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Daily Telegraph Cryptic No 28558

A full review by crypticsue

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This puzzle was published on 14th October 2017

BD Rating – Difficulty */**Enjoyment ***

A smidge trickier than some Saturdays (or perhaps it was just the result of fitting it in to a very hectic Saturday). What’s more, it is a “Christmas Pangra”, containing every letter of the alphabet apart from L – thus No el! No contest for favourite clue this week – 26d – because I’ve been to the top of the ‘solution’ and the last word of the clue is quite close to home and work too!

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1a    Troops ordered to accept tackle (7)
BRIGADE – BADE (ordered) around RIG (tackle)

9a    Droning sound of instant message when holding on (8)
MONOTONE – MO (instant) NOTE (message) the latter ‘holding’ ON (from the clue)

10a    Flashy fliers leading swimmers (7)
RAFFISH – RAF (Royal Air Force, fliers) FISH (swimmers)

11a    Most memorable experience could be Helvellyn (4,4)
HIGH SPOT – Helvellyn being the third highest point in England

12a    Article set out how to become famous rock group? (3,3)
THE WHO – THE (article) and an anagram (set out) of HOW

13a    Bill promises to pay after repair, being dishonest (10)
MENDACIOUS – AC (account, bill) IOUS (promises to pay) go after MEND (repair)

15a    Pavlova, perhaps, that gets sent back just the same (4)
ANNA – The ballerina or indeed any other girl called ANNA will know that their name is a palindrome

16a    Scheme news boss threw out (9)
PROJECTED – PROJECT (scheme) ED (editor, news boss)

21a    Wander in said ancient city (4)
ROAM – The fact that the homophone indictor – said – is next to the ancient city tells that you need a homophone of ROME to get the verb meaning to wander

22a    Person setting out on a task as mortician (10)
UNDERTAKER – A double definition

24a    First to stand by unhappy person that loves being cruel (6)
SADIST – IST (first) stands by SAD (unhappy)

25a    Frantic having refined novel, penning the last character (8)
FRENZIED – An anagram (novel) of REFINED ‘penning’ Z, the last character in the alphabet

27a    Need to have verse in poetry replaced (7)
POVERTY – V (verse) in POETRY

28a    Preserve offered by inns here for spreading (8)
ENSHRINE – An anagram (for spreading) of INNS HERE

29a    Someone on boat beginning to sell fish (7)
SKIPPER – S (the beginning of Sell) KIPPER (fish)


2d    Getting to feeling pain again (8)
REACHING – RE ACHING (feeling pain again)

3d    Present coverage in newspaper after US soldier stole (4,4)
GIFT WRAP – FT (newspaper) goes after GI (US soldier) and then WRAP (stole) goes at the end

4d    Record on order — keep being inconvenience! (10)
DISCOMFORT – DISC (record) OM (Order of Merit) FORT (keep)

5d    In archipelago, big dry area (4)
GOBI – This desert (dry area) is lurking in archipelaGO BIg

6d    Barbarian in charge of architectural style (6)
GOTHIC – GOTH (Barbarian) IC (In Charge)

7d    Case on which one takes a stand, so to speak (7)
SOAPBOX – Can you still get soapboxes strong enough for politicians and the like to stand on to address a crowd?

8d    One looks down in the mouth when at work (7)
DENTIST – Cryptic definition

11d    Take notice of circling scruff limiting parking, getting browbeaten (9)
HENPECKED – HEED (take notice of) ‘circling’ NECK (scruff) ‘limiting’ or having P (parking) inserted

14d    Sweet wine — it’ll be felt later on (10)
AFTERSHOCK – Well there had to be at least one ‘old friend’ – AFTERS (sweet, pudding) HOCK (wine)

17d    Bring to light boat having stopped short abruptly in the middle (6,2)
DREDGE UP – DREDGEr (boat ‘stopped short’) and UP (the middle two letters of abrUPtly)

18d    Revolutionary test case for music-maker (8)
CASSETTE – An anagram (revolutionary) of TEST CASE

19d    Having Elvis hairstyle, I will be knocked out by a drunk (7)
QUAFFED – Elvis was QUIFFED – knock out the I and replace it with the A in the clue

20d    Unfavourable notice with few lines (7)
ADVERSE – AD (notice) VERSE (few lines)

23d    Run on guide to London or South — they’re used for short cuts every morning (6)
RAZORS – R (run) AZ (the London guide – although they do have them for other places too) OR (from the clue) S (South)

26d    Italian 11 Across that erupts in Canterbury? (4)
ETNA – This Italian high spot erupts or reverses in cANTEbury