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ST 2917

Sunday Telegraph Cryptic No 2917

A full review by gnomethang

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This puzzle was published on 17th September 2017

BD Rating – Difficulty **Enjoyment ****

Morning All! Im Back from a holiday and straight back into a hellish job. This was my first solve back and my rustiness showed but there were some great clues here.

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1a           Study subject in school that gives moral guidance (10)
CONSCIENCE – A charade of CON (study) and SCIENCE (a subject in school).

6a           Have difficulty breathing when admitted by doctor (4)
GASP – Place AS (when ) inside (is admitted by) a GP or doctor.

9a           Unforeseen problem in theatrical part before season in US (7)
PITFALL – The orchestra PIT is part of a theatre. Add FALL (the season of Autumn in the US).

10a         Sick young woman injecting drug that’s unlawful (7)
ILLEGAL – Ill for sick and GA for a young woman to include E (the drug Ecstacy).

12a         Thoughtfulness seen in allowance set by Tory party (13)
CONSIDERATION – A RATION or allowance goes by CON (tory) and SIDE (party).

14a         Husband proceeded carefully, protected against loss (6)
HEDGED – H for Husband and EDGED for ‘proceeded carefully’.

15a         Female at one’s home is that woman who does the polishing? (8)
FINISHER – A charade of F(emale) IN (at home) IS form the clue and HER (that woman).

17a         Birds getting together when the sun rises (4-4)
COCK-CROW – The names of two birds getting together!

19a         Wrong attitude towards the old images changed (6)
AGEISM – A changed anagram of IMAGES.

22a         Tool for tailoring legs without bad shrinkage (7,6)
PINKING SHEARS – Place PINS (legs) around the outside/without an anagram (bad) of SHRINKAGE.

24a         In Spain, fantastic member of its ruling family (7)
INFANTA – A hidden word is IN Spa IN FANTA stic.

25a         Small hardship, going without a vegetable (7)
SPINACH – S for small then a PINCH or hardship going outside/without A from the clue.

26a         Revolution in Italian city after one of the Romans is ousted (4)
TURN – Remove I (one in Roman Numerals) from the Italian city of TUR(i)N.

27a         As change for US, introducing help for unemployed youth (10)
ADOLESCENT – Place DOLE (help for the unemployed) inside AS from the clue and a CENT or change money in the US.


1d           Manage to put together odds for croupier (4)
COPE – Use/put together only the odd letters in C r O u P I E r.

2d           Sighted off the rocks? (7)
NOTICED – A drink with ice is ‘on the rocks’. Cryptically a drink ‘off the rocks’ could be NOT ICED!.

3d           Work of nuclear scientist or a technician, possibly (5,8)
CHAIN REACTION – An anagram (possibly) of OR A TECHNICIAN and a brilliant spot in my opinion.

4d           Tasty treat it’s clear I demolished (6)
ÉCLAIR – A demolished anagram of CLEAR I.

5d           Conservative standing on ceremony before appearance raised standards (8)
                CRITERIA – Place C(onservative) on top of (standing ON in a down clue) a RITE or ceremony and then reverse/raise AIR for appearance.

7d           Wrongly using a hospital, creating great distress (7)
ANGUISH – An anagram (wrongly) of USING A followed by H for Hospital.

8d           E.g. Mum or Dad having daughter housed by friend in capital (10)
PALINDROME – Place D for Daughter inside (housed by) PAL (friend) IN ROME (a capital city).

11d         Some top players partly muffle a din — glad I escaped (7,6)
LEADING LADIES – Players here are actors and are hidden in (indicated by partly) muff LE A DIN GLAD I ES caped.

13d         Security measure has purpose after attack on board (10)
CHECKPOINT – A POINT or purpose follows a CHECK or attack on a chess board.

16d         Kind of writing that’s used for minutes (8)
LONGHAND – The cryptic definition part of this clue refers to the fact that the LONG HAND on a clock indicates the number of minutes past the hour (which uses the smaller hand).

18d         Have discussions about one source of needles (7)
CONIFER – to CONFER or have discussions around the outside of (about) I for one.

20d         Establish what’s trendy, say (7)
INSTATE – IN for trendy and STATE for say.

21d         Swindle is covered up by revolutionary Left (6)
CHISEL – IS form the clue is inside (covered up by) CHE (Guevara the famous revolutionary) and L for Left.

23d         It’s opposed to this heartless threat (4)
THAT – Remove the two letters at the heart of TH(re)AT. Simple but effective!.

 Thanks to the setter. Pretty sure I am back next week!.

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  1. Such a shame that we’ve all ‘moved on’ by the time you’re allowed to post the Sunday reviews. Reading this reminded me of how much I enjoyed this particular offering from Virgilius – thank you, Gnomethang.

  2. Indeed, Jane, I just about remember enjoying this one, as always, from Virgilius. 22a was my fave, I think.
    Thanks to Mr Greer and to GT – people do read this stuff so thank you.

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