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DT 28497


Daily Telegraph Cryptic No 28497

Hints and tips by Deep Threat

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BD Rating – Difficulty */**Enjoyment ***

Good morning from South Staffs. Another bright sunny morning which, if the rest of the week is any guide, will give way to cloud and rain later. I see from the banner that BD has put on the web page that today is the birthday of our favourite Anglesey resident, so for Jane:

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Today’s Giovanni, like most of his recent puzzles, did not present any great difficulties, thoughthe cryptic definitions may be a little more challenging than some. Unusually, I took longer to finish the Quick Crossword than the Cryptic this week.

In the hints below, the definitions are underlined. The answers are hidden under the ANSWER buttons, so don’t click if you don’t want to see them.

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1a           Sign of injury? Dab lotions freely (10)
BLOODSTAIN – Anagram (freely) of DAB LOTIONS.

6a           Sword keeper has knocked over (4)
EPEE – Hidden in reverse (knocked over) in the clue.

Image result for epee

9a           Naughty lady, only half educated, in state of anxiety (10)
SEDUCTRESS – Take the first half of EDUCated and insert it into a state of worry or anxiety.

10a         Small thin person is quietly hiding behind wife (4)
WISP – Put together Wife, IS (from the clue), and the musical symbol for ‘quietly’.

12a         Garment beginning to smell, not completely dry (4)
SARI – The first letter of Smell, followed by a word for dry minus its last letter (not completely), giving us an Indian garment.

Image result for sari

13a         English bird returning, back briefly in the city (9)
WORCESTER – Start with an abbreviation for English and a carrion bird, reverse the result (returning), then add a word for the back of a ship minus its last letter (briefly). The answer is an English county town famous for its sauce.

15a         Not the only one that letter deals with? (8)
COTENANT – Cryptic definition of someone occupying rented property in conjunction with others.

16a         Member in river? I’m concerned! (4,2)
DEAR ME – One of the members of the human body, with a Welsh or Scottish river wrapped around it.

18a         Agent gets nothing right in official document (6)
REPORT – Put together a short form of the word for a commercial agent, the letter which looks like nothing or zero, and an abbreviation for ‘right’.

20a         Like a man kept in order (8)
MONASTIC – Cryptic definition of the state of a man living in a religious order.

Image result for monastic

23a         Celeb’s art may be seen in these ornamental pieces (9)
BRACELETS – Anagram (may be seen) of CELEB’S ART.

24a         Animal that is getting cross — head of beast must be held (4)
IBEX – Put together the Latin abbreviation for ‘that is’ and a cross-shaped letter, then insert the first letter of Beast.

Image result for ibex

26a         Particular Bible translation I had, being keen (4)
AVID – The two-letter acronym for the King James Bible, followed by the short form of ‘I had’.

27a         Bring together a number in the mathematics class? (2-8)
CO-ORDINATE – Double definition: a verb meaning ‘bring together’ (a plan, for example); and a number found along the x axis or y axis of a graph.

28a         Responsibility for tax (4)
DUTY – Double definition: something you are bound to do; or something you are bound to pay.

29a         One not totally alert, boss about to retire? (10)
SLEEPYHEAD – A boss who is ready for bed may be described (6,4) thus, perhaps.


1d           Former President to show embarrassment, getting left out (4)
BUSH – To get one of two former US Presidents, remove the L (left out) from ‘show embarrassment’.

Image result for president bush

2d           What may have lost its flavour for sailor? (3,4)
OLD SALT – A term describing a sailor of age and experience. Taken literally this could be a chemical which has aged and lost its freshness. The setter is, I think, pointing at the Biblical parable in Matthew 5:13.

3d           A direction is given about books crossword setters may use (12)
DICTIONARIES – Anagram (given about) of A DIRECTION IS.

4d           Most of the water sport is confusing (8)
THROWING – The first two letters (most of) TH(e) (from the clue), followed by a sport carried on while facing backwards on water.

5d           Institute entertains Her Majesty in an enclosure (6)
INSERT – Put the letters denoting our Queen inside an abbreviation for ‘Institute’, and you get one of the irritating enclosures which fall out of a magazine when you first get it.

7d           Artist, one getting tied up? (7)
PAINTER – This sort of fine artist could also be the rope used to tie up a small boat.

8d           Niece working under specialist briefly accumulated skill (10)
EXPERIENCE – A skilled specialist minus his or her last letter (briefly) followed by an anagram (working) of NIECE.

11d         Presumed quality of archdeacon, never going wrong, having competence (12)
VENERABILITY – Anagram (going wrong) of NEVER, followed by competence or capability. The answer is a reference to the honorific title accorded to clergy who are archdeacons.

