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ST 2927

Sunday Telegraph Cryptic No 2927

A full view by crypticsue

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This puzzle was published on 26th November 2017

BD Rating – Difficulty **Enjoyment ****

A lovely treat of a puzzle to match the lovely sunshine outside. Lots of clues that could be picked for the podium but I’ll go for the simple 22d purely because it reminds me of a story about our wedding reception.

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7a    Liking quiet entrance (8)
PENCHANT – P (musical symbol indicating quiet) ENCHANT (entrance)

9a    Assertion I, for one, heard (6)
AVOWAL – A homophone (heard) of A VOWEL (I, for one [example])

10a    Paint line and circle in reduced playing area (6)
COLOUR – L (line) and O (the letter that is circular in shape) inserted into almost all of COURt (reduced playing area)

11a    Fee includes something done in medical business (8)
PRACTICE – PRICE (fee) includes ACT (something done)

12a    Speculator is improperly securing me three valuable commodities (8,6)
PRECIOUS METALS – An anagram (improperly) of SPECULATOR IS ‘securing’ ME (from the clue). The three precious metals (valuable commodities) are gold, silver and platinum, although (rarely) mercury or others of high price

15a    Some land in Mediterranean port (4)
ACRE – A measure of land or a port in Israel

17a    Fish from middle of jetty beside Waterloo (5)
TROUT – The middle of jeTty and a ROUT which is what the Battle of Waterloo is said, by some, to have been.

19a    Heads off to regatta in magnificent condition for sailing (4)
TRIM – The ‘heads’ of To Regatta In Magnificent

20a    Labour didn’t produce such funding (8,6)
UNEARNED INCOME – Money not produced by work (labour)

23a    Decoration for room shows ship crossing river (8)
STREAMER – STEAMER (ship) ‘crossing’ R (river)

25a    As such, including university study (6)
PERUSE – PER SE (as such) ‘including’ U (university)

27a    One tune I’d rearranged (6)
UNITED – An anagram (rearranged) of TUNE ID

28a    Man in charge of section of the body (8)
CORPORAL – A rank in the army or an adjective meaning belonging or relating to the body


1d    Almost put out of service for protest (4)
DEMO – Almost DEMOb (put out of service)

2d    Reflecting sound selection after last goes top (6)
ECHOIC – The last letter of CHOICE (selection) goes to the top of the word (the right direction in a Down clue!)

3d    Prevent large amount of money being raised (4)
STOP – A reversal (being raised) of POTS of money

4d    Run miles over a very long time (6)
MANAGE – M (miles) over AN AGE (a very long time)

5d    Difference in new paintings going up in price (8)
CONTRAST – N (new) and a reversal (going up) of ART (paintings) inserted into COST (price)

6d    Man’s crisis misrepresented as problem with ego (10)
NARCISSIM – An anagram (misrepresented) of MANS CRISIS

8d    JFK, for instance, as screened in fair portrayal (7)
AIRPORT – Screened (lurking) in fAIR PORTrayal

13d    Telling act that follows political no-win situation (10)
RECOUNTING – Telling a story or counting up all the votes again when the outcome of an election isn’t clear

14d    Piece of wheel, it’s said (5)
SPOKE – Two fairly obvious definitions for this one

16d    Iron, carbon, and chromium, for example, workers put in sort of steel (8)
ELEMENTS – MEN (workers) put in an anagram (sort) of STEEL

18d    Holidaymaker runs into popular person in bar? (7)
TRIPPER – R (runs) put into TIPPER (popular person in bar?)

21d    Cure part of extreme dyslexia (6)
REMEDY – A second lurker – this time part of extREME DYslexia

22d    Bottle child found under vehicle (6)
CARBOY – BOY (child) found under CAR (vehicle)

24d    Pile of hay that Pat has discarded (4)
RICK – Part of the name PATRICK which Pat discarded when he wanted to be known more informally

26d    Top performer that represents state in standard array (4)
STAR – A top performer or a symbol representing a State on the American flag


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  1. I couldn’t work out 22d, thought is was some fiendish selection of letters from the last two words.
    Very pleasant solve so many thanks to Virgilius and also to CS for the review.

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