.


Only ten minutes walk from Paddington Station

It is all very accessible, in case anyone has special needs.

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This year name tags will be available.  Rather than set them up in advance, the tags will be available at the venue, along with a selection of marker pens.

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  1. Hardly seems like 12 months have passed since we last met up – really looking forward to seeing everyone again. Sad to think that two of our party from last year are no longer with us but hopefully some new faces will take the plunge and join us this time. There will doubtless be crosswords available on the day (although several of us are too busy catching up with folk and take them away to complete later) and, if we’re very lucky, CS may well bring along one of her scrummy lemon birthday cakes for us to share.

    I’ve booked into the Paddington Novotel again for the Fri/Sat nights and I assume that Dutch will be doing the same (once he gets his act together!) so if you’re free on the Friday evening (say 6pm onwards) do come and join us in the bar there for pre-bash drinks, food and gossip.

    1. Forgot to say – good idea about the name tags, BD – especially as we are invariably joined by ‘members of the public’ later in the day. I always feel slightly guilty about not talking to folk who could well turn out to be ‘first-timers’ just feeling slightly diffident about making themselves known. Plus – it will make getting the register signed SO much easier!

      1. The place that makes those particular goodies has apparently closed down – ho hum…………

  2. It’s been pencilled in my diary for some time, but now it’s firmly inked in.

    It’s always great to see a mixture of familiar and unfamiliar faces, and this year the name tags sound a useful innovation. Looking forward to it very much.

  3. I’ll definitely be there & expect to arrive sometime after 2 pm: I’m very much looking forward to seeing everyone again :-)
    I won the BD Prize puzzle a couple of months back (& the prize has arrived safely – thanks Dave!) so am now the proud owner of the 2017 Telegraph Big Book Of Cryptic Crosswords 1. Perhaps I can get all at the bash to sign it for me, as a memento – if you’d be so kind?

    See you all in a few weeks’ time.


    1. I see that you’re following in my footsteps Encota. I’ve got 41 signatures now – including yours of course!

      1. Hi Jane, I thought it was you who did that in 2015 (but thought I’d look stupid if I guessed wrongly)! I remember at the time thinking what a great idea.

  4. Fantastic, I’ll be there. I moved the Squash Tournament Finals a week later this year, and there’s no league football for it to clash with. Looking forward to it, and meeting up with you.

  5. Mrs DT and I intend to be there again – though, irritatingly, I have another meeting in London on Saturday which has to take precedence, so I shall probably be late. Hope to make the Novotel on Friday evening, though.

  6. I will be with you in spirit (even if I am no longer allowed to drink it) , look forward to the pictures and seeing what Sue’s amazing ingenuity has produced for thr cake.

  7. Hoping to be able to make it again – I have an uneasy feeling about January 27th, as though I had made some unbreakable plans for that date, but with luck those plans were just “to attend Big Dave’s Birthday Bash”!

    1. Would it be disloyal to drop by the Listener meetup beforehand I wonder? I would of course treat the BD bash as the *main* event of the day…

      1. Quite a few people have been known to attend both events and I’m sure that will be the case this year too

      2. You will, of course, get a ‘late’ mark in the register – one more and you’ll be in detention.

  8. Can’t make it this year but next year for the 10th is a possibility. Enjoy, and don’t do anything I wouldn’t!

  9. Unfortunately, I will not be attending this year. I hope you all have a very good time.

  10. 9… now that’s a square number. I like it. I also like it’s opposite…and the two combined for that matter.
    Enough of me.
    I hope there will be some nice trolley dollies on that BA flight. No offence.
    No macaroons this year. I’m usually bad at remembering dates of any kind but the shop closed definetly on the 6th of November 2017. That I shall remember.
    I’m looking for alternatives.
    Look forward to seing everyone in Paddington Central.

    1. Don’t worry in the least about finding alternatives, JL – just delighted to learn that you will definitely be joining us again.

  11. I would like to attend one of these but so far work precludes. This year no different as I will be landing from Denver that day.

      1. The link I posted on yesterday’s back page comments takes you straight to the obituary. No payment required

  12. I would love to have been there to meet you all as I have thoroughly enjoyed the blog, but I’m travelling up to London on the the 31st, so will miss it by a few days unfortunately. It’s already in my diary for next year though. Have a great time.

  13. Barring any kind of problem (if either of my Lambs needs me, for whatever reason, they would, of course, take priority) I will be there and I’m really looking forward to seeing everyone again.
    How on earth can it possibly be a whole year since we were all there last time . . .

