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ST 2929

Sunday Telegraph Cryptic No 2929

A full review by gnomethang

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This puzzle was published on 10th December 2017

BD Rating – Difficulty *Enjoyment ****

Morning All! – THis was a pretty quick solve that contained the usual excellence. I particularly admire the way that Mr Greer picks a synonym and then immediately gets a surface reading that expolits the other meaning and confuses the solver.

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1a           Arrived with something for sale in legendary court (7)
CAMELOT – CAME for arrived and a LOT or something for sale at auction.

5a           Communicate incoherently, say, after second page (7)
SPUTTER – Place UTTER for say after S(mall) and P(age).

9a           English composer turned up with right instrument endlessly (7)
PURCELL – Reverse UP (it is turned) and then add R(ight) and the CELL(o) instrument endlessly – without the end letter.

10a         Striking a couple of males in scene of fighting (7)
RAMMING – A from the clue and two M for males inside a RING or scene of  boxing match.

11a         What you’re doing that’s said to show irritation (9)
CROSSWORD – The second  (cryptic) definition is a CROSS WORD used to show irritation.

12a         Gave judgment — regretted embracing panel’s conclusion (5)
RULED – The concluding letter of (pane)L inside RUED or regretted.

13a         Place in which she leaves this herd (5)
THIRD – Remove the SHE from THI (s he)RD to get a podium position/place.

15a         Specialist medical subject involving oral examinations (9)
DENTISTRY – A cryptic definition – not for an exam but for the practice.

17a         Misrepresentation of stalwarts that’s the final problem (4,5)
LAST STRAW – An anagram (misrepresentation) of STALWARTS.

19a         Singular information in key source of notes about university (5)
DATUM – Place the key of D and an ATM (Automatic Telling Machine or source of banknotes) around U for University.

22a         Party vote with opposition? (5)
BEANO – To vote with the opposition might cryptically be described as to ‘BE A NO’.

23a         Warning about small article is what produces results (9)
CAUSATION – A CAUTION or warning around/about A from the clue and S(mall)

25a         Fierce competition making artist copy, in a way (3,4)
RAT RACE – A charade of an RA (Royal Academician or artist) and TRACE – one way to copy a picture.

26a         Bound to upset, surely (2,5)
An upset anagram of BOUND TO.

27a         Like September of all months? Yes and no (7)
LONGEST – Whilst September enjoys the longest letter count of all monthsit is not the longest by days.

28a         What’s central to smart lesson? That’s simple (7)
ARTLESS – A hidden word in the centre of sm ARTLESS on.


1d           Modest when holding power, act differently as one who doesn’t (7)
COPYCAT – COY/modest holds P for Power and is followed by an anagram (differently) of ACT

2d           Ruin study on current for electrical engineer (7)
MARCONI – MAR for ruin then CON for study on top of I for current.

3d           Sound clues for Northern city (5)
LEEDS – A homophone (sound) of LEADS or clues.

4d           Hard to swallow food requested — not a piece of cake (4,5)
TALL ORDER – A hard to swallow story is a TALL story. Follow that with an ORDER of food.

5d           Cut made by censor ultimately disrupting cast (5)
SHRED – Place the last letter in (censo)R inside SHED for cast/throw.

6d           Admire run — scrambled single (9)
UNMARRIED – A scrambled anagram of ADMIRE RUN.

7d           Activate call for better service, part of multiple delivery (7)
TRIPLET – A charade of TRIP/activate and a LET in tennis being a call to improve upon the first poor service.

8d           Manipulate in lazy way, without flexibility (7)
RIGIDLY – When split as (3,4) we can read to RIG (manipulate) IDLY (in a lazy way).

14d         Oldies act drunkenly, so put out of joint (9)
DISLOCATE – A similarly constructed anagram to the last couple – make an anagram (drunkenly) of OLDIES ACT . Nice surface reading though!.

16d         Freshly minted coin in Pacific island (3,6)
NEW GUINEAU – A freshly minted (old) coin might be a NEW GUINEAU.

17d         Progressive revised bill covering historical period (7)
LIBERAL  – An anagram (revised) of BILL that is around (covering) an ERA or historical period.

18d         Like some old people having skill in bridge (7)
SPARTAN – An old race of people. Place ART or skill inside a SPAN or bridge.

20d         British union’s leader smothered in banal praise (7)
TRIBUTE – Place B(ritish) and the leader of the word U(nion) inside TRITE for banal.

21d         Record times (7)
MINUTES – Two definitions – the record of a business meeting and also some periods of time.

23d         Summit conference’s opening before holiday (5)
CREST – The opening letter of C(onference) before a REST or holiday.

24d         Examination that involves studying books (5)
AUDIT – A cryptic definition where the books are the financial records in the vernacular.

Thanks as always to the setter – I’ll see you all tomorrow.