14d         Twenty directors that may be seen at Lord’s (10)
SCOREBOARD – Another word for ‘twenty’ followed by the collective noun for the directors of a company.

Image result for scoreboard lords

17d         Understand what can fool people, right? (8)
CONSTRUE – Some (plural) scams or tricks, followed by another word for ‘right’ or ‘correct’

19d         Man is put into part — player on stage? (7)
PIANIST – A three-letter man’s name and IS (from the clue), with an abbreviation for ‘part’ wrapped around the result.

ARVE Error: need id and provider

21d         Adolescent could be free agent, putting father off (7)
TEENAGE – Anagram (could be) of (fr)EE AGENT, with the abbreviation for ‘father’ removed.

22d         Draw back, as soldiers getting cold, needing fuel (6)
RECOIL – Put together the usual regiment of military engineers, Cold, and a fossil fuel.

25d         Defeated? No feat or achievement (4)
DEED – Remove the FEAT from DE(feat)ED to get the answer.

The Quick Crossword pun TERRY + TORIES = TERRITORIES

42 comments on “DT 28497

  1. A puzzle of four quarters today , started off well enough in the NW, slight hold up with 15a-thought this a bit obscure, then NE,SW, and finally the SE which I thought was a step up in difficulty. Not sure about 29A which seemed somewhat clumsy.
    Anyway a 2.5*/3.* for me. My favourite was the 11d charade.14d apt for today.
    Thanks to DT

  2. I too got held up with 15a. I don’t think I have come across this word before, otherwise fairly straightforward. **/** for me.

    Thanks to Giovanni and DT.

  3. 2*/3*. Enjoyable puzzle with nothing to scare the horses.
    Many thanks to Giovanni and to DT. Also a very happy birthday to Jane :rose:

  4. Penblwydd Hapus Jane. Surprised myself by completing this after such a rocky start. There should surely be a hyphen in 15a. Think 19a a bit tortuous. Fav was 11d. Many thanks Giovanni for usual fun challenge and DT for your hints.

  5. I enjoyed solving this one although I did need the little grey cells on a few occasions.
    I think the naughty lady at 9a was my favourite and 2/4* overall.
    Thanks to Giovanni and to DT for the review and clips.

  6. All good with no hold-ups. Somewhat RayT-esque I thought. Thanks Giovanni and to DT.
    Happy Birthday Jane :smile:

  7. All good fun ***/*** for me. Only niggle is that my BRB has 29 across as 6-4, not 10, which would have helped me more!

  8. I thought that was quite difficult – I was slow all the way through it even with some of the anagrams which I usually do quickly.
    Missed the lurker in 6a and thought 7d was going to begin with RA or that I was looking for a specific artist.
    I should have got 13a more easily than I did – husband and I were both at school there.
    I liked 9 and 29a. My favourite was 10a – it reminded me of a cartoon that both my Lambs loved when they were little – Willo the ****.
    Thanks to Giovanni and to DT.
    Might have a go at the Toughie – Notabilis is about the only Friday Toughie setter that I ever stand a hope with.
    Happy Birthday, Jane.

  9. As ever, Giovanni’s puzzles are beyond me though I got to within 4 of finishing which represents a success. It’s been a good week as I have finished all the previous puzzles unaided, though Monday through Thursday puzzles were reasonably benign.
    One day I will complete a Giovanni puzzles, but I think it’s a long way off!
    Thanks Giovanni and DT.

      1. I could not solve the ornament anagram, had I got that I would have finished.
        There is no doubt I am getting better though, when I go through the Toughie hints as I do each day, I am starting to think that I am not a million miles away from having a stab.

        1. Good for you! I never do the Toughie, I feel I can’t get caught up in another crossword otherwise I’ll lose my reading and pool time!

        2. Please do, Hoofit. Having the odd stab at one of those published earlier in the week is the best way to make a start. Doesn’t matter a jot if you don’t get through the whole thing – nobody’s counting!

  10. I think * for difficulty is being somewhat mean. It is a good ** but definitely **** for enjoyment. One thing given my total ignorance re all things religious, why is AV an abbreviation for a bible and what has Venerability to do with an Archdeacon (what is the difference between an Archdeacon and Archbishop)?
    Thx to all

    1. there is an Authorised Version of the Bible
      Just like bishops are Right Reverends, Archdeacons are Venerable, abbreviated to Ven
      As for the difference, one is of a higher rank than the other

      1. Ah thx for that, I’ll try to tuck it away in the leaky pot I call a memory.
        BTW I have just noticed that each comment has ‘like’ at the bottom which seems to be a link to a WordPress page requiring a username and password, what’s that all about?