    1. A quick PS. I will, of course, be there – how could I not be?
      Husband is going to come with me. He’s met BD and Mrs BD and several of the regular commenters – MP, Jane and Kitty. He’s looking forward to putting faces to the names of others that I bang on about all the time!
      We will miss the Kiwis – they stayed with us three years ago and we had a memorable stay with them two years ago at about this time of year.
      See you all on Saturday.

      1. Thank you Kath.
        It is at this time of the year that we really become conscious of the huge distance that separates us from all the friends that we have almost daily contact with during the year. We will be thinking of you all over the next few days. Have a great time.

        1. Perhaps you might consider a UK trip to include the big 10th party? It would be lovely to finally get to meet you both.

          1. It is a tempting thought. It would mean leaving our summer for your winter but at least that could mean off-peak air fares. We’ll certainly give it some thought.

            1. Please do – I’m sure there would be plenty of offers of accommodation across the country. I suspect that Oxford would be very welcoming and Anglesey certainly would be.

      2. Gosh, three years ago. I remember Saint Sharon and I brought Harrison along when he was a baby. Now he suggests “a compromise mummy” and talks to me of compartments in his tummy. “Well Grandad Mark, the compartment that dinner goes into is full but the pudding department is empty” it’s all to come for you Kath. Enjoyment all the way.

        1. Certainly fun. I’m staying with my two now aged 6 and 4. France Show for me today and Birthday Bash tomorrow. Exhausted already as they arrived in my room before 6 am. See you all tomorrow.

  14. We’ll be there, earlier rather than later because we have another ‘do’ to attend in the evening.

    1. Oh good! So glad that you’ll be there and look forward to seeing you. You don’t seem to be around on the blog much at the moment – I miss you!

  15. Unfortunately I won’t be able to attend after all. Best wishes for a wonderful day to all.

  16. We are so upset to hear the sad news about T Strummer.
    He’ll be sorely missed by Dulcie and I at the bash tomorrow.

  17. Does anyone happen to know if it’s easier to get there from Warwick Avenue than from Paddington? It looks it.

      1. I agree. I did Warwick Avenue first time but Paddington better along the canal so long as you leave from the correct exit. Paddington Metropolitan Hammersmith & City line. Can’t get lost. I’m already in London and been to The France Show today but weather forecast not so good for tomorrow

  18. I’ve managed to get a couple of train tickets tomorrow. I get to London early and want to go to either the Royal Acadamy exhibition or the John Soane museum. I will pop along to Little Venice in the afternoon. I have even been to Betty’s and will bring you some macaroons as I see from other posts that a regular supplier has been let down by a shop closure.

  19. Very best Birthday wishes to Big Dave’s Crossword Blog. Enjoy your celebration to the full!
    One cannot but admire the inspiration, dedication and expertise that has gone into and continues to go into this Blog. Warmest congratulations to you Big Dave and to all who make this splendid Blog what it is. :rose: :yahoo:

  20. Apologies. Late-breaking domestic issues have prevented me attending. Hope you’re having fun.

  21. Fantastic bash yesterday Dave. Think all present enjoyed. You will be pleased to know that the “man on the gate” took pity on the poor old lady without a ticket and let me on with a duly stamped note for the ticket inspector.

    1. Good – I’m glad you managed to sort out the problem of the missing train ticket without trouble.

    2. So glad you didn’t meet a jobsworth who’d have made you buy a whole new ticket.

  22. Finally back in through my own front door exhausted and exhilarated in equal measure. So great to catch up with ‘old’ friends again and also to meet some new faces. I’m now up to 48 names/pseudonyms in my unofficial register – you’ll have to go some to catch up with me, Encota!

    Many thanks to CS for the wonderful chocolate birthday cake, to Prolixic for providing the puzzles for the day and a HUGE thank you to BD for organising another successful birthday bash – hope you’ve booked us in for the big No. 10 next year?

    ‘Posh’ name badge and lanyard safely stowed away until the same time next year along with all the memories of this year’s bash – which will, of course, be held in strictest confidence provided that everyone concerned in creating said memories forwards the agreed hush money within the allotted time!

  23. Sorry I couldn’t be there yesterday due to family commitments. Wishing BD a very happy ninth birthday for a very successful site, and thanks for all the hard work involved to keep it running. A huge thanks too to all the reviewers.

  24. A great event on Saturday – thanks Big Dave … and Happy Birthday once again to all involved with the BD site. It was great to catch up with you all!

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