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ST 2921

Sunday Telegraph No 2921

A full review by crypticsue

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This puzzle was published on 15th October 2017

BD Rating – Difficulty *Enjoyment ****

Such a lot to enjoy as per usual on a Sunday morning – I’ll go for 13a as my favourite for reasons outlined below

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1a    Monotonous way to vocalise with instrument (7)
HUMDRUM – HUM (way to vocalise) with DRUM (instrument)

5a    Within remaining time, is becoming red (7)
LEFTIST – IS (from the clue) ‘within’ LEFT (remaining) T (time)

9a    Ring concerning something we hear (7)
RESOUND – RE (concerning) SOUND (something we hear)

10a    Out of the ordinary places I recollected (7)
SPECIAL – An anagram (recollected) of PLACES I

11a    Representative who’s becoming more broad-minded? (9)
TRAVELLER – Because as we all know, travel broadens the mind

12a    Quarrel started by daughter, in essence (5)
DRIFT – RIFT ‘started by’ or going after D (daughter)

13a    Stuff covering cake finally? (5)
CREAM – This made me smile, not least because after solving the puzzle and drafting this review, I was going to spend the day making cakes for a Wear It Pink cake event (which turned out to be my best yet, raising £400)

15a    I recover without male doctor, in unethical way (9)
IMMORALLY – I RALLY (I recover) ‘without’ M (male) MO (doctor)

17a    Achieved 50 per cent of score after pro not recalled (9)
FORGOTTEN – FOR (pro, in favour of) TEN (50% of 20, a score)

19a    Leaders of parties on left and right, as different as can be (5)
POLAR – The leaders of Parties On Left And Right

22a    A voyage back as result of making a name for oneself (5)
ALIAS – A (from the clue) and a reversal (back) of SAIL (voyage)

23a    Accepts I must change line that’s dubious (9)
SCEPTICAL – An anagram (must change) of ACCEPTS I followed by L (line)

25a    Figure out about name in reports (7)
GUNFIRE – An anagram (out) of FIGURE goes ‘about’ N (name)

26a    Demand too much of public ahead of a vote (7)
OVERTAX – OVERT (public) A X (vote)

27a    With maximal organisation, temperature falls in it (7)
TIDIEST – T (temperature) and DIES (falls) in IT (from the clue)

28a    Tested product of mine, for example, in a small edition (7)
ASSAYED – SAY (for example) in A S (small) ED (edition)


1d    Dissenter in this position joining spasmodic movement (7)
HERETIC – HERE (in this position) TIC (spasmodic movement)

2d    Million I bet in error (7)
MISTAKE – M (million) I STAKE (I bet)

3d    Libertine consuming good kind of wine from France (5)
ROUGE – ROUE (libertine) ‘consuming’ G (good)

4d    One of best three dinners initially found in menu? (9)
MEDALLIST – D (dinners ‘initially’) found in MEAL LIST (menu)

5d    Chopping out odd pieces, always fears powerful cutter (5)
LASER – chopping out the odd pieces of aLwAyS fEaRs

6d    Expedition for students if led badly leads to fall (5,4)
FIELD TRIP – An anagram (badly) of IF LED leads to, or followed by, TRIP (fall)

7d    First letter one found in old language, then another one turned up (7)
INITIAL – I (the letter one) found in LATIN (old language) and then another I is added, the result being reversed (turned up)

8d    Author raised fortune with second play (7)
TOLSTOY – A reversal (raised) of LOT (fortune) with S (second) TOY (play)

14d    Low number accepting call for peace? Nonsense (9)
MOONSHINE – MOO (low) and NINE (number) ‘accepting’ SH (call for peace)

16d    Maine’s not mistaken for another state (9)
MINNESOTA – An anagram (mistaken) of MAINES NOT

17d    Anxious female with expression of disgust trapped by rodent (7)
FRAUGHT – F (female) with UGH (expression of disgust) trapped by RAT (rodent)

18d    Was ruler guided like Arab, from what we hear? (7)
REIGNED – A homophone (from what we hear) of REINED (guided like an Arab horse)

20d    Flower-girl covering up about it without breaking law (7)
LICITLY – LILY (flower-girl) ‘covering up’ C (about) and IT (from the clue)

21d    About fifty, fired, took it easy (7)
RELAXED – RE (about) L (Roman numeral for 50) AXED (fired)

23d    Thrilled over minimal money being paid out (5)
SPENT – SENT (thrilled) over P (minimal amount of money)

24d    Lock as part of theatre’s security (5)
TRESS – Just as you thought Virgilius had forgotten to include a trademark lurker, he sneaks one in at the end – a lock of hair is found in part of theaTRES Security


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  1. Congratulations to you on your fund raising effort, thanks for review of the crossword, looking at it nothing leapt out at me as being a favourite but I always enjoy Sundays.

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