        1. Yes I clicked on the star and it wanted me to register… yikes another password to remember. So I didn’t.

          1. I hadnt realised that the like button required a WordPress logon, so i have withdrawn it.

            It does say so, but I missed it – “To access Comment Likes, the site must have Comment Likes enabled and you must be logged into your WordPress.com account.”

    2. I am not a Christian but was educated in a Catholic school and may I suggest that AV stands for Authorized Version of the bible

  11. The top left section gave me something to think about but once I sorted out 1a the rest fell into place. The top clues for me were 9a and 13a.

  12. Perhaps a hint of the old Giovanni today with a few more religious references than has been the case over recent months.

    My two top clues were 13a and 27a.

    Many happy returns to Jane, I hope that she has a great birthday.

    Thanks to Mr Manley and to DT, and a good weekend to all.

  13. I seem to have found this a bit tougher than many of you, but got there in the end. Monday to Friday this week have been a little too much on the simple side. This was more of a treat, for me, anyway. 2.5*/4*. I liked 9a and 29a with 19d being my favourite. Nice one, Giovanni.

  14. I found this tough today, needing Deep Threat’s help for half the clues. I was definitely not on the right wavelength today as the cryptic clues seemed quite obscure to me. Had never seen 15a without a hyphen after first 2 letters, but see that it really is a word. Not a fan of clues like 19d when it includes a name that could by any of thousands. But every puzzle is a learning experience and brain stretching exercise, whatever the recent article said. Hoping to do better tomorrow.

  15. Started off quite quickly and then got slower….and slower… and slower. Managed to finish it in the end without the review, but was tempted to look on several occasions. Thank you Giovanni and DT.My favourite was 27a. I have family coming home for the weekend so I’m off to ice a carrot cake, and pack the almond tarts away. Only chocolate refrigerator cake left to make. I may not have time to look at tomorrow’s crossword so I’ll just say …’Happy Birthday Jane’, and have a great weekend everyone.

    1. Same this end – with slowing down – did have to resort to BD for 11d & 16a! Few clues were really stretching their answers but overall v enjoyable. Favourite clue was 14d.

  16. Many thanks to BD for the birthday banner, to DT for the Welsh salutation and to all those who left birthday wishes for me.
    I’ve just got back home after a ‘slap-up’ lunch out with one of my Welsh friends – probably as well that I completed the puzzle before we went out!

    Didn’t find that this one presented any problems although – knowing Giovanni of old – I did hesitate about the possibility of needing a named artist for 7d and an obscure ornamental piece for 23a! Like others, I was rather surprised to learn that 15a is not hyphenated.
    Favourite was probably 10a.

    Thanks to DG and to DT for a great blog.

  17. First things first, wishing Jane a very Happy Birthday and many, many more.
    I found this very tricky, four left unsolved – you can’t win ’em all.
    I rather liked 9a and 14d, dead heat.
    Thanks to Giovanni and Deep Threat.

  18. Found this a bit tricky ***/** 😕 but nonetheless enjoyable 😃 Favourites 13a & 11d. 15a was new to me as a single word 😳 Thanks to DT and to Giovanni. Could not see the Birthday Banner 🥂 But Happy Birthday Jane

    1. To see the birthday banner you need the full PC website version, not the mobile one.

  19. This ought to have been a ** for me, but very much held up by 1a – which looked like a good way of grabbing a couple of checkers right at the start (it was of course, but I quite failed to cope with a very straightforward anagram). Favourite: probably the Archdeacon?

    1. Keep going – I thought it was a tricky, if obvious, anagram. Would have been quite a good start but . . . .

  20. Very nice puzzle on the easy side – I used my Wordsearch program for 15a and it was only reading this blog that I realised it should be co-xxxxxx, until then I thought it was a new word, a bit thick I know!

  21. Hesitated with 7d as I didn’t know the rope.
    The rest didn’t cause any problems.
    Very enjoyable
    Thanks to the Don and DT.

  22. Happy Birthday Jane.
    We are in line with those who thought this one a little trickier than many Fridays and well up to the quality we have come to expect.
    Thanks Giovanni and DT.

  23. Did it all but 27a, because in the iPad version it is enumerated as (2,8). Once again, beaten by the Telegraph’s inability to present the same crossword the same way on three media (paper, online and App). Other than that, nice and not too hard 2*/3*

    Thanks to DT and Giovanni.

  24. Very good, as usual from G. Not his most difficult, but very enjoyable and best of the week for me. 2.5*/3.5*.

  25. Did this on Saturday morning as out all day yesterday. A straightforward and enjoyable puzzle as we expect from The Don. 13a my COTD and 2*/3* overall.

    Thanks to Giovanni and DT.

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