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ST 2910

Sunday Telegraph Cryptic No 2910

A full review by gnomethang

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This puzzle was published on Sunday 30th July

BD Rating – Difficulty **Enjoyment ***

Morning All! Another quick solve this week with some very good clues in my opinion.

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1a           Noon temperature fifty-five, in short (6)
TWELVE – Start with T for Temperature and then place the Roman Numeral LV for fifty-five inside WEE for short.

4a           In dunce’s cap, is maybe avoiding reality (8)
ESCAPISM – A hidden word IN dunc ES CAP IS M aybe.

10a         People similar to one noble rise when king enters (4,5)
PEER GROUP – A PEER or noble and the R for Rex (king) inside GO UP or rise.

11a         A second writer leaves producer (5)
ASPEN – A form trhe clue, S for Second and then a PEN for a writer (writing implement). Any tree is a producer of leaves!.

12a         Aspiring actress delivering line with energy in debut (7)
STARLET – L for Line and E for Energy inside START or debut.

13a         Old soldier‘s part of hunting outfit (7)
REDCOAT – The first is the definition and the cryptic is the colour of a hunting tunic, traditionally.

14a         Staff at home for French master (5)
RODIN – ROD for staff/pole and IN for at home.

15a         Name honour, and record recipient of big one (8)
NOBELIST – A N(ame) then an OBE (honour) and finally a LIST for a record.

18a         Menace from Teheran dissipated after time (8)
THREATEN – A dissipated anagram of TEHERAN placed after T for Time.

20a         African country taking one area finally from another (5)
NIGER – Remove the final I (one) and A (area) from NIGERIA, one African country.

23a         Coming first in race, getting inside an opponent (7)
ARRIVAL – The first letter in R(ace) getting inside A RIVAL (an opponent).

25a         Endlessly get excited about doctor that’s romantic (7)
AMOROUS – Place all but the last letter (endlessly) in AROUS( e ) around an MO – Medical Officer or doctor.

26a         Skilled person in a section of large store, briefly (5)
ADEPT – An abb. of a department in a store is A DEPT.

27a         Motivation I have, following popular change in US (9)
INCENTIVE – I’VE for I have after IN (popular) and CENT (coinage change in the USA).

28a         Something psychoanalyst might try to do for close friend (5,3)
ALTER EGO – The first cryptic definition is the stock in trade of a psychoanalyst. The definition is the close friend or twin.

29a         What could make us run in battle? (6)
FRIGHT – A lovely all in one where the whole clue is the definition. Place R for Run inside FIGHT (battle).


1d           Piece of mural art records attempt (8)
TAPESTRY – A charade of TAPES (records) and TRY (attempt) and a bit of a chestnut.

2d           Maiden taken in by corrupt dealer is kind of green (7)
EMERALD – M for Maiden (from the cricket scoring abb.) inside an anagram (indicated by corrupt) of DEALER.

3d           Stupidly leaving it for unofficial policeman (9)
VIGILANTE – An anagram (stupidly) of LEAVING IT.

5d           Half-hearted meal, a roll before trip — that’s more than enough (14)
SUPERABUNDANCE – Start with SUP(p)ER or a half-hearted meal, then add A BUN (a roll) and finish with a DANCE (e.g. to trip the light fantastic)

6d           A no-win situation upset Oscar, for one (5)
AWARD – A from the clue and a reversal (upset) of a DRAW or no-win situation.

7d           Disrespectful mischief-maker promises to settle scores (7)
IMPIOUS – A charade of IMP (mischief-maker) and IOUS or promises to pay/settle scores.

8d           Very little said otherwise for short time (6)
MINUTE – MINUTE can be pronounced differently (said otherwise) to mean very small (like my newt). The second definition is the straight one.

9d           What may be done with tea and cookies that reveals a lot? (7-7)
FORTUNE-TELLING – FORTUNE-TELLING ( one’s lot is one’s fortune) can be carried out by both looking into teal leaves and also by cracking open a fortune cookie after a (Chinese) meal.

16d         Farmer, perhaps, left before an upsetting experience (9)
LANDOWNER – Place L for Left and AN from the clue before a DOWNER or upsetting experience.

17d         Mainly do well covering court scene (8)
PROSPECT – All but the last letter (mainly) of PROSPE( r ) on top of (covering in a down clue) CT – the abb. for court.

19d         Badly trashed, like last clue solved? (7)
HARDEST – An anagram (badly) of TRASHED – assuming the last clue in is the HARDEST.

21d         Good learner, outstanding and bright (7)
GLOWING – G for Good and L for Learner followed by OWING or due/outstanding of a bill.

22d         Has raised Bedouin, say, mostly in desert (6)
SAHARA – Reverse HAS frim the clue and then add most of ARA(b) or Bedouin for example.

24d         One of those trying to provide seat for person standing (5)
VOTER – A cryptic definition of the electorate who are trying to get a standing politician into a seat at Westminster say.

 Thanks to the setter – I’ll be back tomorrow.