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ST 2919

Sunday Telegraph Cryptic No 2919

A full review by crypticsue

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This puzzle was published on 1st October 2017

BD Rating – Difficulty **/***Enjoyment ****

A nice diversion on a gloomy drizzly Sunday – I’m torn between 8d and 21d as to which should be top favourite, but really any of the clues could have been on the leader board

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7a    Performing relatively well on course, or rather poorly (5,3)
BELOW PAR – Doing well on a golf course or being what my late mother-in-law would call ‘not quite the ticket’

9a    Part of what one does is made up (6)
ATONED – An early lurker this week – found in part of whAT ONE Does

10a    Mercury, for instance, showing temperature with level (6)
PLANET – T (temperature) goes with (or in this case after) PLANE (level)

11a    Saint subject to criticism? That’s child’s play (5,3)
PETER PAN – PETER (Saint) PAN (subject to criticism)

12a    Words as repeated by another from crazy prophet’s decree (8,6)

15a    Business unlikely to yield much (4)
FIRM – Double definition – one a noun and the other an adjective

17a    Journalists with Trump, say, shortly heading south (5)
PRESS – PRES (President [Trump say] abbreviated (shortly) heading or going in front of S (South)

19a    Part of act heard and understood (4)
SEEN – A homophone (heard) of SCENE (part of act)

20a    Total unity as Asian country cut requirement for sight-seeing (14)
INDIVISIBILITY – INDIa (Asian country ‘cut’) VISIBILITY (requirement for sight-seeing)

23a    An error, stupidly, about weight, being less fat (8)
NARROWER – An anagram (stupidly) of AN ERROR ‘about’ W (weight)

25a    How diplomacy is shown to be complete (6)
INTACT- IN TACT (how diplomacy is shown)

27a    Pulse is one fifty, following fast time (6)
LENTIL – Or a chestnut, depending on how you look at it! I (one) L (Roman numeral for 50) following LENT (fast time)

28a    Began again after page is taken as read (8)
PRESUMED – RESUMED (began again) after P (page)


1d    Charge over line — that makes sense (4)
FEEL – FEE (charge) over L (line)

2d    Carried on, initially, in island (6)
BORNEO – BORNE (carried) and O (on ‘initially’)

3d    Horse-drawn vehicle, something one aims to avoid when driving (4)
TRAP – The first definition is obviously the horse-drawn vehicle and I’m sticking to my view when I solved the puzzle that the second refers to a bunker on a golf course

4d    Computer on which option from menu shouldn’t be dropped? (6)
LAPTOP – This computer also describes somewhere you shouldn’t drop food

5d    Corrupt son’s ruse that leaves a bad taste in the mouth (8)
SOURNESS – An anagram (corrupt) of SONS RUSE

6d    Doctor chatted about soldiers in separate unit (10)
DETACHMENT – A surface reading that sneakily hides the anagram indicator (doctor) – an anagram (chatted) goes about MEN (soldiers)

8d    Parking briefly, it’s to add petrol primarily? (3,4)
PITSTOP – P (parking ‘briefly’ abbreviated) ITS TO (from the clue) P (petrol ‘primarily’)

13d    Out? I’m not, and very happy about it (10)
ELIMINATED – ELATED (very happy) goes about IM IN (I’m not out)

14d    How to treat wound that makes doctor persist, ignoring odds? (5)
DRESS – DR (doctor) pErSiSt (persist ignoring the odd letters)

16d    Reasonable manner and pace (8)
MODERATE – MODE (manner) RATE (pace)

18d    Sink warship north of port, for example (7)
SUBSIDE – SUB (warship) goes north (in a Down clue) of SIDE (port as opposed to starboard)

21d    Class of sounds, all used in audiometry (6)
VOWELS – Can all be found in AUdIOmEtry

22d    Kind of paper that’s taken in chemistry test (6)
LITMUS – A piece of paper used to test for relative acidity or alkalinity

24d    Conclusions reached by teacher, sadly, about work of poor quality (4)
ROPY – The ‘conclusions’ of teacheR and sadlY go about OP (work)

26d    Rebel following master in preparation of courses (4)
CHEF – CHE (Mr Guevara the rebel) and F (following)